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Abortion mistress lies again January 24, 2014

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I could not believe what I heard in the video below. The abortion industry, demonic to its core, survives strictly on lies.

Well, the NARAL witch below lays a whopper on the audience, stating that the number of abortions pre- and post- Roe v. Wade were essentially equal, and that the big difference Roe provided was that women were no longer dying in the streets in their hundreds of thousands with coat hangers hanging out of their privates.

As I should not even have to say, this is a complete, utter, total, diabolical lie.  The abortion industry’s own data shows that the number of abortions prior to Roe v. Wade was orders of magnitude less than it was after abortion was made legal. And the best studies show that the numbers of women who suffered serious complications from so-called “back alley” abortions (usually performed in a local doctor’s office with a wink and a nod) in the late 60s was in the hundreds, not hundreds of thousands or millions.  In point of fact, more women today are probably sterilized, bleed to death, suffer perforations of the uterus, or other problems in greater numbers when abortion is “safe, legal, and rare” than they did prior to its legalization.

Abortion rates skyrocketed incredibly after legalization, as, duh, both abortion advocates and common sense says they would.  In 1972, there weren’t 50,000 abortions performed in this country, but in 1975 there were 1.3 million.

I hate abortion.

I’m glad Lila Rose does a good job rebutting these lies below.

This is one of many issues that come down to Grace. Those so cut off from God and inured in sin that they can’t even respond to the natural law will simply not be converted on reason.  They are beyond human reach.  All we can do is pray for them, but boy is it frustrating to see them spin their web of lies.


1. skeinster - January 25, 2014

Or as Bernard Nathanson admitted: “Those abortion statistics? We made them up.”

2. John - January 25, 2014

I saw the whole Crossfire episode. It was very telling. One thing in particular that stood out to me was how that witch wouldn’t answer one of the seemingly basic questions from miss Rose. The NARAL witch ans the butch hostess (or host?) Ducked and weaved and given how low-information democratic voters are, could easily think that the “progressives” won the debate… with their misinformation, half-truths, and downright lies. Abortion is not a “left wing or right wing” issue. Abortion is a NATURAL LAW issue. But the pro-abortion diabolical continue to win with the language.
Now if.your.Pro-life,.the.proabortion crowd.calls you “anti-choice”. Amusingly, proabortion eugenics lovers now consider themselves “pro-life” but also support “women’s health”.. hugh??

Lastly, the proabortion women are getting older and older, and their evil is starting to show to the outside world. While the true pro-life ladies are younger and happier. And in Lila Rose’s case, a total babe… sorry, I couldn’t help myself.

As a.side note… Miss Rose is.a.recent convert to Catholicism. Another person who “accidentally”” found out that one can only read about so much Christianity before they find out Catholicism was the only Christianity for.1500 years after our Lord’s resurrection. I for one am happy she is on our team! 🙂

Pax vobis!

Baseballmom - January 25, 2014

Well that is good news indeed! Sadly, the sin shows on the faces of women who support child killing… No makeup can hide the diabolical…

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