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Did you get a reminder today to prayer and penance today at your parish? January 22, 2014

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The USCCB asked all Catholics to do special prayer, penance, and/0r fasting today in atonement for the hideous sin of abortion.  Did you hear a call for such at your parish? That is, was there an announcement or reminder?

I haven’t had much success with polls, but we’ll see.

Since today is the 41st anniversary of the most diabolical court decision ever….. January 22, 2014

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……I thought I’d share this moving video I saw on Orbis Catholicus.  It’s put out by Texas Alliance for Life:

On a related note, I haven’t covered the enormous scandal of a public heretic – Andrew Cuomo – pretending to excommunicate faithful Catholics (and banish them from the state of New York) for being opposed to his decadent leftism.  He is trying to backtrack now, but it’s far too late for that:

While the Catholic Church wrings its hands and furrows its collective brow over the unpastoral calls to excommunicate Catholic politicians who advocate grave sin as policy, these unholy pols have no such qualms.

The virulently pro-abortion and anti-Catholic Catholic Governor of New York has just excommunicated all faithful Catholics and their fellow travelers in the pro-life movement from ‘his’ state.

Are they these extreme conservatives who are right-to-life, pro-assault-weapon, anti-gay? Is that who they are? Because if that’s who they are and they’re the extreme conservatives, they have no place in the state of New York, because that’s not who New Yorkers are. ……..If you are pro-life and believe as all men believed up until Will & Grace premiered that marriage is between one man and one woman as ordained by God, then you have no place in NY.   Cuomo is not content to merely disagree while ceding your right to advocate for your position. No, the Governor states that you do not belong in his state.  You have no place.  Get out.  We will not tolerate you.

Now that Catholics have been declared personae non gratae by the most powerful person in the State, the scales must now finally fall from the eyes of the Big-Tent Church of Hugs and Giggles™. I am sure the Church in NY will now wake up and respond in kind, right?

No, they won’t.



They won’t because one of the greatest plagues afflicting the Church is that men given the sacred trust of leading local churches have been seduced by the world and its allurements of money, influence, and power.  There are precious few bishops who would honestly and forthrightly eschew their dearly beloved “access” to politicians in favor of chastising these politicians roundly for their gross immoralities and diabolical policies. And in point of fact, the USCCB maintains a protocol, binding on all members under pain of exclusion and virtual banishment (or real banishment, as occurred to Cardinal Burke), that no bishop is allowed to excommunicate, or even roundly rebuke, any high-level Katholyc politician who rejects the solemn Doctrine of the Faith.  Of course, the sad and disordered legacy of the national episcopal conferences is that the USCCB is far from alone in this kow-towing to the powerful and influential.

There have been men in the Church in the past who stood up to the secular power, even at great cost to themselves and yes, the Church, too.  Pope Urban II, Clement VII, Pius VIII, Bishop Athanasius, Anthony Marie Claret, and many others suffered greatly under persecution of the secular power, and even saw the the Church, too, would have to suffer under diabolical secular power in the defense of what the Church believes.

But today, radical pro-abort politicians like Andrew Cuomo can not only blaspheme from the hand of a bishop in receiving the Blessed Sacrament so unworthily in beggars the imagination, they can cast out faithful Catholics from their state and Church with little, if any, response from our shepherds.

Talk about diabolical disorientation.  Is not the blood of 55 million infants enough?  When will the Church act like that torrent of blood is worth more than a march once a year, some noble (lay initiated) prayer vigils, and the occasional rhetoric to a safe audience?  What about taking some risks for the good of souls and in defense of human life?  What about putting that precious access, those precious billions of dollars for Catholic Charities, at risk, by proclaiming the Truth and rebuking these evil men who are so invested in destroying the Church and advancing the culture of death?

Where is our Hildebrand?  Where is our Anthony Claret?

God, be merciful on us!  Send us great leaders who will glorify Your Name, end the slaughter of innocents and have such great love of their fellow man that they will be willing risk all for the salvation of their souls!

Let us pray for this always!

An adorable little book for children January 22, 2014

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Lepanto Press is a wonderful publisher of traditional Catholic books (oriented towards filling out homeschool curricula).  They publish all manner of rare and forgotten books, many of which are beautifully hardbound with fine typesets and other very nice features.  And their prices are generally very reasonable!31yhHS5FMiL__BO1,204,203,200_

One of their offerings is a dear little book about St. Therese of the Child Jesus called Little Therese. It is mostly about her childhood, and is written for children.  Even so, there is much an adult may find of benefit on its pages!  It was first printed in 1925 and was written by Pere Carbonel, SJ.

