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Speaking of schism and heresy…… January 8, 2014

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…..the German bishops seem to be heading that way in a hurry – not that I am in a position to make that determination, formally.  But c’mon!  The German bishops conference has announced it plans to distribute the Most Blessed Sacrament of Our Lord’s Sacrifice of the Altar to divorced and remarried Catholics, irrespective of warnings not to do so from German CDF prefect Archbishop Gerhard Muller and even many more orthodox German prelates:

The president of the German bishops’ conference says the conference will press forward with their plan to begin distributing Communion to Catholics who have ‘remarried’ outside the Church after a divorce, despite the judgment of Archbishop Gerhard Müller, the prefect of the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

Müller had excluded the possibility that those entering a second union without having secured a declaration of nullity would be eligible to receive communion.

But the Most Reverend Robert Zollitsch, Archbishop Emeritus of Freiburg, in an interview with the German newspaper Die Welt on December 29th, denied that the issue was settled in light of Müller’s negative stance. “A Prefect is not the Pope,” Zollitsch stated, [does Zollitsch extend such generosity to the SSPX or sede vacantists?]  emphasizing the importance of a “responsible decision [made] in conscience.”  [In conscience. Is Bishop Zollitsch sure his motivations are clear on this, seeing how dependent the German Church is on people paying their church tax?]

Zollitsch has pointed to Pope Francis himself as having intimated that a change in the Church’s policy might be coming in the near future: “I feel very encouraged by Pope Francis, who has called a special synod on marriage and the family for October 2014,” the prelate said. [This is ludicrous, Pope Francis himself has said that there will be no change to the Church’s Doctrine on bigamist adulterer’s receiving the Blessed Sacrament.  This seems to be an attempt at a fait accompli.]

Various German bishops have subsequently weighed in on the controversy, often emphasizing that the disciplinary and pastoral dimensions of the Church’s ministry have been running counter to each other. [That’s only because the pastoral practice of the Church has been so profoundly detached from the Tradition over the past several decades.]  On December 12th, Cardinal Walter Kasper, who is also a member of the Vatican’s doctrinal congregation, contradicted Müller when he stated that “turning someone away from the communion rail – one doesn’t do that.” [How about Adolf Hitler – would you turn him away?  Or a murderer with a bloody knife in his hand?  How about a noted traditionalist – oh, now maybe, perhaps……..]  Bishop Gebhard Fürst suggested that the current practice does not “take into account the concrete reality” – at least in certain cases. [The entire argument of the German bishops in favor of this, not that it is much of an argument, is based on special pleading and shroud waving.]

So far few concrete arguments have been offered as to why the Church’s current practice of securing an annulment before another union is undertaken is incapable of resolving the pastoral problems that have been identified by the German bishops.

If the German bishops reject the current Doctrine and formal practice of the Church and go ahead and allow those in adulterous relationships to receive the Blessed Sacrament openly, publicly, will that not be a schismatic act?  Is it heresy to reject a direct command from our Blessed Lord regarding the gravely sinful nature of being married to more than one person at once?

I cannot answer these questions. On another level, isn’t all this silly?  Unless someone is publicly obvious, how will the priest know if they are divorced and remarried?  I mean, can’t the vast majority of these folks receive if they want to go ahead and re-crucify Christ and just be obstinate?  Is there someone there physically stopping them?  I doubt it.

The German bishops plainly don’t care for doctrine or obedience, they want that Church tax paid by more people, and think handing out the Blessed Sacrament to whoever wants it will get more people to check the box on their tax form that means more $$$ for the German Church.  What a scandal.


1. cg - January 8, 2014

Reblogged this on Catholic Glasses and commented:

2. Lorra - January 8, 2014

I think what they might do that one diocese after another will do as the German bishops are doing. Pretty much the same way they got altar girls and communion in the hand in – through disobedience. Then the Vatican wrings its hands and says “What can we do?” And then they issue statements to make themselves, through (undoubtedly) the protection of the Holy Ghost, look legit and Catholic, but everyone will ignore them.

Hope I wrong, and the chances of that are excellent, as I have been right very little in my life.

3. John - January 9, 2014

This is amazing. “We dont turn people away at the communion rail”… first, whats a rail (I kid)… in all seriousness, turning away may not seem pastorally “nice” but for charity sake, that would be a correct and loving way to remind me im not “in communion” with our blessed Lord. Imagine a day when our Sheppards have the strength to do unpopular things to shakeup the obstinate sinner.

4. TG - January 9, 2014

I wish the German church would just do what they are saying. I want to see what happens to them.

tantamergo - January 9, 2014

I don’t, because many more souls will likely be permanently lost if they do go this route. What is being set up is a situation almost exactly like that which preceded Humanae Vitae. We have expectations in the Church that a Dogma may somehow be rescinded or redefined. It won’t happen. The opposition to contraception was a Dogma way, way before Humanae Vitae. But in the 60s, the Pope kept putting off formal denunciations of chemical contraception, saying he was waiting for a commission to complete it’s review. Well, it did – and endorsed contraception! But Paul VI knew he could not, ever, endorse a moral evil, so HV still denounced it. But massive expectations had been built up by leftist theologians, priests, even bishops, that the teaching would change. When it did not, they went into open revolt, and still are.

We’ll see the same thing here. The German bishops (and others) are priming the pump, convincing the faithful that the unchangeable will change. When it does not, they will look like fools, will be furious, and will go into revolt. And thousands, possibly millions, more souls will fall into error and even apostasy. Most will be lost.

So, no, I pray the German bishops come to their senses before more havoc is unleashed on the Church.

5. Kathy Kolitsos - January 9, 2014

Have the German bishops conference sold their porno publishing business yet? They are bastions of orthodoxy!

tantamergo - January 9, 2014

Not sure. I think there is still some scandal there.

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