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Very important video: monitor very closely what music/movies your kids watch January 14, 2014

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Michael Matt notes a powerful disconnect: many parents trying to be good Catholics allow their kids unfettered access to TV, films, and music, with little oversight. Many of these kids fall into listening to or watching amoral, hyper-sexualized products of the entertainment industry, whose influence over young minds is often profound. I have been shocked to find some kids of traddy parents who, among themselves when they think they are unobserved, stepping out of their role as faithful Catholic teens and stepping back into their normal role, that of regular old formed by the culture American kids.  Bad language, bad dress, immoral behavior, it all suddenly comes rushing out.

If your kids listen to Lady Gaga or watch Kate Upton or, God forbid, MTV, they are being formed mightily by the culture.  If teens have a TV in their room with cable/satellite, internet, etc., they are probably already into porn, sexting, and all rest.  Don’t think it won’t happen to your child, it most assuredly will. ALWAYS have a very thorough porn filter/web monitoring service on ALL your computers/devices.  Mom alone should have the passwords and check the monitor reports.  Parents will be held responsible by God if their kids, using internet toys provided by the parents, fall into sins of lust.  Let me tell you, when you are exposed to porn at an early age, it has an incredibly distorting effect on one’s appetites, and leaving that sin behind is very, very difficult. Most will not be able to do so, absent a miracle of Grace.

Watch the video, and think on whether you are doing enough to protect your children. They may not like you for it now, but they will LOVE you for it, later:

Good point that this sort of soul-damaging “entertainment” goes back decades. Throw away the cable!  If you have TV, be extremely selective.  Better yet, don’t have a TV.  We still do, but we only watch videos.  We pretty closely select what our kids get to watch, and have thrown out some items that weren’t appropriate.  I am amazed that even Disney cartoons (and forget about the Disney Channel, it’s a hundred times worse) teach young girls to be sluts.

Katy Perry sells to 12 year old girls.  So does Lady Gaga. That is their target demographic.  Most pop music today is directed at girls 10-16.  That is who decides what is “popular” today. Good Lord, talk about the blind leading the blind.  But think about that. when Katy Perry struts around with her breasts hanging out, singing about making out with another girl……and we wonder why so many young girls are experimenting with perversion?!


1. Evansville Catholics - January 15, 2014

Reblogged this on Evansville Catholics.

2. DiscipleoftheDumbOx - January 15, 2014

In our generation, tantum, it was Madonna, Prince and Boy George among others. Looking back on this aspect of my child makes me cringe and shudder. Beware and be involved, folks.

3. LaGallina - January 15, 2014

I was so set on being the coolest mom ever — back before I had kids. To me that meant letting my kids do everything I wasn’t allowed to do — like watch limitless t.v. Ha! I gave up that whole idea about being a cool mom early on in my first child’s life. Even though I was very anti-Christian at the time, it was plain to me that our media/ entertainment industry was toxic. I turned off the t.v, when my oldest was 3, and I never looked back. (I did mourn the loss of my “coolest mom ever” title for a little while.)

I became nearly fanatical about protecting my children’s innocence, which eventually got me to break down, swallow my pride, and ask God for help. (“God, if you can hear me, please help me to raise my kids in this messed up world,” was the gist of my first prayer.) Every day the attacks on my children’s innocence forces me to “pray without ceasing.”

Now, after about 13 years of raising children this way this is what has happened. My kids read a ton. They build stuff, play games, listen to stories on CD, sew, cook, play music, draw, play in the mud, invent things, do science experiments… Oh, they fight and act like normal kids too. But what they don’t do is watch t.v., use cell phones, play video games, or use the internet. At least not much. We might watch a YouTube video (together) to help with a recipe, or catch a few minutes of a football game now and then. My boys have played video games a handful of times at birthday parties. But we have mostly stayed away from it all.

It was hard at first to feel like the weird mom who didn’t allow my kids all the media access that other kids had. I agonized over my choices about not giving my sons video games or letting them watch t.v. I didn’t want them to feel left out or freakish. But in addition to wanting to keep them pure, I wanted them to learn how to use their brains, and kids are just not going to use their brains when they spend all their time staring at a screen.

It’s not easy. You have to be on duty at all times. You cannot let your guard down. It is not possible to raise kids in a bubble in today’s world. They see plenty of stuff even without “screen time” that I wish I could protect them from. But I pray for their protection, innocence, and love for Our Lord every day without fail. And then I hear the statistics about some 90% of children having been exposed to pornography on the internet! And I pray that God will continue to help me protect my children from Satan’s clutches.

4. maggycast - January 18, 2014

Beautiful post LaGallina…rock on sister! Yes, kids don’t know how to use their brains anymore…and they are addicted to stimulation and entertainment. God bless you for raising them right, protecting them and having the humility to ask Our Lord to run your life. God bless~

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