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“Catholics, you have been robbed of the Mass!” January 27, 2014

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So sayeth someone from Una Voce Miami, who posted the video below to Youtube. It contains scenes from the extremely moving (in a painful way) movie Catholics, a 1973 British made for TV movie based on the 1972 Brian Moore novel of the same name.  I’m not sure the movie contains all the details of setting that make up the fictional world of the book – the book is set around 1998, after the “Fourth Vatican Council,” when the Catholic Church has entered into formal ecumenical “union” with liberal protestant sects that have resulted in the destruction of most Dogmas.  Even the Mass is now officially taught (in this universe) as a mere symbol, a la low Anglican belief.  Of course, the TLM is in this universe totally abrogated and even versus poplum is a formal dictum from Rome (which it is not, and never has been, in our reality).

There is some text at the beginning of the video that is illegible, but I believe it describes how Irish Catholics kept their Faith by offering the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass outside in hidden glens and rocky crags during the horrific persecutions under the mad, evil, radically liberal protestant Oliver Cromwell.  The Irish were made to suffer more than most of us can imagine, but they had their Mass, so they withstood the abuse.  But what happens when the Mass goes away?

I like how the dialogue points out that the Novus Ordo tends to repel men (especially in less feminized cultures than the US and parts of Europe).  And there are some wonderful defenses of Catholic belief given.  Some of the other parts interspersed around the movie cuts are……..meh.  They tried, I guess.

Am I the only one who was repulsed when the modernist Martin Sheen character was doing yoga instead of praying the Office?

And how about hanging the worldliness and impiety of the Church described in this universe as being reflective of early Christian “revolutionaries?”  But that’s just it – they weren’t, save for adhering to the Dogmas of the Faith.  Early Christians didn’t set out to overthrow economic injustice or upend the Roman Empire, they strove to adhere to the beliefs and practices of the Faith (especially individual – not corporate, i.e., government imposed – virtue) and to be personally holy. From THAT flowed revolution, not from impious, indifferent, materialist behavior and left wing revolutionary agitprop.  Grace cooperated with will naturally change a society dramatically for the better.  Playing at communist revolutionary hero will not.

The movie – and book – have a hook.  The abbot decides to go along with being “obedient,” banning the offering of the Traditional Mass, but it turns out that is because he’s been play acting all along.  He lost his faith long before…..Had the other monks known that (the abbot, of course, kept that secret) I wonder if they would have gone along with his imposition of authority.

The scenario painted above is one that has been troubling me a great deal of late.  What would I do if the TLM were pretend-abrogated again, and everyone went along with it out of “obedience?”  What would I do?  How would I respond?  It’s very easy for us who have the TLM available to say “oh, I would just obey without question,” but under the press of events, the matter might not be quite so clear.  The extreme pain such an occurrence would cause many faithful souls is well shown in the movie.  And this is a situation actually far worse than what we are presently experiencing, in a hypothetical world where many of the abuses and (still) heresies of today are either regularized or Dogma has been “changed” to reflect the heresy!  Imagine dealing with that!

There are some little details in the book and movie that seem to point towards Archbishop Lefebvre and his activities at that time, especially the reference to a televised Mass, people flying in from around the world to assist, etc.  All occurred with +Lefebvre back in the 70s.

Here are some more details from Una Voce Miami on the movie:

This is a clip from the 1973 made-for-TV film “Catholics” (later renamed “The Conflict”), shown full-length on US public broadcasting stations. It is a visually and intellectually impressive film. The story line is faithful to Brian Moore’s 1972 book by the same name. The film depicts the real-life confrontation between Traditionalists and Modernists in the Roman Catholic Church after the highly controversial and divisive Second Vatican Council.