It’s really a darling little tale of St. Therese’s life.  There are abundant illustrations to help keep a child’s interest.  The book is 200 pages, but my fourth graders have devoured it in short order (they are, perhaps, a little above average in their reading).  The book is certainly intended to inculcate virtue in children by showing 20140122_142839the example of the great Saint’s childhood, when she already displayed frequently very developed virtues.  Here is the formal blurb:

“Children, this book is for you.” Written by Pere Carbonel, S.J., all of the details herein were given to him by the Sisters of Therese. It will tell you about the life of a child like yourselves who became very dear to Our Lord, and who has been placed by the Church in the ranks of Saints.” Truly, a child to set as ones inspirational role model, St. Therese will help and encourage you to be patient, to bear your troubles bravely as she did, and to trust in Our Lord. Originally published in 1925, our Lepanto Press reprinting has over 200 pages and includes nearly 100 drawings and illustrations. A “Must Have” addition to every family’s religious library, this hard-bound edition will last for many generations of reading enjoyment.

It is so difficult to find books for children that help inculcate the practice of virtue and love of God and His Holy Church!  Most youth books today either contain sassy brats being disrespectful to their parents, egregious displays of lust, demonic witchcraft garbage, or all of the above.  These older books from Lepanto are very good and children do like them!  It is a great blessing in this internet age we can know about and find such things to help build up the domestic church!

Another set of books, perhaps better for boys, is the Don Camillo series.  Those are great, too.

There is a copy for $10 on Amazon right now!


The Novus Ordo has caused the liturgical reform envisioned by Vatican II to be a failure January 22, 2014

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What?  I didn’t say it – Msgr. Klaus Gamber did, in The Reform of the Roman Liturgy, a book Pope Benedict, as Cardinal Ratzinger, endorsed unreservedly.

In the sections excerpted today, Msgr. Gamber outlines the very shaky implementation of the Novus Ordo, how the 1969 Missal was heavily criticized and had to be substantially modified into the 1970 Missal.  Even with these modifications, there remains a huge shift in emphasis between the Mass as it always was, and the Novus Ordo, a shift away from Sacrifice and towards the “communal meal.” He also notes the overt protestant influences in the Novus Ordo, and the scandalous fact that it was never tested, pastorally, before its being unleashed, without recourse or allowance for the constant Rite of the Church to remain.  The effect has been a liturgical shipwreck of the highest magnitude.

I begin:

Most significant, however, is the shifting of emphasis in the new Mass to that of being a communal meal in the protestant sense, the deliberate de-emphasizing of the purpose and function of the Mass as Sacrifice.

The Institutio Generalis Missalis [the formal document laying out the Novus Ordo] text deliberately avoids using the word sacrifice.  It is only mentioned in passing…..[and then only in a few locations]

………Apparently the designations of the Mass in the first edition of the Novus Ordo as “the Lord’s Supper or the holy gathering of the people of God, as they come together, into one [body], with the priest as presider [how I loathe this term for a priest offering Mass] and taking on the persona of Christ, to celebrate the memorial of the Lord,” has its source in protestant theology. [I think this has been established unequivocally in Michael Davies’ trilogy on the Council, starting the Cranmer’s Godly Order, going to Pope John’s Council, and then ending with Pope Paul’s New Mass.  The latter, in particular, established clearly the protestant beliefs and practices that were deliberately imported into the Novus Ordo in another case of disordered ecumenism run amok] The fact that this particular definition of the Mass appears in a document bearing the signature of Pope Paul VI, and that it became necessary later to correct it, is a painful indication of how confused things are in our Church today. 

We also need to point out that much was untested – for example, the Ritus initiales – found its way into the Novus Ordo. This is not the way in which the Roman Curia has done things in past centuries. Yet this untested material was immediately sealed into place without having passed the test of time. All this leads to the conclusion that it was the Novus Ordo, and the new Ordo Missae in general, that in effect has forestalled the new and lasting reform of liturgical worship as envisioned by the Second Vatican Council[in short, the NO screwed up the liturgical reform envisioned by VII, and by this point that reform is impossible. I personally believe the reform movement was disordered, even dangerous, from the get go, but that’s me.]

