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Short Flightline Friday January 17, 2014

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I wanted to do a Flightline Friday today on the awesome Lockheed YF-12A Blackbird, one of a series of aircraft Lockheed produced around a similar design, all capable of speeds in excess of Mach 3 and altitudes above 80, even 90,ooo ft.

Just a quick rundown, I hope to provide much more background next week. The Blackbird started as a CIA program for a replacement for the high-altitude, but subsonic, U-2 spyplane.  The first aircraft in the series, the “A-12,” began flying in the early 60s. This was used for a short time by the CIA for spy missions, but then Lyndon Johnson, in a naked political move highly detrimental to national defense, spilled the beans, mis-identifying the aircraft as the “A-11” and claiming that it was undergoing test at Edwards. There were none at Edwards, they were all at Groom Lake!

By that time, the USAF had ordered an interceptor version of the A-12, the YF-12A.  It was to carry a very advanced look-down shoot-down doppler radar with an enormous dish called the ASG-18, and three AIM-47 missiles each with 250 kt warheads. USAF rushed a YF-12A to Edwards in time for the publicity shoot, and the program began undergoing test flights.  Ultimately, 3 YF-12As were built.

The YF-12A eventually became the SR-71, the version most folks are familiar with.  There is a big history there, including a plan to use SR-71 armed with Falcon missiles in conjunction with the B-70 Mach 3 strategic bomber as a sort of recon/pathfinder force.

More next week, God willing!  For now, a few videos:

More specifically on the YF-12A:


The dangerous German ideologies…. January 17, 2014

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….and the havoc they have wrought on the world.  This is not a well thought out post, necessarily. Just some scattershooting, feel free to poke holes in my theory:

Before I begin, I should note that I am part German. My wife, entirely so.  Even so, my studies of history over the past several years have revealed to me that, of all the bad ideas run amok in the world, the vast majority of them stemmed directly from a German source, or were heavily influenced by Germanic thinking.  All of modern history has been tainted and, I would say, gravely damaged, by warped, destructive ideas emanating from Germany.  A brief list:

  • The heresies of Luther, Calvin, and Zwinglii, Germans all.  The worst, of course, was the heresy of rejection of Authority and private interpretation of Scripture.
  • From private interpretation came the rationalism of Georg Hegel, and his nonsense theory of thesis-antithesis-synthesis.  This served as the intellectual wrecking ball of Scholasticism.
  • From protestant private interpretation and Hegelian rationalism we got the Endarkenment.  While there were not many German players in the “enlightenment,” all the conclusions reached by French and English enlightenment philosophes were grounded in the errors of protestantism and rationalism.
  • From the endarkenment came the perfection of leftist statism, the ideas of communism put forth by Marx and Engels, Germans both.  Further on, we had the immensely destructive nihilism of Nietzsche and the subsequent ultimate gotterdammerung socialist government of the Nazis.
  • Out of all this wicked brew came the “synthesis of all heresies,” modernism.  Many of the leading lights of modernism were German, especially Martin Heidigger.
  • Even before all the above, the Dutch-Germanic Erasmus of Rotterdam put forth a large number of ideas which helped shape the coming protestant revolution.  While not necessarily a heretic, per se, he distorted the Catholic Faith in ways that laid much of the intellectual groundwork for what followed (this bit might be weak, I don’t have a really strong knowledge of Erasmus).
  • At Vatican II, the Germanic bloc dominated, informed by the extremely problematic theories of Rahner and von Baltasar.  Much of revolution in the Church stems from Germanic ideals, such as the entire liturgical movement, which had its core in pre-conciliar Germany with its abusive “youth Masses” and all manner of bad ideas.

Looked at a certain way, almost the entire destruction of Christendom and the incalculable wreckage and suffering that followed can be laid at the feet of Germans.  I don’t say this as an excuse to start a persecution or anything, I just find it odd.  Why have so many extremely bad ideas come out of Germany?  Is there something in the German psyche prone to rebellion and error?

Even today, we see a veritable revolt on the part of the Church in Germanic countries – Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and what’s left of the Church in Holland (not much) – why?  Why are the errors so concentrated in one place?  Does anyone have a historical/sociological explanation for this?

I’m out of time – discuss.

No Francis effect in Austria so far January 17, 2014

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I am beginning to wonder if the purported “Francis effect” – the (it must be said, self-serving) idea put forth by mass media fans of Pope Francis that his purported “liberalization” of the Church (as presented by the media) would bring throngs back into the Faith.  Even many conservative-ish Catholic bloggers have openly opined that such would occur, or hoped so.

Well, thus far we have data from two countries thought perhaps most to benefit from the Francis effect, where many liberal/left wing souls have left the Church since it opposes so many of their sacred political shibboleths.  Italy was first, which showed a continuing slow decline in Mass attendance, and now we have data from extremely liberal Austria, where at least half the Church/priests are in open revolt and there is talk of schism. Heresy abounds.  Has Francis reversed the flood out of the Church, or slowed it dramatically?  The data from German Katholisches site says, no:

in Austria in 2013, there were more than leaving the church than in 2012. Nearly 55,000 Catholics have left the Catholic Church as a corporate body under public law. Thus more Austrians left the Church in the first year of the pontificate of Pope Francis, than in the last year of the pontificate of Pope Benedict XVI. The church leaders wonder about this phenomenon, which they had not expected.
“We would have expected better numbers,” said the Bishop of Linz Vicar William Viehböck. Following the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI. there was  relief heard from not a few official church authorities in Austria. The reasons are to be sought in the different understanding of the Church. The election of Pope Francis was greeted with cheers. Since then everything will “different” and “better”. But the harsh reality has caught up to the diocese now. [I think we can readily see why the Church is having such problems……]
The new figures refute this transparent, but black and white image, thanks to support of the media. In recent years  leaving the church had been interpreted by “appointed” sides as an “outcry” against “the log jam” and “backwardness”, yet there is currently a conspicuous silence. Church districts which are faithful have been demanding a fact-based analysis for years.  The individualization and dissolution of Church affiliation will be only be promoted rather than stopped by the progressive agenda with destruction of the liturgy, attenuated evangelization efforts and a staff that is no longer really Catholic, but speak in the name of the Church in public.
The increase in withdrawals is 4.8 percentThe percentage of Catholics in Austria’s population has thus declined   to a record low. From a Church perspective an exit from the Church is not possible. Through a serious act that violates church doctrine and order, believers can suffer excommunication and therefore the exclusion from the ecclesial community. [Especially if they don’t want to support the Liberal Tax-Church regime with its poorly managed healthcare facilities, liturgical abuses and shoddy catechesis.] This need not be explicitly imposed, but occurs automatically upon the act.
That last bit is particularly scandalous.  What Katholisches/Tancred is saying, is that those who opt not to pay the Church tax, publicly disassociating themselves from the Church, gets them automatically excommunicated, whether they may be daily Mass attendees and completely faithful souls, or not. Thus, good souls who have a philosophical problem with supporting the Church through “point of a gun” state-imposed confiscatory taxation incur automatic excommunication – ostensibly – for doing so.  But the worst left wing divorced-remarried heretic guilty of massive public scandal can present for Communion and it is not a problem in the slightest.
Progressive policies mean the death of faith.  They always have.  I would have hoped the experience of the late 60s-early 70s would have converted, or at least convinced, the progressive elements in the Church of their folly.  But intellectual ideologues are the most difficult to convert, or so said St. Thomas Aquinas.