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Swiss Guard revelations attest to sodomy lobby in Vatican January 22, 2014

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Ay yai yai, this is not good.  It is being very widely reported that anonymous – and sourced – allegations have been published in a Swiss newspaper regarding the network of sodomites inhabiting the Vatican.  These reports include allegations that Swiss Guard members are regularly propositioned by high ranking clergy in the Vatican, up to an including cardinals.  There are two reports, the first anonymous, the second from the former commander of the Guard from 1998-2008.  All below via Rorate, which has a good overview on these events, including mention of the fact that it was the twin volcanoes of Vatileaks and the gay lobby dossier that more and more evidence is showing prompted Pope Benedict XVI to resign.  For one thing, Vatileaks stopped, completely, as soon as Pope Benedict abdicated.  The reports:

A former Swiss Guard has claimed he was regularly asked for sex by a ‘gay lobby’ of high-ranking clergy in the Vatican.

Cardinals, bishops, priests and other officials in the Vatican had regularly attempted to engage the unnamed man, who was responsible for the Pope’s security, in illicit rendezvous, according to new claims. [It is also known that the scandalous Msgr. Ricci, former head of the Vatican hotel where Pope Francis lives, and now promoted to bigger and better things, had a long time sexual relationship with a former Swiss Guard.]

The former guard said he received up to 20 ‘unambiguous requests’ from members of the clergy and was asked for sex by a dignitary close to Pope John Paul II, a Swiss weekly newspaper Schweiz am Sonntag reported.

The former guard said his experiences, several years ago, added weight to allegations of a ‘gay lobby’ being active in the Vatican.

The report of the former high commander:

Ex-guard chief warns of secret society

Saturday, January 18, 2014 23:28

Elmar Mäder sees security problem in the Vatican.

He knows the Vatican and its secrets from his own experience: 50-year-old Elmar Mäder served ten years as a Swiss Guard. In 1998 Pope John Paul II appointed him Deputy Commander of the Pontifical Swiss Guards, which he then headed from 2002 to 2008 as Commander.

The man from Saint-Gall was responsible, along with his over 100 Guards, for the security of the Holy Father. He was therefore able to gain deep insights of the inner workings of the Roman Curia. Mäder denies statements by former Guards to Schweiz am Sonntag that they had been on the receiving end of sexual advances by clerics. In his opinion these somewhat “wild tales” that were told “obviously lacked any factual basis.”

But the former Commander does not deny the existence of the much mentioned gay lobby in the Vatican, quite the contrary: “I cannot refute the claim that there is a homosexual network,” Mäder affirms. “My experience speaks for the existence of such [a network].”

You should be aware of the following: according to Schweiz am Sonntag’s own investigation, Mäder was the Commander who is said to have warned the Guards about some lustful clerics, telling them to stay away from the latter. It is even said that Mäder intervened in writing in the Curia [regarding this matter]. This fact would not have been much appreciated in the Vatican, and might have been one reason for his resignation. Mäder, who today is the CEO of a medical technology corporation will not comment on this himself: “It is not my intention to speak publicly about my conversations and correspondence with my superiors.”

However, unrelated to former [specific] events, Mäder talks “generally speaking about the homosexual network.” And these statements are themselves significant. “A work environment in which the vast majority consists of unmarried men is by itself a magnet for homosexuals, whether they seek it consciously or are unconsciously following an urge,” says the former Commander of the Swiss Guards. “The Roman Curia is certainly this kind of environment…….

……….But Mäder sees threats to the security of the Pope. His statement is explosive: “I have learned that many homosexuals tend to be loyal to each other rather than to other persons or institutions. If this loyalty goes so far as to become a network, or even a kind of secret society, I would not be able to tolerate within my decision-making area. In the Vatican, decisive people now seem to feel the same way.”

Rorate adds the following:

Why is this network dangerous? Not because homosexuals are dangerous people themselves or bound to promote “conspiracies”, but because, as Mäder describes, in order to protect themselves, active homosexuals and their friends end up trading their loyalties to their superiors and the Institution founded by Christ for personal loyalties and blackmail. That is, since they know it is both wrong and condemned by permanent Catholic doctrine and practice, they create an underground loyalty network, and their loyalties go to their accomplices rather than to the Bride of Christ.

So troubling.  There have been periods of rampant moral corruption in the Curia/Vatican throughout its history.  But this is something different entirely, this is a subculture united around a particular perversion that walls out others, has a huge secret to protect, and has already sunk so low in moral standing that almost any moral evil is possible from them.  I am certain this lobby played a huge role in the Vatileaks scandal, and thus was ultimately solely responsible for driving Pope Benedict from office.   This is one of the worst cabals to ever gain influence in the Vatican, including the wicked Borgias.

Ultimately, God will excise this cancer.  But we should pray and make our voices heard regarding our scandal at this “lobby’s” existence.

Oh, one more thing.  Rorate says “naming names” makes no difference – Ricci got names, and look at him, he got promoted!

