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Speaking of schism and heresy…… January 8, 2014

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…..the German bishops seem to be heading that way in a hurry – not that I am in a position to make that determination, formally.  But c’mon!  The German bishops conference has announced it plans to distribute the Most Blessed Sacrament of Our Lord’s Sacrifice of the Altar to divorced and remarried Catholics, irrespective of warnings not to do so from German CDF prefect Archbishop Gerhard Muller and even many more orthodox German prelates:

The president of the German bishops’ conference says the conference will press forward with their plan to begin distributing Communion to Catholics who have ‘remarried’ outside the Church after a divorce, despite the judgment of Archbishop Gerhard Müller, the prefect of the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

Müller had excluded the possibility that those entering a second union without having secured a declaration of nullity would be eligible to receive communion.

But the Most Reverend Robert Zollitsch, Archbishop Emeritus of Freiburg, in an interview with the German newspaper Die Welt on December 29th, denied that the issue was settled in light of Müller’s negative stance. “A Prefect is not the Pope,” Zollitsch stated, [does Zollitsch extend such generosity to the SSPX or sede vacantists?]  emphasizing the importance of a “responsible decision [made] in conscience.”  [In conscience. Is Bishop Zollitsch sure his motivations are clear on this, seeing how dependent the German Church is on people paying their church tax?]

Zollitsch has pointed to Pope Francis himself as having intimated that a change in the Church’s policy might be coming in the near future: “I feel very encouraged by Pope Francis, who has called a special synod on marriage and the family for October 2014,” the prelate said. [This is ludicrous, Pope Francis himself has said that there will be no change to the Church’s Doctrine on bigamist adulterer’s receiving the Blessed Sacrament.  This seems to be an attempt at a fait accompli.]

Various German bishops have subsequently weighed in on the controversy, often emphasizing that the disciplinary and pastoral dimensions of the Church’s ministry have been running counter to each other. [That’s only because the pastoral practice of the Church has been so profoundly detached from the Tradition over the past several decades.]  On December 12th, Cardinal Walter Kasper, who is also a member of the Vatican’s doctrinal congregation, contradicted Müller when he stated that “turning someone away from the communion rail – one doesn’t do that.” [How about Adolf Hitler – would you turn him away?  Or a murderer with a bloody knife in his hand?  How about a noted traditionalist – oh, now maybe, perhaps……..]  Bishop Gebhard Fürst suggested that the current practice does not “take into account the concrete reality” – at least in certain cases. [The entire argument of the German bishops in favor of this, not that it is much of an argument, is based on special pleading and shroud waving.]

So far few concrete arguments have been offered as to why the Church’s current practice of securing an annulment before another union is undertaken is incapable of resolving the pastoral problems that have been identified by the German bishops.

If the German bishops reject the current Doctrine and formal practice of the Church and go ahead and allow those in adulterous relationships to receive the Blessed Sacrament openly, publicly, will that not be a schismatic act?  Is it heresy to reject a direct command from our Blessed Lord regarding the gravely sinful nature of being married to more than one person at once?

I cannot answer these questions. On another level, isn’t all this silly?  Unless someone is publicly obvious, how will the priest know if they are divorced and remarried?  I mean, can’t the vast majority of these folks receive if they want to go ahead and re-crucify Christ and just be obstinate?  Is there someone there physically stopping them?  I doubt it.

The German bishops plainly don’t care for doctrine or obedience, they want that Church tax paid by more people, and think handing out the Blessed Sacrament to whoever wants it will get more people to check the box on their tax form that means more $$$ for the German Church.  What a scandal.

Is schism the greatest evil? January 8, 2014

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Some more from Dietrich von Hildebrand’s The Devastated Vineyard, this time, on schism.  There was a particular fear in the Church leadership in the years immediately following the Council that any strong moves against the raging revolutionary forces would lead to schism.  The Dutch Church actually threatened to go into schism over Communion in the hand, which prompted Pope Paul VI to back down and acquiesce to their demands.  But Dr. von Hildebrand asks some very pointed questions regarding schism:

But is a schism truly the greatest evil? The falling away of each individual person who leaves the Church is a great evil in itself, and especially for his soul, endangering his eternal salvation.  But it is much worse when, although he has lost the true faith, he remains within the Church and poisons the faithful through his influence.  This is worse for him, too, he adds to the awful sin of heresy that of lying, deceiving others, abusing his dignity as a Catholic, and, in the case of a priest, abusing the trust which he possesses as a spokesman for the Church……..

