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What life is like now for the Franciscans of the Immaculate January 13, 2014

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In short, it ain’t pretty.  It’s amazing how petty and authoritarian those supposedly swinging progressives can be.

The sufferings of the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculata are receiving much heavier coverage in Europe, and in particular, Italy, than they are here in the US.  Tancred at Eponymous Flower has again provided a translation of an articleprocession i[1][1] at Katholisches on the plight of this once vibrantly growing order.  This article I think stems from an original Italian source I don’t have a link to. The commentary was written by a member of the order.

Suffice it to say, the Friars are not permitted to do much of anything they don’t have explicit permission for.  They cannot even get a copy of the calendar their order produced!

The Franciscan of the Immaculate Conception described in his letter that he passed by   the office of Order internal publishing,  Casa Mariana, in Frigento recently. “My heart beat. I felt in me an unusual emptiness and dismay at the thought that we can no longer write for our own publishing house, and are not even allowed to distribute the books of our own publishing company in our convents.
I look at the house. In there are our books. Many of them we have written, and much more contributions to our religious journals: Fides Catholica , Annales Franciscani , Immculata Mediatrix … Many books have been translated by us from  Latin, others we have from Italian, the language most used in the order, translated into other languages.
That  is our life inside, years of study, sweat and sacrifice. The Apostolic Commissioner has ruled that we are no longer authorized to use them. What sin do they represent?
I took courage and rang the bell at the door. A sister opens and I ask her about the new liturgical calendar of the Order, because we didn’t have one in the monastery.
“I can not give you one Father, you know that it requires a permit,” replied my sister, kind and -4understanding.
What could be sinful about a liturgical calendar?
“But it needs a permit.”
Exactly the permit.
“From the Apostolic Commissioner of course!”
And now begins the pathetic litany of things the FFIs are no longer permitted to do without explicit permission from the Apostolic Commissioner Fr. Volpi:
Since we have been under provisional administration,  our life is governed by applications for “special permits” to the Commissioner. You are to provide  a copy in writing  and are granted permission only by expressed personal validation .  [I think that should mean, express written permission from Fr. Volpi]
A permit is needed to use the books of the Order from the Order’s  own publishing house and be able to impart them. Any “public dissemination” is prohibited. 
 A  permit is required to celebrate the Holy Mass in the traditional Rite. 
 A permit is required to use the Roman Ritual for the Old Rite. 
 A permit is required for the Liturgy of the Hours to celebrate it in the Vetus Ordo. 
A  permit is required to celebrate the Holy Mass with the Sisters of the Order, for both the Old and the New Rite. [The Sisters are not even under censure!  As such, they are treated as if they are unclean?]
A permit is required to conduct a meeting of the lay community of the Order or of the Third Order. 
A permit is required  to carry out a “Day for Maria” (a day of prayer, which is performed by the Order on pilgrimage or in parish churches and is open to all). 
A  permit is required to visit our Founder. It is strongly advised not to make such a request at all, which is actually not approved anyway. [Almost no one has seen the founder. Fr. Stefano Manelli, since this apostolic sacking came down July 11 last year.]
A permit is required for any initiative in the Order. “
Even more permits are needed of the founders of religious orders:
“Our Founder even needs explicit permission to be treated at the hospital. He needs an explicit authorization in order to move from one convent to another. He was blamed on the official website of the Order publicly for the fact that he had at first dared to visit the convent of Teramo. In reality, the Apostolic Commissioner had even given the permission to do so.” A grueling guerrilla war.
procession i[1][1]Part of me says these FFIs should fight all this, because it is so unjust.  Part of me hopes it is a great test of their charism from God, after which they will shine with so much greater glory.  It is, perhaps, some of both, both a test but also a grossly unjust act against a formerly thriving, holy order – one of the few we have left in the Church!  I don’t know what to counsel, aside to pray for them.
I will however note the that there is apparently ONE area of the Church where there is still a will to apply stern, even unjustifiably harsh authority, and that is towards tradition-leaning Catholics.  Progressives obviously get a total pass, as do even some horribly sinful groups and individuals (at least until the civil authority becomes aware), but if you start to drift traditional, the hammer drops, and hard.
Very, very strange times.
Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate


1. A Mom - January 13, 2014

“but if you start to drift traditional, the hammer drops, and hard.”
Yes it does, as I have recently discovered in my own life, and with astonishing hostility. Usquequo Domine

tantamergo - January 13, 2014

I’m sorry. Anything you care to share?

