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The pedophiles are coming…..for your kids January 14, 2014

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I saw the following via Creative Minority Report, and I think the intention of the piece is “look how bad this professor at supposedly Catholic De Paul University is.”  There is that aspect, certainly, why a woman who openly advocates for depraved sex and soul-destroying child abuse is allowed to teach on a campus that claims even a tangential relationship to the Church is beyond me, but I saw this as something else, yet another harbinger of the next great sexual “inhibition” for the warped minds of the left to force on us all: child sex abuse.

As you will see below, attempts to normalize pedophilia are gaining steam in academic circles, just as attempts to normalize the sins of Sodom and Gomorrah did 30-40 years ago.  It is very apparent where they want to go:

“If someone had told me 30 years ago that in 2010 I would be tenured and promoted to a professor as a publicly professed lesbian at the country’s largest Catholic university, I would not have believed them,” Kelly told the student newspaper, The DePaulia, in 2010. [If someone had told faithful Catholics 50 years ago that their universities would be dominated by the worst dregs of the pagan left, they would not have believed it, either.  They would have been scandalized out of their minds to find that a woman who embraces child sex abuse was allowed to spread her evils in the minds of young Catholics.]

She was hired by DePaul despite writing a 1979 article that reported glowingly of her own sexual relationship with a great-aunt when she was just a child. The article, “On woman/girl love, or Lesbians do ‘do it,’” reportedly appeared in the Gay Community News on March 3,1979, but is not available online.  It has been excerpted at length on numerous websites and in publications including the pro-pedophilia book, Paedophilia: The Radical Case, by author Tom O’Carroll.  That book is available on the IPCE website, which describes itself as “a forum for people who are engaged in scholarly discussion about the understanding and emancipation of mutual relationships between children or adolescents and adults.”

In her article, Kelly reportedly defended her lesbian, pedophile experience when she was between eight and 11 years old, as cited by David Thorstad in the 1991 book Male Intergenerational Intimacy:

It has always seemed to me that people know when sex is a right thing for them to be doing, when mutually consented to, regardless of who else may or may not share or understand that knowledge. It took some hard object lessons before I finally learned how unusual such logic is in this world. Despite the cultural messages to the contrary that I eventually did receive, I knew that it was possible for a person to be aware of her own physicalness in a sexual way long before the social timetable of “maturity” says she should be—and to be able to act on her awareness. And I know that now, with all my “grown-up” being. Although for several years I succumbed to social sanctions against lesbian and childhood sexuality, and felt ashamed for having had such experiences, I have come to realize the need to affirm them as part of the rich texture of both human experience in general and my own conscious reality in particular. [No, what you are is a poor, abused soul who had your innocence, even your power of self-determination, horribly wrenched from you while a child, and the only way you have been able to come to terms with what is nothing but the very worst abuse a child can experience, is to call it good, and “empowering.”  And now you seek to normalize your trauma by arguing that it can be good for children to suffer so.  You poor, twisted soul.  What your aunt did to you is unspeakably evil.]

Thorstad, reportedly “a founding member of the North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) and former president of New York’s Gay Activists Alliance,” praised Kelly’s article for its “sensible treatment” of “woman-girl love.” [Do we not see the connection between homosexual activism and pedophile activism?  The number of heterosexual activists for this nightmare is trifling compared to the growing numbers of influential sodomites and gomorrists who are calling for legalization of their sexual predation of children.]

Kelly co-authored Telling Our Lives,which refers to her time with Gay Community News, where her story was originally published. Her book also refers by name to her great-aunt “Aunt Addie” in the chapter called “Beth’s Family Legacy,” thought it doesn’t discuss their relationship.

In a 2010 interview with The Windy CityTimes, Kelly equated being a professor with activism. “Until my involvement with the [Chicago LGBT] advisory council, my principal organizing in Chicago was here at DePaul,” she said. “To build a women’s and gender studies program at a Catholic university is a very specific form of activism, and it really didn’t leave me a lot of time.” [Let me re-phrase that, accurately: “To be invited to come and attack the very monster all we sexular paganists hate so very much at its weakest, most vulnerable spot, the minds of the impressionable youths entrusted to the Church and this university, was beyond my wildest dreams.  I never thought I could do so much damage to the Church, and yet they invited me!  They are paying me, handsomely!  I have tenure!”]

Kelly described herself as a “lapsed” Catholic and said she had misgivings about teaching at a Catholic university, until she discovered that DePaul was serious about diversity hiringShe said that the number of LGBT faculty has grown to the point where “today I know that I don’t know all of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender faculty at DePaul.” [Think about that.  She, the lesbian, had misgivings about teaching at a so-called Catholic university, but the university had none.  Oh no, they were eager to kowtow to the sexular pagan zeitgeist by having her come on board!  I think I’m going to be sick]

Regarding her help with building the LGBT Studies program, she said “What was interesting to me was the lack of opposition.”  She credited the “amazing support” from Father Dennis Holtschneider, president of DePaul University since 2004. [I would say that Fr. Holtschneider is going to have a singularly unpleasant experience at his personal judgment.]

As a father with several daughters and a son, let me just say this: I regard child sex abuse as soul-murder. I believe it is in some ways worse than murder, as the child has to live for decades with the pain, messed up relationships, damaged thinking, and permanently stained soul as a result of the abuse. I have known some people who were sexually abused as children, and they were all severely messed up.  Talk about the collapse of civilization, this is it.


1. MMC - January 14, 2014

This woman should be locked up. And she would have been fifty years ago…and rightly so. She refuses to see the reality of her abuse and thus forces everyone to go right along with her delusion. This is an adult human being. There is no excuse for her evil. Get her imprisoned to protect the young…and by God’s grace, maybe help her heal via prison ministry and when she gets out, make reparation. May the Lord have mercy on that evil priest president’s soul…I think the devil will have to create new punishments for the evil doers of our time. God bless~

2. Woody - January 14, 2014

Generally, the problem with child abuse, sexual and physical, is it’s a vicious cycle. Most adults that partake in such behavior were victims themselves as children. This professor is a prime example as she was abused as a child. Now, however, instead of seeking psychological help for her perverse abnormal behavior, these “doctors” say it’s “normal” behavior. To satisfy her lustful desires, she, and those of her ilk, rationalize their perverse, abnormal behavior. When will it end? Not sure but the war is coming and the battles will begin. And I’m not throwing out metaphors.

3. Baseballmom - January 14, 2014

Woe to them who call evil “good” – and good, “evil”.

4. Ben Warren - January 15, 2014

I agree about locking the woman up, but on what legal basis? Russia could lock her up, but America (or whatever state De Paul is in) probably has no statute for it. Let’s not abridge the rule of law, even for a monster like this woman.

5. Lynne - January 15, 2014

But gays told us that they wanted nothing to do with sex with children! They lied?!

Martina - January 15, 2014

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