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Head of G-8 cardinals tells CDF head to get with the real world, aka Cardinal Maradiaga is at it again January 27, 2014

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I guess I missed this last week. Perhaps this is old news to you, but it’s new to me, so I’m going to afflict you with it.

Cardinal Red-riguez Maradiaga is the head of Pope Francis’ hand-picked group of 8 advisory or “super-” cardinals. He has made some rather amazing statements in the past.  This past week, in an interview with a German newspaper, Cardinal Maradiaga chided cardinal-designate Muller, prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, for his hidebound and inflexible attitude towards divorce and re-marriage.  Via ProtectthePope:

‘Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga, the head of a “kitchen cabinet” the pope created to draw up reform proposals, said that Archbishop Gerhard Mueller (sic) – who has opposed any loosening of Church rules on divorce – was a classic German theology professor who thought too much in rigid black-and-white terms. [Classic, eh?  Like Martin Luther, Cardinal Alfrink, Karl Rahner, von Baltasar, Schillebeeckx, Heidigger, et. al?]

“The world isn’t like that, my brother,” Rodriguez said in a German newspaper interview, rhetorically addressing Mueller (sic) in a rare public criticism among senior Church figures. ”You should be a bit flexible when you hear other voices, so you don’t just listen and say, ‘here is the wall’,” Rodriguez said in an interview with the daily Koelner Stadt-Anzeiger……. [It is difficult not to see this comment from Cardinal Maradiaga as openly supporting the extremely problematic, if not heretical and schismatic, actions of the German bishops conference, who have opened the Blessed Sacrament to divorced and remarried Catholics (with no annulment), in spite of directives from Rome not to do so.  The German bishops hope to solve their financial problems by wooing more Catholics to sign up for the state tax used to support the Church through this act.  In a sign of their immense compassion, German Catholics who fail to pay the state tax have been declared automatically excommunicated by the same conference].

…….‘In perhaps the most surprising part of the interview, Cardinal Rodriguez voiced a public disagreement with another leading prelate when he made clear his disagreement with Archbishop Gerhard Müller, the prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, regarding proposals to allow divorced and remarried Catholics to receive Communion. Last October, in a strongly worded article published in the official Vatican newspaperL’Osservatore Romano, Archbishop Müller cautioned German bishops against assuming a change in the Church’s policy, emphasizing the constant teaching that a marital bond is permanent an inviolable. [I believe it is. In fact, if this belief isn’t inviolable, which isn’t?]

Cardinal Rodriquez did not disagree with the Church’s teaching. “The Church is bound by God’s commandments,” he told the German newspaper. “What God has joined together, man must not divide. That is clear.” However, he said, “there are many approaches to interpret it.” Some couples may not truly be married in the eyes of God, he said, and the Church might reconsider the requirements of a binding Christian commitment. He suggested that Archbishop Müller should be open to discussion of the problem, because “maybe you’re right, but maybe you’re wrong.” Oddly enough, Cardinal Rodriguez admitted that he had not spoken directly with Archbishop Müller, the Vatican’s chief doctrinal spokesman, about the question.’ [he also apparently did not read Muller’s own declaration on the subject from last October, wherein he plainly alluded to the fact that some marriages may be invalid from the start.  This is the “American” solution to divorce, declaring essentially any marriage that ends in divorce invalid.  A very clever solution, but it has not failed to gravely weaken the Catholic conception of marriage.]

It’s a bit condescending, isn’t it, one cardinal reminding another how the real world ostensibly works?  But if we’re talking isolation from daily events, one would be hard put to find individuals more isolated from the ebb and flow of the lives of the vast majority of the laity than cardinals. This isn’t about pastoral approaches. This is about hard ideology, and the progressives are determined to finish the work they began 50 years ago – in my opinion.

When it comes to defending core Catholic doctrines, even Dogmas, like the indissolubility of marriage, the evil of adultery, the sanctity of human life and the destruction wrought by contraception, can one be too “black and white?”  Do we instead need to revel in the 50 shades of grey?  Who stands and defends the Truth Christ reveals through His Church?

The Catholic Church, and, for it’s first 1500 years, the Christian religion, were always and foremost dogmatic religions. The Catholic Faith proposes a set of beliefs to souls, beliefs revealed by Christ and confirmed by constant miracles from the Wedding at Cana until today.  One can either accept those beliefs fully, intellectually, and practice them to the best of one’s ability, or one can reject them.  One places one within the Body of Christ, the other excludes one from it.  That has always – until the last 50-100 years – been the kind of basic understanding EVERY even semi-educated Catholic shared.  And yet today, it is openly questioned even by princes of the Church.

Isn’t this surreal in light of that movie I shared earlier?  Do you know that later in that movie, the unfaithful liberal “priest” played by Martin Sheen chastises the abbot of the traditional monastery for having auricular confession!  Because a priest playing Christ and absolving people, personally, from their sins, is a grave offense to the great ecumenical Church that the Catholic Faith, in that movie, belongs!  That is to say, there is NO limit to what the worldly and progressive are willing to undo, unteach, and reduce.

Was the selection of Cardinal Maradiaga to head the Group of 8 just a horrible mistake, or is it horrifying significant? I really don’t know…..but here is a quote from Pope Francis from last week:

‘Engaging in dialogue does not mean renouncing our own ideas and traditions, but the claim that they alone are valid or absolute.’

As Laurence England notes at the link above:

Herein lies the Francis enigma, that the Successor of St Peter gives the impression that the Catholic Church does not necessarily contain the fullness of truth and inerrancy in Her teaching. Is this not precisely what the Devil, through his agents, and his whisperings, proposes to mankind in this century, as in previous centuries, that there can exist no absolute truths which can be trusted – not even those insisted upon by the Bride of Christ? Why is Pope Francis reticent to proclaim that the Church has the fullness of truth or that such a thing as ‘Absolute Truth’ exists? 

I don’t know.  Mr. England says more than I would, but taking all the Pope’s myriad words on ecumenism and how to approach the world  in toto, one begins to note a disconcerting trend towards, if not doubt, at least a lack of assurance that the Catholic Church is indeed the one entity uniquely instituted by Christ to be His Body on earth.

BTW, if anyone thinks I am “obsessed” with Pope Francis, you should check out Mr. England’s site!  And I don’t call that obsession, I call that due focus to an incredibly important matter.  I’ve been a piker by comparison.


1. TG - January 27, 2014

I read it. Jimmy Akin tried to explain it in NCR. All these church leaders are causing me to sin. St. Catherine of Sienna in her book states God said we shouldn’t criticize a priest even if they are error. But nevertheless, I’m going to say that I am sick of this cardinal.

tantamergo - January 27, 2014

Well, St. Catherine did criticize a pope, and rather vehemently.

LaGallina - January 28, 2014

Is this “47 Things to Know and Share” a new thing with Jimmy Akin, or have I just never paid attention? Whenever I come across one of his “know and share” posts I think, “uh oh. What did Pope Francis do this time?”

2. TG - January 27, 2014

Also, good post.

3. Lorra - January 27, 2014

Actually he is the one who is out of touch. The only thing he knows is his worn out ideology.

I do weary of these men. I wish they would all just shut up for year so the rest of us can live in peace without their constant rhetoric.

Baseballmom - January 28, 2014


4. Hannah - January 28, 2014

He’s a Modernist. Pope Pius X tried to warn us. Better start listening to him.

5. Ben Warren - January 28, 2014

Honduras is no model of morality, so why should we take H.E. seriously?

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