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Quick hits, Monday edition January 13, 2014

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A couple of quick hits for late Monday.  First, I am told by a reliable source that on the “Fremont Street Experience,” a section of Las Vegas off the main strip where the older casinos for the hardcore drinkers, prostitutes, and addictive gamblers are located, there are prostitutes/strippers who dress up like traditional/orthodox nuns and then flash people, including children. And yet the Church has much to learn from the world!

Second, a quick funny, about the terrible dangers Catholicism poses to your teenager:



Just a friendly Catholic PSA, brought to you by Fr. Vincenzo Volpi. 

Finally, how ridiculously far past time are we for public institutions – like schools – to be subject to the same kind of sex-abuse lawsuits that have been used to persecute the Church (not saying, at all, some of those aren’t deserved, but it has also become a general tool to attack the Church/get rich quick)?  I say this, because a pretty fair analysis by Robert Stacy McCain shows that at least several dozen school teachers – EVERY YEAR – are molesting minor students.  Those are only the ones who get caught.  Most that are caught are probably not caught the first, or even the fifth, time.  And even more are likely never caught.  So we could be talking about hundreds, or thousands of teachers abusing students every year. 

I also agree with Mr. McCain that this kind of wanton perversion and unbridled lust rum amok seem a harbinger of general societal collapse.  I don’t think it will be too long, now…….even public school teachers are sex maniacs.  You and I may have a low opinion of the public schools (or maybe you don’t….), but we must understand that when large numbers of members of core societal institutions, like the schools, start to fall into such great sins, it is a very damning indicator.  This culture is in a state of accelerated collapse.

What life is like now for the Franciscans of the Immaculate January 13, 2014

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In short, it ain’t pretty.  It’s amazing how petty and authoritarian those supposedly swinging progressives can be.

The sufferings of the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculata are receiving much heavier coverage in Europe, and in particular, Italy, than they are here in the US.  Tancred at Eponymous Flower has again provided a translation of an articleprocession i[1][1] at Katholisches on the plight of this once vibrantly growing order.  This article I think stems from an original Italian source I don’t have a link to. The commentary was written by a member of the order.

Suffice it to say, the Friars are not permitted to do much of anything they don’t have explicit permission for.  They cannot even get a copy of the calendar their order produced!

The Franciscan of the Immaculate Conception described in his letter that he passed by   the office of Order internal publishing,  Casa Mariana, in Frigento recently. “My heart beat. I felt in me an unusual emptiness and dismay at the thought that we can no longer write for our own publishing house, and are not even allowed to distribute the books of our own publishing company in our convents.
I look at the house. In there are our books. Many of them we have written, and much more contributions to our religious journals: Fides Catholica , Annales Franciscani , Immculata Mediatrix … Many books have been translated by us from  Latin, others we have from Italian, the language most used in the order, translated into other languages.
That  is our life inside, years of study, sweat and sacrifice. The Apostolic Commissioner has ruled that we are no longer authorized to use them. What sin do they represent?
I took courage and rang the bell at the door. A sister opens and I ask her about the new liturgical calendar of the Order, because we didn’t have one in the monastery.
“I can not give you one Father, you know that it requires a permit,” replied my sister, kind and -4understanding.
What could be sinful about a liturgical calendar?
“But it needs a permit.”
Exactly the permit.
“From the Apostolic Commissioner of course!”
And now begins the pathetic litany of things the FFIs are no longer permitted to do without explicit permission from the Apostolic Commissioner Fr. Volpi:
Since we have been under provisional administration,  our life is governed by applications for “special permits” to the Commissioner. You are to provide  a copy in writing  and are granted permission only by expressed personal validation .  [I think that should mean, express written permission from Fr. Volpi]
A permit is needed to use the books of the Order from the Order’s  own publishing house and be able to impart them. Any “public dissemination” is prohibited. 
 A  permit is required to celebrate the Holy Mass in the traditional Rite. 
 A permit is required to use the Roman Ritual for the Old Rite. 
 A permit is required for the Liturgy of the Hours to celebrate it in the Vetus Ordo. 
A  permit is required to celebrate the Holy Mass with the Sisters of the Order, for both the Old and the New Rite. [The Sisters are not even under censure!  As such, they are treated as if they are unclean?]
A permit is required to conduct a meeting of the lay community of the Order or of the Third Order. 
A permit is required  to carry out a “Day for Maria” (a day of prayer, which is performed by the Order on pilgrimage or in parish churches and is open to all). 
A  permit is required to visit our Founder. It is strongly advised not to make such a request at all, which is actually not approved anyway. [Almost no one has seen the founder. Fr. Stefano Manelli, since this apostolic sacking came down July 11 last year.]
A permit is required for any initiative in the Order. “
Even more permits are needed of the founders of religious orders:
“Our Founder even needs explicit permission to be treated at the hospital. He needs an explicit authorization in order to move from one convent to another. He was blamed on the official website of the Order publicly for the fact that he had at first dared to visit the convent of Teramo. In reality, the Apostolic Commissioner had even given the permission to do so.” A grueling guerrilla war.
procession i[1][1]Part of me says these FFIs should fight all this, because it is so unjust.  Part of me hopes it is a great test of their charism from God, after which they will shine with so much greater glory.  It is, perhaps, some of both, both a test but also a grossly unjust act against a formerly thriving, holy order – one of the few we have left in the Church!  I don’t know what to counsel, aside to pray for them.
I will however note the that there is apparently ONE area of the Church where there is still a will to apply stern, even unjustifiably harsh authority, and that is towards tradition-leaning Catholics.  Progressives obviously get a total pass, as do even some horribly sinful groups and individuals (at least until the civil authority becomes aware), but if you start to drift traditional, the hammer drops, and hard.
Very, very strange times.
Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate

Dietrich von Hildebrand on the collapse or authority in the Church January 13, 2014

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Continuing with the series of posts from Dr. Dietrich von Hildebrand’s extremely important analysis of the crisis in the Faith, The Devastated Vineyard, some excerpts from Chapter 21, Fear of Using Authority in Holy Church:

One of the false claims made to justify the failure on the part of so many in positions of authority in the Church to actually use that authority to rein in all manner of abuse, “dissent,” and even out and out heresy, is that somehow authority no longer works.  Somehow, all those tools that served the Church so well, from removal from office to the Index to excommunication are either “not appropriate” or ineffectual with “modern” man.  von Hildebrand explodes this self-serving claim, and shows quite convincingly that what has really occurred is a collapse of zeal, charity, and faith among those in positions of authority.  At least, that’s the only explanation that is sensical.  Begin quote:

[Due to our fallen natures, people have always rebelled against authority…..] And so the assertion is false that authority is ineffective today when exercised by legitimate superiors.  As far as formal intervention goes, such as suspending or expelling someone, the use of authority is thoroughly effective, especially the authority of bishops and religious superiors. We do not deny that resistance to authority and unwillingness to obey is especially prominent today and is fostered by all kinds of demagogues (and quite often by communist agents who are themselves slaves of  a brutal and illegitimate totalitarian authority).  But the failure to use the authority which has been given by God in a special way, really comes from human respect, from feeling more responsible to public opinion than to Christ, and from the fact that one fears the reputation of being reactionary more than the offense against God which lies in not using the authority which derives from Him, and fears this reputation more than harm to souls. Now this, too, is a result of this-worldliness.  [It certainly seems to be.  Some may say that it would cause scandal to remove a heretical priest, or to sack an apostate theologian, but what of the scandal of allowing them to remain?  And what of the damage they inflict on souls? Is that not greater?  There is a mentality in the Church that completely eschews what it calls the “negative ecclesiology” of the past.  This “negative ecclesiology” means things like enforcing discipline, excommunicating intractably wayward souls, even mentioning sin and damnation as realities, but it is simply a short-hand for being far more concerned about worldly affairs than eternal ones.  We are told that it is better to use the honey of mercy than the “vinegar” of discipline.  What is left unsaid is that doing so is a tacit rebuke of 1500+ years of Church belief and practice, and that “mercy” has been incredibly ineffective in converting any heretics over the past 50 years.  How many souls fall away under the influence of those who should be disciplined?]

Of course revolutionary propaganda and the spirit of the times can make it more difficult than in earlier times to intervene effectively with authority. But is this a reason for making cowardly compromises?…….[I don’t think we comprehend the extent to which our thinking, virtually all of us (myself included), has in many ways been shaped and distorted by the cultural left.  From politically correct writing to notions like sexism and racism, all of these were developed by communist agents to attack and undermine the morale of the West.  They are so omnipresent many of us incorporate these corrosive ideas into our thinking without even being aware of it.  That is who the left continues its march through the institutions, including the Church.]

…..The right use of the sacred authority of a bishop or a religious superior is much more necessary, more urgently called for by God when it is not just the deviation of an individual which is at stake, but rather the sperading of a terrible spiritual plague by one who is either malicious or ignorant. The failure to use God-given authority against such a person is a betrayal of Christ.  Anyone who, from cowardice or insufficient moral courage, fails to take up a fight, brings a terrible responsibility on himself….

…..The betrayal of God-given authority, by keeping silent or by not intervening where this is a sacred duty before God, is always a very great fault. Sometimes it comes from the ostrich-policy of burying one’s head in the sand and not wanting to see the evils which authority can and should eliminate; sometimes it comes from the slogan “Authority is no longer effective today, it belongs to the Middle Ages.” [As an example of how our thinking has been warped by the cultural left, even going back well over 200 years, it was “enlightenment” philosophes, in their intractable hatred of the Catholic Church, that first developed the ideas of a “dark ages” and the Middle Age as a time of unremitting backwardness, religiously-based stupidity, and almost endless suffering.  The Middle Ages were actually a period of great intellectual and artistic flowering, all carefully fostered by the Church.  The dark ages, to the extent they existed, were caused by the breakdown of civil authority with the collapse of the Roman Empire and then, later, almost entirely due to the depridations of muslim and pagan marauders who wreaked great havoc and brought trade to a near standstill – none of which had anything to do with the Church.  But the left has been so successful,  This is much more dangerous than the abuse of authority which we just discussed; it is an even worse naturalism than this abuse, it is a failure to see what is demanded of the sacred office of a bishop or a religious superior. One looks upon authority as uncharitable and harsh because one looks at it “from without,” and fails to understand that it is a deed of the greatest love, that it is true love of neighbor to use God-given authority in the spirit of Christ and with the full awareness of being responsible before God.