Schism can also be coupled with an apostasy from the teaching of the Church – as with heresies – but it need not be. There may be a separation which is not brought about by dogmatic differences. This is the case, for example, with the Orthodox Church……..the dogmatic distinction of “filioque” was more an excuse for the schism, which came about essentially for political reasons. This schism was a great evil, and the destruction of unity was a great catastrophe, which from a dogmatic standpoint was unnecessary.  It was a pure evil.

In the case of the dogmatic differences of the Reformation, on the other hand, the dogmatic differences were decisive. This was an apostasy from the deposit of Faith: heresy, the greatest evil. [Heresy perverts the Truth, and leads souls astray.  It’s potential to wound the Church and destroy souls is enormous.  Hence, it is the greatest evil.]  Thus schism, the destruction of unity, was an  unavoidable, indeed necessary consequence of the heresy.  In this case, it was better that a schism occur than that the heretics remain within the Church and endanger the true belief of all the faithful. It was to the great merit of the Council of Trent that it clearly emphasized the heresy of the protestants, and that it saved the holy Church from inner disintegration. The great tragedy here lay in the heresy, and not in the schism which was connected with it………it would have been incomparably worse, if, for the sake of maintaining unity, one had compromised with the protestants, if one had blurred the dogmatic division, and had thus permitted a destructive poison to remain within the organism of the Church.  

Unity is of great value, but only unity in truth………[but] fidelity to Divine Revelation, which is fidelity towards God, is infinitely more important than all unity……

…..It is a greater evil for a heretic to remain in the Church, however, than for the Church to become poorer by one member. It is better that he leave the Church, or be excluded from her by anathema or by excommunication.  This is not only better from the standpoint of the Church and all the faithful, but also for the soul of the heretic, because he becomes more conscious of his apostasy from the true Faith, and can thereby possibly be brought to his senses.  [In reality, excommunication is a work of great charity, which requires tremendous love to overcome all the worldly reasons not to administer this final attempt at the cure of a soul or souls.  Such charity has been greatly lacking in the Church in the past several decades.]

———–End Quote————

Meekness leads to humility.  Humility to charity.  Charity to faith.  Faith to truth, and salvation.  We have lost meekness in the Church, and all the rest has followed inevitably in that loss.

It could perhaps be an interesting intellectual exercise to examine the SSPX situation in the light of the considerations given above.  I’m not terribly interested in examining that myself, at least not publicly.

I leave it at that.

Compare and contrast: FFIs vs. Legion of Christ January 8, 2014

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I was sent over the break, from good reader Dismas, an article on the Franciscans Friars of the Immaculate imbroglio.  It makes for rather depressing reading.  Even before I had read this article, I had come to the conclusion that the FFIs, as they were oriented under founder and former superior Fr. Stefano Manelli, were pretty much finished – at least by human means. Perhaps God is simply trying the order severely in order to prepare it for tremendous future glory.  But by all indications, they are to be broken and completely tamed, all for doing nothing more than having a “definitely traditional drift.”  

Aside from the public reasons for the vicious sacking of this, by all accounts, vibrant and holy order, I remain convinced that the FFI’s hosting of conferences and publishing of books which openly questioned aspects of Vatican II, and even the “saint of saints” himself, Karl Rahner, SJ, played a huge role in the vitriolic excesses now being ranged against them.  It is difficult not to conclude that the only commandment remaining in the post-conciliar Church is “thou shalt not adhere to the 2000 year practice of the Faith, nor even look in that direction for too long.”  

