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An adorable little book for children January 22, 2014

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Lepanto Press is a wonderful publisher of traditional Catholic books (oriented towards filling out homeschool curricula).  They publish all manner of rare and forgotten books, many of which are beautifully hardbound with fine typesets and other very nice features.  And their prices are generally very reasonable!31yhHS5FMiL__BO1,204,203,200_

One of their offerings is a dear little book about St. Therese of the Child Jesus called Little Therese. It is mostly about her childhood, and is written for children.  Even so, there is much an adult may find of benefit on its pages!  It was first printed in 1925 and was written by Pere Carbonel, SJ.

It’s really a darling little tale of St. Therese’s life.  There are abundant illustrations to help keep a child’s interest.  The book is 200 pages, but my fourth graders have devoured it in short order (they are, perhaps, a little above average in their reading).  The book is certainly intended to inculcate virtue in children by showing 20140122_142839the example of the great Saint’s childhood, when she already displayed frequently very developed virtues.  Here is the formal blurb:

“Children, this book is for you.” Written by Pere Carbonel, S.J., all of the details herein were given to him by the Sisters of Therese. It will tell you about the life of a child like yourselves who became very dear to Our Lord, and who has been placed by the Church in the ranks of Saints.” Truly, a child to set as ones inspirational role model, St. Therese will help and encourage you to be patient, to bear your troubles bravely as she did, and to trust in Our Lord. Originally published in 1925, our Lepanto Press reprinting has over 200 pages and includes nearly 100 drawings and illustrations. A “Must Have” addition to every family’s religious library, this hard-bound edition will last for many generations of reading enjoyment.

It is so difficult to find books for children that help inculcate the practice of virtue and love of God and His Holy Church!  Most youth books today either contain sassy brats being disrespectful to their parents, egregious displays of lust, demonic witchcraft garbage, or all of the above.  These older books from Lepanto are very good and children do like them!  It is a great blessing in this internet age we can know about and find such things to help build up the domestic church!

Another set of books, perhaps better for boys, is the Don Camillo series.  Those are great, too.

There is a copy for $10 on Amazon right now!



1. ProLIFEmommy - January 22, 2014

Where can I buy the Don Camillo set? Wonderful post! Thank you!

2. ProLIFEmommy - January 22, 2014

btw, any other recommendations you can share would be great! Perhaps you could make a post focusing on excellent Catholic literature for children and your readers could post their recommendations in the comments section. I had never heard of either of the books you mention in this post. No doubt, it is VERY hard to find books focused on the virtues in this “all about me,” world… Even in catholic school libraries!

I HIGHLY recommend the book, “The Winged Watchman,” by Hilda Van Stockum.. any Hilda Van Stockum book…


3. Wendy McClure - January 22, 2014

We love Lepanto Press and Our Lady of Victory School, too. My teen boys especially like the Catholic Heroes high school lit course — Angels in Iron is my 14yo’s all-time favorie book.

4. Mary - January 22, 2014

any books sold here (Our Lady of Victory) are fabulous.
the Masterful Monk series is great (adults included) or any book by St Bonaventure Press.

5. LaGallina - January 22, 2014

Thank you! I am forever in search of great Catholic books for children. When I first became Catholic I was shocked by the inferior quality of books (and videos) for children. Everything was absolute “twaddle.” I couldn’t understand how Catholics steeped in such rich beauty and history could be making such second-rate work. Now I see that Catholics are no longer steeped in beauty…

What do you think Catholic art would look like if he Traditional Mass once again became the norm?

6. Lynne - January 23, 2014

My child is 22 years old. I think I’ll buy some of these for myself (and future grandchildren).

7. skeinster - January 24, 2014

Sophia Institute Press has “Catholic tales for Boys and Girls” by Carryl Houselander. A very good book for younger elementary children. I think there is a sequel “More Catholic Tales, etc.” as well.

She also illustrated “My Path to Heaven”, a very simplified exposition of the Spiritual Exercises for children. The author’s last name begins with H- my copy is out on loan.. Little ones can pore over her richly detailed pen and ink drawings- full of subjects for meditation. Pretty sure this is from Sophia Press, too.

I heartily second the Hilda von Stockum suggestions. Her books are wholesome and delightful.

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