The Modernist occupiers of the Church’s official structures arbitrarily order Catholics to join with heretical sects in a so-called “ecumenical” movement that contradicts the authentic teachings and traditions of Catholicism. A group of Irish monks decides to continue with Catholic Tradition and remain faithful to the Tridentine  [no, it’s the Traditional Mass, or Mass of all ages, as it dates from the 1st-5th centuries depending on which part you are talking about]  Latin Mass. When the monks’ fidelity to the Mass inspires an international following, the Modernists become alarmed and disconcerted, rightly fearing worldwide Catholic resistance to their sinister plot. 

Martin Sheen is the agent sent by the Modernists to force the monks to accept the new religion and its schismatic new liturgy or face excommunication at the hands of the Modernists. Great dialogue ensues as some of the monks eloquently defend their Faith.

The acting by Trevor Howard is absolutely flawless and authentic. It is masterful, heartfelt, and beautiful. Almost equally so is that of Cyril Cusack, who plays the role of Father Manus, a monk. Martin Sheen’s role is important, but not nearly as much as Howard’s, and not remotely as well-crafted.

The DVD version of the film titled “Catholics” is very grainy, with lines running through it, and soundtrack distortions that make it hard to enjoy.


1. Lorra - January 27, 2014

I’m fuming. This is as good a thread as any to report on the second (and last) pulpit exchange at our parish yesterday, this time with the Lutheran minister. The only good thing about this one is that at least he was a male.

I got as far as him saying “We have so much in common. The few things we don’t agree on are so small…..” At this point, I got up and walked out. I hardly think Transubstantiation is a “small” thing. Purgatory isn’t a “small” thing. Since there is a speaker system in the church that, no matter where you go (even the Ladies’ Room) you can hear the inane nonsense that goes on in there and that passes for Catholicism these days, to get away from it I had to go and stand outside in the cold. Which I gladly did, and I finished my Rosary.

Do you think what separates us from the Lutherans is “small”?

I have got to get out of there, but I don’t know where to go.

Please pray for me and ask Our Lady to lead me to where She wants me. I’m not talking about leaving the Church. One day somebody should write a book about all the snake oil salesmen and other con-artists that make up the independent traditional movement. The book would disabuse anyone of the notion that there is or could be anything other than superficial sanity in any one of these places.


tantamergo - January 27, 2014

I’m sorry. I do pray you find at least a decent parish.

If what separates us is so small, why don’t the Lutherans reject their heretical, schismatic sect and come back to the Church? For the lutefisk? So, Christendom was cloven over apparently nothing? What a joke.

Interesting last paragraph. Thanks for sharing.

You are stuck in one of the truly abominable parishes. There are a fair number around. It sounds like Collegeville. What a nightmare. You do have my prayers.

Baseballmom - January 27, 2014

Lorra, I will pray daily for you. What an awful Cross you must carry.

Lorra - January 27, 2014

Baseballmom, it is horrible, and I would never have chosen a Cross like this for myself in a million years.

Thank you for praying for me. I do need them in order to stay a faithful daughter of Holy Mother Church. I fear things are going to get a lot worse before they get any better.

Baseballmom - January 27, 2014

You are most welcome. Just read about the demonic Grammy awards. Things are going downhill very fast. Either we are in for a massive meltdown or a major revival… Because things cannot remain as they are.

2. Lorra - January 27, 2014

Well! The devil is in the details here. I see your spam folder at up my comment.

Lorra - January 27, 2014

But it took the one above. Fancy that.

3. Neil Frazier - January 27, 2014

I watched the movie on YouTube a month or so ago. It made me very angry, indignant and tearful. As individuals, we are not obligated to follow hierarchy that is visibly in error, such as contravening doctrine. The problem is that when the priests follow the Modernist camp, the laity have nowhere to go for untainted sacraments.

I’ll do without Latin if the Church will just proclaim the age-old truths, whole and entire. Also, I’d like to have the “offensive” readings of the Bible added to the 3-year cycle and not just on Monday.