Today’s Church has no need for a new Order of the Mass. What she needs is a flourishing spiritual life. This alone can overcome the crisis of faith, a crisis that is also a crisis of authority. At least in part, the responsibility for the crisis of authority must be placed squarely on Rome…….[or, the crisis in the Church is a crisis of bishops.  But then again, we get the bishops we deserve, overall.]

….Also we must not forget this: only a Church strong and secure in its faith and spiritually fertile will be able to create something really good and lasting.  All else is but an artificial and utopian construct, unconcerned with and uncaring about the true needs of the faithful and their pastoral care; and above all, without any real psychological understanding of the sentiments of the people….. [I am amazed how easily this criticism could be shifted from liturgical reform to left wing political/economic aspirations.  Appealing only to a dogmatic intellectual class, unconcerned with the suffering they cause vast swaths of people, oriented toward utopian delusions…..but then again, the liturgical reformers were by and large progressive in outlook, liturgically, theologically, and politically/economically.  The shoe fits, so to speak.]

…...It is quite easy to destroy an old order, but to create a new one is something else again.

———-End Quote———-

That last bit is very insightful.  The Mass as we know in the TLM was the product of gradual accretions and changes, made for the most part by great Saints like Gregory the Great, St. Boniface, etc. The core of the Mass, the Canon, is Apostolic.  The common parts of the Mass were pretty well settled by Gregory the Great, and even he only made small tweaks.  The propers have continued to evolve, but the vast majority of TLM propers date to the 700s, with additions for new Feasts.

But if you look over the broad sweep of history, at when certain changes were made, or who produced many of the propers for the TLM, you find that those changes which were accepted were mostly made in times of great piety, and by great Saints.  The Novus Ordo, in contrast, was conceived in a time of incredible turmoil and confusion – and Lord only knows how pious were the men who constructed it, but we have much room to doubt.

One final note: Msgr. Gamber shows that most of the readings for the TLM were set by the late 4th century.  Further refinement of the Mass readings occurred, but by the end of the 7th century the “pericopes,” or Mass readings, of the TLM were pretty much fixed, save for new feasts.  So, the new order of readings with its three year cycle implemented in the Novus Ordo undid a 1500 year Tradition.

Reading several books of late, I have been amazed at the antiquity of the Traditional Mass.  Dr. Lauren Pristas dates most of the TLM Collects from the 6th-8th century, and they could be much older, those are simply the oldest documents on which these collects have been found.

Another thing Gamber points out (and Pristas, though not directly) is how nascent understanding of liturgical history was 50 years ago.  Historical liturgical study was in its infancy in the first half of the 20th century.  Many, many wrong conclusions were reached based on incomplete information.  Yet, the experten of that time assured the Church and world they knew precisely what they were doing in revolutionizing the Mass, that they were certain they were returning the Church to its earliest practice.  That claim has been pretty much exploded in the intervening years, and was known to be dubious, even then, to some of the liturgical experts themselves (such as Bouyer).

There is no limit to human hubris.

Swiss Guard revelations attest to sodomy lobby in Vatican January 22, 2014

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Ay yai yai, this is not good.  It is being very widely reported that anonymous – and sourced – allegations have been published in a Swiss newspaper regarding the network of sodomites inhabiting the Vatican.  These reports include allegations that Swiss Guard members are regularly propositioned by high ranking clergy in the Vatican, up to an including cardinals.  There are two reports, the first anonymous, the second from the former commander of the Guard from 1998-2008.  All below via Rorate, which has a good overview on these events, including mention of the fact that it was the twin volcanoes of Vatileaks and the gay lobby dossier that more and more evidence is showing prompted Pope Benedict XVI to resign.  For one thing, Vatileaks stopped, completely, as soon as Pope Benedict abdicated.  The reports:

A former Swiss Guard has claimed he was regularly asked for sex by a ‘gay lobby’ of high-ranking clergy in the Vatican.

Cardinals, bishops, priests and other officials in the Vatican had regularly attempted to engage the unnamed man, who was responsible for the Pope’s security, in illicit rendezvous, according to new claims. [It is also known that the scandalous Msgr. Ricci, former head of the Vatican hotel where Pope Francis lives, and now promoted to bigger and better things, had a long time sexual relationship with a former Swiss Guard.]

The former guard said he received up to 20 ‘unambiguous requests’ from members of the clergy and was asked for sex by a dignitary close to Pope John Paul II, a Swiss weekly newspaper Schweiz am Sonntag reported.

The former guard said his experiences, several years ago, added weight to allegations of a ‘gay lobby’ being active in the Vatican.

