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I’m going to throw away my new TV January 28, 2014

Posted by Tantumblogo in Basics, disaster, error, foolishness, General Catholic, horror, sadness, secularism, self-serving, sexual depravity, sickness, Society.

As I said in the comments, we have been without an incoming TV signal since the conversion to HD several years ago. We still watched VHS and DVDs, but we did not have anything else.  I was actually pretty OK with that. But my 24 year old 20″ TV has about flaked out, and my wife got offered a very nice 37″ or so flat screen HDTV for next to nothing, so she brought it home.  I hooked up the rabbit ears, and we had TV for the first time since Benedict was born, or so.

I flipped around, and it seems that it’s 90% Spanish, televangelist, or shopping/infomercials.  There were a couple new channels with actual, you know, content. But I really just got it hooked up and then went on to something else. I did see something like a cartoon channel for the kids, but that may be a curse.

The only thing I had really missed on TV was college football.  I did think it might be fun to see the Olympics/Russian security crackdowns.  Seriously, I doubt we watch it much – it’s in our bedroom for now, for one thing – but it might be nice to watch some of the less problematic shows and events from time to time.  That is, if we can mute/shut off the commercials……

But when readers started mentioning this, I began to think maybe Fr. Wolfe is right, and the best thing to do with a TV is to use it as target practice (warning, you may not want to watch the first video, it contains acts of immorality):

Oh, so they got some poor souls to make spectacles of themselves with this sad charade.  That’s about as far from a Sacrament as you can get.  It is amazing what people will do for even 1 1/2 seconds of a national TV camera pointing at their back.  Marriage, more and more, seems to be about the party, and little else.

All the awards shows are nothing but pointless exercises in self-congratulation.  All are heavily compromised by rigged voting and constant kowtowing to the cultural lowest common denominator – even still, the Grammy’s have always been seen as the worst, the most egregious of this kind of self-serving tripe, as the Simpson’s made plain years ago, before that show jumped the shark:

Nevertheless, it’s pretty sad that a mainstream, if yute oriented, program like this can stand so stridently in favor of a highly divisive social issue.  It means the forces of darkness have really carried the day with the next generation.  More and more, I see an increasingly perverse, unChristian or even anti-Christian culture rising, with a small remnant of faithful Catholics and othodox believers from the sects and other churches growing more and more isolated.  I was reading in that poor book The Decline and Fall of the Catholic Church in the USA about how the old ghetto was supposedly so bad. At this point, the ghetto seems like a happy, far off dream – can you imagine if we could actually carve out little Catholic communities for ourselves?!?  Wouldn’t that be so much better than what so many of us face now, living awash in a hostile culture with almost no  support?

Anyway, I’m going home and shooting the TV.


1. Lorra - January 28, 2014

Get rid of it, Tantam. I don’t miss television at all. With the grace of God, I will never own another one again.

Offer up your desire to watch sports as a sacrifice that is very much needed for our churchmen. If you must watch, get a friend of yours to burn you a DVD of the game.

If the truth be known, I am sorry I even have a computer. If it wasn’t for my husband bringing this contraption into the house fourteen years ago, I’d never have one.

2. maggycast - January 28, 2014

E.V.I.L. And didn’t the state of California vote against SSM? My coworker saw this and got sick. It was a great segue into telling her the truth of the evil battle we are in. Thanks for posting this DAC…we need to wake up and realize the demonic is getting brazen. God bless~

3. Lorra - January 28, 2014

About the book you are reading, let me know what you think of it when you have finished. It sounds interesting.

4. JLG - January 28, 2014

The tv is not bad, the content is. Get rid of the antenna and problem is solved. You might even consider a cable alternative which you would be able to avoid all commercials plus you could use it as a computer monitor to stream mass on the Internet.

5. MFG - January 28, 2014

Tantumergo, you encountered what I did a few years earlier. The over-the-air HDTV is exactly how you described. Bad and odd content, and poorly produced shows. Unplugging the attenna was a good choice.