I disagree – first, not everyone is a Ricci.  Secondly, even his promotion was a recognition of the fact that, pastorally, he was finished. He could never serve a public ministry interacting with the faithful again.  Thirdly, his case is not over, yet.  Let more time – and possibly more revelations – surface, and we’ll see what occurs.  Fourth, uh…ly – the faithful have a right to know which of their pastors or curial officials are sodomites, to pray for their conversion and avoid them like the plague in terms of Liturgy, what they say and write, etc.  Fifth, this problem did not develop overnight, and it will not go away overnight.  Only sustained, diligent pressure and efforts at reform will excise this cancer from the clergy.  It also will not go away so long as these men can spread their evil under cloak of darkness.  The bright light of truth will make their evil acts much more difficult to conduct.







1. Lorra - January 22, 2014

There are days when I think I can no longer stand the filth and corruption that passes for the Roman Catholic Church today.

This is one of them.

How on earth did everything get so corrupt???

TG - January 22, 2014

Probably because Lucifer was enthroned as Father Malachi Martin said. I may sound like a conspiracy nut but the more I see happening in the church the more I believe it.

tantamergo - January 22, 2014

I don’t know about enthroned, but Pope Leo XIII and Pius XII both prophesied that we were entering a time when satan would be given a free hand in the world, and would wreak great havoc within the Church, due to the unfaithfulness of men. We also have this directly from the Blessed Mother Herself at Fatima. We have been warned for centuries this was coming, but men did not change their wicked ways.

This is what happens when a culture forgets about God.

Kotolico - January 22, 2014

So if this was prophesied or is punishment from Heaven and the lack of faith or the NO Mass is the by-product. Does that mean God will punish us if we go to a NO Mass rather than a Latin Mass?
I have been struggling with this and I would like your opinion.

tantamergo - January 22, 2014

Interesting question. I don’t think so. Unless you go to a NO as a deliberate rejection of the Church’s traditional belief and practice. If you are going to it and striving to be faithful and even putting up with problems in the NO, I don’t think you will be punished, not at all. Other than suffering through the NO!

However, I do think every Catholic who has a TLM available should try really hard to assist at it, since it offers so much more extrinsic Grace and you get so much better formation. But I realize many folks simply do not have that option.

I would strive really hard to assist at a TLM on Sunday, even if its far away. But it’s not sinful to assist at a NO.

Martina - January 22, 2014
Baseballmom - January 22, 2014

Once we Catholics gave in on contraception… Not the Church… But US, THE LAITY. Once we did that then all of the rest was bound to follow. Once we laity accepted the notion of recreational sex, whether inside marriage or whatever (that really does not master one bit) – well, that was the beginning of the end.

2. Lorra - January 22, 2014

I’m filled with immense sadness as well. Our Lord went through so much for us, and this is how we repay Him?

3. Martina - January 22, 2014

Msgr Ricca is still the head of Domus Sanctae Marthae.

4. Hannah - January 22, 2014

God is going to have to intervene to clean up this mess. I don’t see how it’s humanly possible.

The devil’s one goal is to bring down the Catholic Church, ever so subtly, and lead as many souls as he can to hell.

Are we going to let him or are we going to stand up for the truth, the Faith of 2,000 years and the Mass of All Time? Are we going to allow the Modernists and Freemasons to continue to destroy the vineyard of the Lord, the Holy Church? I say no. And enough is enough!

Maybe one day, we’ll have a holy Pope, who will solemnly cast the devil and his minions out of the Vatican, once and for all. In the meantime, we must pray for this.

tantamergo - January 22, 2014

I agree. The crisis in the Church is beyond human capability to fix. It’s going to take great Saints, meaning Grace working through people.

5. MMC - January 22, 2014

Yes, we need to know the names of the sodomite priests so we can pray for their souls and stay away from them at all costs. That these perverts are not driven out is the greatest of scandals. And yes, I too thought Mnsgr. Ricci still ran the hotel Bishop Francis is staying at. God bless~

6. LaGallina - January 23, 2014

Why did Pope Benedict XVI resign because of this scandal? Did he just not feel strong enough to fight any more? What do the “gay lobby” and Vatileaks have to do with Pope BXVI? Does it just make him look bad because he was at the helm?

tantamergo - January 23, 2014

Lots to unpack here. There were many stories over the course of 2012 and 13. Vatileaks was a terrible scandal where confidential papal documents, including drafts written by the Pope and other very private correspondence, were leaked to the press by members of the papal household. This has never happened before. It is widely believed the gay mafia was behind these leaks. They stopped as soon as Pope Benedict abdicated. You do the math.

There was a major, 300 page dossier on the homosexual mafia in the Vatican prepared for Pope Benedict and delivered to him in Dec. 2012. This document purports to show, in detail, who are members, what the do, how they are compromised, evil acts on their part, etc. It is thought the twin blows of Vatileaks and gay mafia dossier may have caused Pope Benedict to abdicate. No one really knows, but there is more and more evidence to support this conclusion.

It should be noted that the leaks reached a crescendo in Nov-Dec 2012, right before the report on the homosexual priest cabal reached the pope. Coincidence?

7. LaGallina - January 23, 2014


But why would Pope Benedict abdicate due to these horrors? I don’t think Pope BXVI had anything to hide? Was it just too taxing on him because of his age and health to have to deal with such terrible scandal?

“The Holy Father will have much to suffer”?

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