Oh, and please dispense with the 60s hippie music and felt banners, and remember your sunday-go-to-meeting clothes.

tantamergo - January 27, 2014

1 Cor 11:27-29 appears nowhere in the 3 year cycle.

Lorra - January 27, 2014

” The problem is that when the priests follow the Modernist camp, the laity have nowhere to go for untainted sacraments.”

And without a miracle of grace, they become tainted over time as well. It is unavoidable and happens without even realizing that your faith is being changed and/or eroded.

4. Lorra - January 27, 2014

Is this movie available on a DVD?

tantamergo - January 27, 2014
5. Lorra - January 27, 2014

I wonder if my local store can order it for me? Amazon not only raised p/h one dollar a while back on CDs/DVDs, but now charges sales tax. In short, more than I can afford.

Thank you, Tantam. I see the book is available for purchase too.

6. RC - January 27, 2014

The thing that keeps me going is my parish at UNT and the fact that every single seminarian I have met is very orthodox, and they all “secretly” love the TLM. This gives me great hope for the future, and since I’m in my early 20’s, hopefully I’ll get the see it.

Concerning us Catholics having been robbed of the Mass, I will not disagree. Tantam, there is a blog post going around which I saw on Reddit Catholicism about the upcoming (next year?) Pan-Orthodox Council with the EOC’s, and the blog post talked about some stuff that the EO’s would “hypothetically” ask from us for reunification to grow closer. I 1000% agree with the liturgy. Since Francis is pretty close and chummy with the Orthodox, maybe he’ll bend over backwards to make it happen? A guy can hope right?

P.S. as to the NO pushing away men, I’m not sure if it’s the NO, or feminine priests, I’m pretty traditional but I do like a ad orientum/Latin NO (which we have at UNT). For me it’s flimsy and wimpy priests.

7. Mitchell H - January 27, 2014

FWIW, “Catholics” actually ran on CBS in 1975 as part of their revived “Playhouse 90” series. Can you imagine anything that thought-provoking on American network television today?

Lorra - January 27, 2014


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9. LaGallina - January 27, 2014

I thought the yoga scene was hilarious and very apropos. There is a picture in one of my children’s CCD books of a father and daughter sitting with their legs crossed in a Zen meditation position. It is the cover page on the chapter on prayer! I pointed it out to our DRE (a lovely sincere lady who does not understand the faith.) She said, “Well, the diocese approved these books.” And that is always the answer to the nonsense — “It was approved by the diocese.”

Were priests in the early 70s already dabbling in New Age? If not, then that book/ movie were very prophetic.

I bought this movie a while back and was very troubled by the scene when the abbot announces he was going to “obey” Rome and stop celebrating the Traditional Mass. Is it “obedience” to obey Rome, yet to disobey the 2000 year old traditions and teachings of the Church?

10. Hannah - January 28, 2014

I’ve watched the video several times which almost brought me to tears.

The Modernists main goal is to do away with the Holy Sacrifice which is essentially to tear our poor Blessed Lord down from the cross and this all being done by His supposed children of His own Church. So very sad. May God have mercy.

11. Ben Warren - January 28, 2014

Say Lorra, excuse if I’m being naive, but what keeps you from moving to Texas? The economy is great and the priests of the Fraternity are here. They are great!

12. Magdalene Prodigal - January 29, 2014

I lived in a town with two CINO parishes–one priest was gay and the other, if not gay, was an incredible narcissist. Mass was an exercise in endurance. Many folks went Greek Orthodox, some went protestant, some just dropped out with broken hearts. It came to a place where we had to move. The whole diocese was infiltrated and poor in faith. We moved to another diocese and city. Best thing we ever did. It cost us. It was 3 years to sell our home, I could not find work, our sons were not able to come over for 3 years but eventually things have worked out. I am in a good Novus Ordo parish and a nearby parish offers the TLM on Sundays and I can mostly go.

How I enjoy worshipping in peace.

tantamergo - January 29, 2014

Wow, that is some serious offering up. God bless you for your persistence and willingness to suffer for the truly important things.

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