I won’t delve deeply again into all the manifest persecutions being exercised against the FFIs – if you want to rehash all that, you can read the article above – but I will share with you Rorate’s article on the status of the Legionaries of Christ/Regnum Christi, which treatment has not been nearly so severe as that of the FFIs.  The massive disconnect in the two cases is very troubling on many levels:

The troubled Legion of Christ religious order is electing new leadership for the first time since its founder was revealed to have been a pedophile and fraud. The process starting Wednesday will formally end the Vatican’s three-year rehabilitation of the movement, a reform the Legion is touting as a success and critics have dismissed as a sham.  [I really don’t know enough to comment intelligently, but I do know that Fr. Maciel and his institute were extremely adept at using their huge donations to win a lot of friends in the Curia, especially the, ahem, problematic Cardinal Angelo Sodona.]
The Legion was once held up as a model by the Vatican, which turned a blind eye [Certainly, there were many reports to the Vatican prior to Benedict XVI’s ascension to the Throne of Peter regarding the rampant immorality of Fr. Maciel.]  to the Rev. Marcial Maciel’s misdeeds as the order became one of the fastest-growing congregations in the Catholic Church and brought in millions in donations. After three years of Vatican-imposed reform though, questions still remain as to how the Legion can exist when its founder was a criminal and its core mission remains unclear.  [Surely, though, not nearly so much of a threat as a few hundred Franciscan Friars who like the Traditional Mass.]
The Legion’s hope is that following the monthlong meeting, Pope Francis will approve a new constitution that explains the order’s mission, hierarchy and rules and will allow the Legion to move on without any more Vatican oversight.  [I’m sure they will.  They will have no problems.] The Legion’s top superiors and 42 priests elected as representatives — including many close to Maciel — will finalize the constitution during the meeting and then elect new leadership. [Associated Press]

As New Catholic at Rorate concludes: “Thankfully, Maciel only abused male novices  [I think sodomy qualifies as an abuse] and fathered babies… If only he had introduced the Traditional Latin Mass, then the Legion would have been abolished, and their buildings burned down, and the earth beneath them salted.”

Is there any other religious order in the history of the Church whose founder has been discovered to be so rampantly immoral and yet was permitted to continue on?  Doesn’t it raise extremely serious concerns that there may be many further, heretofore unseen problems, with an institute so founded?  Mind, we are not talking about some youthful indiscretions for which a very holy soul spent years in penance agonizing over.  We are talking about a man and an institute who covered up gross sins of great perversion for years, and only “repented” when a new pontiff absolutely demanded his removal.  

And yet, the aged and sick Fr. Stefano Manelli, to whose name not a hint of scandal has ever been attached, languishes under virtual house arrest while the order he so successfully built up is broken and radically altered, perhaps in ways that will insure it never see the wondrous growth and waxing influence it possessed heretofore. I know the Lord works in mysterious ways, and can even use great sins and injustices to work unfathomable goods, but I can’t imagine the suffering the many FFIs are enduring.  May God have mercy on them all.

Those nuns at Ephesus are busy beavers! January 8, 2014

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The Benedictine nuns of Mary Queen of the Apostles in Missouri have released numerous CDs of hymnody including Christmas at Ephesus, Advent at Ephesus, and now, LENT at Ephesus!  You can pre-order now for shipment Feb. 11.

This CD will feature more polyphony, chant, and original compositions.  Here is the promotional video:

What a great grace, their success.  Please Lord, protect and keep them. We have no idea how this music may touch souls, especially souls lost in the world.  Pray God this music may be the source of many conversions!  And may the good nuns of Ephesus continue to adhere to their timeless, glorious vocation!


Local News on Carmel, Patrick Madrid talk January 8, 2014

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A quick post with some local updates. Sr. Miguela Marie will make her First Profession of vows at the Carmel of the Infant Jesus of Prague and St. Joseph, 600 Flowers Ave, Dallas 75211 on Saturday at 10a.  The Mass will be a NO offered Ad Orientem (as they all are, by the nuns specific design!) with a fair amount of Latin, if prior experience holds.  The Carmelite Chapel is all decked out for Christmas, and it is really a sight to behold!

If you cannot attend, y0u could send sister a card at the address above.

In addition, Patrick Madrid is giving a talk tonight at St. Francis of Assisi parish in Frisco.  Mass is at 6:30p, followed by the seminar at 7p.  I’ve had dinner with Patrick Madrid due to the great largess of a reader, and he’s a great guy.  He is not exactly traditional, but you get solid conservative Catholic views from Mr. Madrid.

I did not see a price for this event listed. Perhaps it’s a free will offering. Don’t know.