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Did you get a reminder today to prayer and penance today at your parish? January 22, 2014

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The USCCB asked all Catholics to do special prayer, penance, and/0r fasting today in atonement for the hideous sin of abortion.  Did you hear a call for such at your parish? That is, was there an announcement or reminder?

I haven’t had much success with polls, but we’ll see.


1. cg - January 22, 2014

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2. tg - January 22, 2014

Father made an announcement about praying to end abortion but he didn’t mention the bishops. I rec’d email reminders from UCCB but I ignored it since I say a prayer everyday to end abortion. I forgot about special fasting other than the 2 hours after lunch that I try to do everyday.

3. Lorra - January 22, 2014

Not a word about it. Not even in the bulletin. This is the first I am hearing about this at all.

My parish is beyond all of this medieval stuff. They’re more into pancake breakfasts, golf outings, and more relevant events.

4. Baseballmom - January 23, 2014

We have not had daily Mass for 2 weeks. Only one priest and he left for a family emergency last week and had priest retreat days this week… Never heard about this anywhere…

5. David - January 23, 2014

I will check and see if this was in our bulletin.

I do know that every Sunday our pastor mandates that in the prayers of the faithful that there is always an intention to uphold the sanctity of human life, born and unborn.

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