Thank God there are still some orthodox bishops who fight courageously against the devastation of the vineyard of the Lord. They are all the more to be admired because so many other bishops do not have this courage, and because their effective intervention is made much more difficult by the new bureaucracy in the Church and its “legalism.” [The Church is far more bureaucratic than it has ever been.  The Church employs orders of magnitude more people than it did 60 or 70 years ago, even accounting for change in population.  Episcopal conferences are often dominated by progressives, lay people with no special charism who have, over the past 50 years, foisted their agenda on the Church.  Transferring “doctrinal” authority to episcopal conferences will only see the few orthodox bishops further undermined and the entire doctrinal structure of the Church sundered, or at least gravely threatened. I frankly don’t see how such a transfer could be done. Can you imagine what the German bishop’s conference would do with the power to set doctrine?  I would think the experience of the past 50 years would demonstrate, conclusively, just how deadly and problem-prone bureaucratization of the Church is, and how contrary it has been, in practice, for the good of souls.]   For by establishing national episcopal conferences, individual bishops are made dependent on the majorities of these councils in a way which often hinders them from acting and intervening according to their conscience. [Why do you think Cardinal Burke is in Rome?  Why was Bishop Bruskewitz ostracized?  Why was Bishop Finn thrown under the bus?]  Then there are the priest’s councils, which in the name of democracy often make it more difficult for the bishops to act, and parish councils, which often hinder orthodox pastors from carrying on their struggle against “progressivism.” 

The energetic struggles against the ever-increasing work of satan to undermine Holy Mother Church from within demands not only holy courage – it also demands a burning faith in Christ and His Holy Church, a faith which cannot be shaken by any trend of the time…….by the press and public opinion.

It is clear what great strength of faith is required for martyrdom. To be ready to die for the true Faith  reveals and immense strength of faith…….

————-End Quote————–

And that is precisely the degree of Faith we desperately need from all pious souls, but especially those entrusted by God with sacred authority.  It is far to easy to look for worldly reasons not to enforce authority, or even reasons masquerading as “what is best for souls.”  But submission to the Truth Christ has revealed through His Church is the foremost duty of faith.  It is absolutely foundational.  Without that submission, or acceptance, the Faith is built upon a lie.  Error can never be a sure foundation for the Faith.  In fact, error consumes the Faith and ultimately destroys it.

That is why we must pray passionately for our bishops.  After every Mass our parish has a list of prayers and thanksgivings we all offer, together, publicly, and one of those is for true faith, zeal, and courage for bishops and civil leaders. That is a practice we should all take up, even if individually.  Make prayers for your bishop and all bishops one of your permanent, every day Mass and Rosary intentions.  Offer up Novenas, or other special prayers.  Offer mortification for the sanctification of your bishop.  There is much we can do.

Ultimately, we get the bishops we deserve.  When there are  many pious and devout faithful, the Church tends to have better leadership.  When the faithful are themselves lukewarm, sinful, or half-hearted…..well, it’s difficult to expect great bishops to arise from such a sea of unfaithfulness. Now, many of today’s bishops may have been around from before some readers were born, or at least active in the Faith. Yes, much destruction has already occurred. But that does not mean that our prayers today cannot work a miracle of conversion, or assist in bringing forth great leaders in the future.   It is really the very least we can do, if we are so concerned about the leadership in the Church.

The other thing we must do is raise up very zealous, faithful souls: ourselves and our children.  If we are to see the Faith restored, we must start with ourselves.

All Souls_Assumption Grotto


Reminder: Dallas March for Life this Saturday Jan 18 January 13, 2014

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Schedule and places different this  year from year’s past.  The Mass is at the Dallas Convention Center Arena.  This will allow more people to attend, even though it will be a loss to not have the Mass in the sacred Cathedral, the seat of the Catholic Faith in this Diocese.  But I think the move understandable and appropriate.

Events are also much later than before.  Whereas Mass used be midmorning and the March around noon, now the Mass is at 1 and the March is at 3.

All the details are here.

Gitcho March on!

Request for my readers – traditional religious orders for men January 13, 2014

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A good friend of the family has a male friend that is trying to find a good religious order for men, but with a catch – this man feels very strongly called to the active, even missionary apostolate.  I know of several traditional or tradition-leaning orders, but I could not think of any that are focused on an active, missionary-type apostolate.  In better times, I would have mentioned the Franciscan Friars, but, obviously, that option is out for now, if not forever.

There is another detail: this individual won’t, I understand, consider any canonically irregular orders (that is, those associated with the SSPX).  I don’t know the person involved, so I can only report their preference.

So, readers, do you know of any missionary-oriented traditional-loving religious orders for men?  All the ones I could think of last night were more contemplative or were focused in other areas, other than missionary work.

I would appreciate your input!