A Mom - January 13, 2014

Not publicly, because things can still get worse. Please pray for my family.

Lorra - January 13, 2014

Don’t be astonished. They’ve had fifty years to perfect their methods.

2. Lorra - January 13, 2014

Petty and authoritative?

Try utterly ruthless and without mercy.

3. MMC - January 13, 2014

Very EVIL times. Satan is running the show in the Church. God bless~

tantamergo - January 13, 2014

Well, if not running the show, he’s certainly finding a lot of people who are willing to cooperate with him, including many that should be the most resistant to such.

4. Woody - January 14, 2014

Is it at all possible that something else had occurred within the FFI that no one will talk about because it is so bad? I still cannot bring myself to be 100% agreeable that this is all about turning to the TLM and studying the Catholic faith prior to 1965.

5. Hannah - January 14, 2014

It’s truly horrible what the enemies of God and His Holy Church can do.

These Franciscan are nothing but Catholic, and they’re treated like heretics and worse. Their only crime is being Catholic. Remember that.

The Modernists have waiting 100 years to destroy the True Faith, little by little.

We must pray, especially to St. Michael. It’ll only get more worse before it gets better. At least we have hope in the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and and of the Holy Catholic Church.

St. Benedict's Thistle - January 14, 2014

It has occurred to me that what we are seeing is a ‘church’ within the Church, akin to what Bishop Sheen said would be a counter church set up to ape the true Church. It has been insidious, snakelike, venomous. The FFI are suffering its sting.

I agree it will get much worse, but I somehow feel the attack on the FFI was a strategic error for the modernists.

Hannah - January 14, 2014

Well, Archbishop Lefebvre said the Counciliar Church is not the Catholic Church…

Good point about Archbishop Sheen. What he said has happened before our eyes.

St. Benedict's Thistle - January 14, 2014

I was reading the comments to this blog post: http://blog.steveskojec.com/2013/10/03/so-apparently-im-a-rigorist/ when Archbishop’s Sheen’s words came to me.

It struck me that Catholics who have no problems with some of the things Pope Francis says, are not of the same faith as Catholics who adhere to the teachings and tradition of the Church. One can clearly see that modernist philosophy/theology has formed their consciences and not the Church’s magisterium. They seem unable to come to the truth, even when it is clearly articulated. They esteem the Pope (man) over Jesus Christ (God) and His Church. They truly seem to be members of a Church of Man or a New Order Church, though they believe and think of themselves as Catholic.

I felt for the author of that blog post, for he was inundated with comments from those who seem to have formed a personality cult around Pope Francis and who celebrate his wordly popularity! The disorientation and hatred toward traditional Catholics is palpable.

6. Martina Katholik - January 14, 2014

“This article I think stems from an original Italian source I don’t have a link to.”
Here´s the link:

7. Ben Warren - January 14, 2014

The way to ferret the demons out of the Church is to start an inquisition based on whether or not someone believes voting for the graduated income tax is ever justified. That is necessary and would clean the modernists out of the Church right away.

8. Elizabeth - January 14, 2014

And still we have the hordes of “conservative” Catholics that think if only the Holy Father were made aware of the terrible persecution being perpetrated against the FFI by the evil Fr. Volpi, surely the Pope would put a stop to it. Good grief. The Holy Father is the instigator of it. I guess it all depends on where one gets one’s information from.

tantamergo - January 14, 2014

Given that Pope Francis has visited the new leadership and has been pitifully approached by several FFIs to explain their dilemma, this claim is insupportable.

But then they will just move onto the next excuse, until it becomes untenable. Basically, Pope Francis wanted this order broken, no ifs, ands, or buts. It appears there may be quite an autocratic streak there. I think the FFIs are most being punished for questioning the Council and some of its more problematic proclamations. That would explain why their publishing house was shut down.

Elizabeth - January 15, 2014

Lord help them, as well as the FSSP, etc.

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