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Request for my readers – traditional religious orders for men January 13, 2014

Posted by Tantumblogo in Admin, Ecumenism, General Catholic, religious, sanctity, Tradition, Virtue.

A good friend of the family has a male friend that is trying to find a good religious order for men, but with a catch – this man feels very strongly called to the active, even missionary apostolate.  I know of several traditional or tradition-leaning orders, but I could not think of any that are focused on an active, missionary-type apostolate.  In better times, I would have mentioned the Franciscan Friars, but, obviously, that option is out for now, if not forever.

There is another detail: this individual won’t, I understand, consider any canonically irregular orders (that is, those associated with the SSPX).  I don’t know the person involved, so I can only report their preference.

So, readers, do you know of any missionary-oriented traditional-loving religious orders for men?  All the ones I could think of last night were more contemplative or were focused in other areas, other than missionary work.

I would appreciate your input!


1. TG - January 13, 2014

I know of the following missionaries: Franciscan Mission Associates, Seraphic Mass Association, and Association of Miraculous Medal. They are all novenas, will say Masses and seem orthodox. I’ve given donations to all and hope they are really teaching the gospel. Maybe your friend and can find out and you can let me know.

2. St Maravillas21 - January 13, 2014

I know of women’s orders not men’s. He should sign-up, for free, to Phatmass (http://www.phatmass.com/phorum/) and go to their “Vocation Station” Forum and put that question out there on that forum.

This forum is made up of men and women talking about their vocations – giving good orders, giving their experience with visiting them, etc. And there are many who are “expert” in certain orders: active, monastic ones, orders like Dominican, Carmel, etc.

Many new and older members sign on and ask such questions like this or who knows orders that have the TLM mass or except older or whatever. Good source of info. The other forums are good too. Mixture of different people: traddies to regular folks.

There are men on there to with active and monastic vocations.

3. Branch - January 13, 2014
tantamergo - January 13, 2014

Thanks! They look more tradition-leaning, than tradition-centered?

Branch - January 13, 2014

I don’t have a great deal of exposure to them, but yes, it seems that way to me too.

4. KathiBee - January 13, 2014

FWIW: This is an order that a priest from our TLM (non sspx) parish told me about when I was asking about any traditional/traditional-leaning missionary orders that our daughter might be able to look into. She wants to do missionary work for only a year or so.

The below is from his email to us:

I have been told that this is really an outstanding community; I believe the contemplative priests say the Old Mass.

As you can see, there is a possibility for a year service with them: Young people who are searching and who, during a year in the Third World, wish to discern with an open heart and are willing to listen to what mission the Lord is calling them.


tantamergo - January 13, 2014

Thanks for the response! They look pretty good!

5. Leelee - January 13, 2014

Canons Regular, Opus Angelorum Assumption Grotto, Detroit. Miles Christi are good too. Both of these worked closely with Fr. Hardon.

tantamergo - January 13, 2014

Are the canons regular missionary? This guy really wants to bring the orthodox/traditional faith overseas?

6. PJ - January 13, 2014

FSSP has two missions in Colombia and Nigeria, having said that I can’t think of a better mission field than America or Europe….we are seriously watching our culture revert back to paganism before I very eyes.

7. PJ - January 13, 2014

Just said some prayers for this young man’s vocation

8. MMC - January 13, 2014

Fathers of Mercy:+) God bless~

tantamergo - January 13, 2014

We did talk about the Fathers of Mercy. I think he’s aware of that one.

9. Jim - January 13, 2014

FSSP, have a lot of respect and admiration for them. Here is a link from the Remnant about some of their missions. http://remnantnewspaper.com/web/index.php/articles/item/144-traditional-catholic-mission-in-south-america-going-strong

tantamergo - January 13, 2014

I love the Fraternity, but third world missionary work is a small part of their apostolate. And, this guy doesn’t feel called to be a priest, but a brother.

10. Leelee - January 14, 2014

My understanding is that the Canons Regular are missionary.

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