The report of the former high commander:

Ex-guard chief warns of secret society

Saturday, January 18, 2014 23:28

Elmar Mäder sees security problem in the Vatican.

He knows the Vatican and its secrets from his own experience: 50-year-old Elmar Mäder served ten years as a Swiss Guard. In 1998 Pope John Paul II appointed him Deputy Commander of the Pontifical Swiss Guards, which he then headed from 2002 to 2008 as Commander.

The man from Saint-Gall was responsible, along with his over 100 Guards, for the security of the Holy Father. He was therefore able to gain deep insights of the inner workings of the Roman Curia. Mäder denies statements by former Guards to Schweiz am Sonntag that they had been on the receiving end of sexual advances by clerics. In his opinion these somewhat “wild tales” that were told “obviously lacked any factual basis.”

But the former Commander does not deny the existence of the much mentioned gay lobby in the Vatican, quite the contrary: “I cannot refute the claim that there is a homosexual network,” Mäder affirms. “My experience speaks for the existence of such [a network].”

You should be aware of the following: according to Schweiz am Sonntag’s own investigation, Mäder was the Commander who is said to have warned the Guards about some lustful clerics, telling them to stay away from the latter. It is even said that Mäder intervened in writing in the Curia [regarding this matter]. This fact would not have been much appreciated in the Vatican, and might have been one reason for his resignation. Mäder, who today is the CEO of a medical technology corporation will not comment on this himself: “It is not my intention to speak publicly about my conversations and correspondence with my superiors.”

However, unrelated to former [specific] events, Mäder talks “generally speaking about the homosexual network.” And these statements are themselves significant. “A work environment in which the vast majority consists of unmarried men is by itself a magnet for homosexuals, whether they seek it consciously or are unconsciously following an urge,” says the former Commander of the Swiss Guards. “The Roman Curia is certainly this kind of environment…….

……….But Mäder sees threats to the security of the Pope. His statement is explosive: “I have learned that many homosexuals tend to be loyal to each other rather than to other persons or institutions. If this loyalty goes so far as to become a network, or even a kind of secret society, I would not be able to tolerate within my decision-making area. In the Vatican, decisive people now seem to feel the same way.”

Rorate adds the following:

Why is this network dangerous? Not because homosexuals are dangerous people themselves or bound to promote “conspiracies”, but because, as Mäder describes, in order to protect themselves, active homosexuals and their friends end up trading their loyalties to their superiors and the Institution founded by Christ for personal loyalties and blackmail. That is, since they know it is both wrong and condemned by permanent Catholic doctrine and practice, they create an underground loyalty network, and their loyalties go to their accomplices rather than to the Bride of Christ.

So troubling.  There have been periods of rampant moral corruption in the Curia/Vatican throughout its history.  But this is something different entirely, this is a subculture united around a particular perversion that walls out others, has a huge secret to protect, and has already sunk so low in moral standing that almost any moral evil is possible from them.  I am certain this lobby played a huge role in the Vatileaks scandal, and thus was ultimately solely responsible for driving Pope Benedict from office.   This is one of the worst cabals to ever gain influence in the Vatican, including the wicked Borgias.

Ultimately, God will excise this cancer.  But we should pray and make our voices heard regarding our scandal at this “lobby’s” existence.

Oh, one more thing.  Rorate says “naming names” makes no difference – Ricci got names, and look at him, he got promoted!

I disagree – first, not everyone is a Ricci.  Secondly, even his promotion was a recognition of the fact that, pastorally, he was finished. He could never serve a public ministry interacting with the faithful again.  Thirdly, his case is not over, yet.  Let more time – and possibly more revelations – surface, and we’ll see what occurs.  Fourth, uh…ly – the faithful have a right to know which of their pastors or curial officials are sodomites, to pray for their conversion and avoid them like the plague in terms of Liturgy, what they say and write, etc.  Fifth, this problem did not develop overnight, and it will not go away overnight.  Only sustained, diligent pressure and efforts at reform will excise this cancer from the clergy.  It also will not go away so long as these men can spread their evil under cloak of darkness.  The bright light of truth will make their evil acts much more difficult to conduct.






Beautiful story about pastor who cares for abandoned babies January 22, 2014

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He’s not Catholic, but it’s a very nice story nonetheless.  The culture of death is far from an American or Western problem, it is universal.

Since S. Korea has a pretty significant Catholic population, one must pray that Catholics are not participating in this baby-abandoning, but prudence would likely dictate otherwise.

There is still much good in the world.