It may sound trite to say, but its not the same type of programming that was even on 10-15 years ago. Perhaps when we turn on the TV, we hope to find the happy place of good programming (with minimal moral objections) that we once remember. Sadly as we grow in holiness (and the world divests of it) we realize those days are over (or never were).

6. Adoration Rocks (@AdorationRocks) - January 28, 2014

I watch very little television, but am on the Internet too much. The following regards the Internet:

“But what is this newfound power, this instant knowledge of good and evil, really about? Why has it appeared so swiftly, and spread everywhere, and why does it engender so much addictive behaviour in its devotees?” -Michael D. O’Brien, Waiting: Stories for Advent, “Communication or Communion”

Baseballmom - January 29, 2014

Uhhhh…. The pope says it is a gift from God…. Yeah…. Whatevs….

7. Ben Warren - January 29, 2014

A good reason to teach one’s children to read Homer in the original. Gives something to do so they aren’t tempted by TV.

8. DiscipleoftheDumbOx - January 29, 2014

Again here as with music, it takes discernment. Though now that reruns of The Twilight Zone and the original Star Trek are off the air indefinitely, I am not sure what my satellite TV subscription is good for any longer. EWTN? I can get that over satellite radio or Roku.

codephined - January 30, 2014

I dunno, my wife and I watch Andy Griffith and Twilight Zone on cable 🙂 I think it’s a local thing though.

Anyway, we’re dropping our cable this month and ordering one of those Roku devices to try out. Maybe it’ll be better. Disney Channel just dawned their first gay couple on one of their landmark shows…. cable is so vvünderful!

9. TG - January 29, 2014

I guess not everybody can get MeTV – old shows from 50’s, 60’s, 70’s. Only ones I don’t care for are some of the 70’s sitcoms like MASH. It’s the only channel I watch on weekends other than EWTN. MeTV has a commerical on words you will never hear on MeTV like baby daddy, man crush, etc. I do use the TV to do my workout on the elliptical but it makes the time go faster.

codephined - January 30, 2014

Hey! Yea I just posted about that above…
We usually keep the tele on MeTV (when we have the tv on). Cool, I thought it was a local thing. Guess not!

10. Mitchell H - January 29, 2014

Having said that, I’m also aware of the challenge that exists, particularly for families trying to responsibly raise their children. Even if they’ve programmed a family-friendly television schedule, the still have to go forth into a world and a culture shaped by people who do watch that programming, and have been influenced by it.

Women have to deal with a culture that objectifies and degrades them. Children have to deal with a culture that’s embraced easy sex and drug use. We all have to deal with a culture that glorifies violence and materialism. These are messages that are constantly being reinforced through current television programs.

My point is that this is something you deal with whether you watch TV (or play video games) or not. The objective is to build an entertainment schedule that reinforces your values, and provides the knowledge and erudition (not to mention the faith) to cope with and withstand the evil that’s out there.

The answer is responsible, carefully considered viewing, and while it might not be easy it’s something that can be pursued to varying degrees by anyone.

tantamergo - January 29, 2014

Yeah, so, we just don’t watch TV that much. The kids watch maybe one video a week, on average. Scanning what is available with the rabbit ears, I’m not getting real enticed. I don’t feel like I’ve missed very much. But I also know I personally use teh intrawebs as a TV replacement. But I can control somewhat better what I see in that regard.

I think we should get a DVR. That way we could dump the ‘mercials.

David - January 30, 2014


Quite a few of the commercials today are much different when you and I were young. There weren’t commercials for things like Yaz, blue pills, and underwear did not involve fashion.

My friends who have boys often turn off the commercials during football games. I’m sure this weekend people will skip the risque advertising.

11. Mitchell H - January 29, 2014

[Original Comment] As someone who blogs regularly on the relationship between television and American culture, allow me a moment to echo what some have said. Television itself is not the problem – a TV is neither good nor evil, but morally neutral. It’s how it’s used that gets us in trouble.

I agree that most of the OTA (over-the-air) programming is dreck – with the exception of sports (e.g. the NHL, Premier League soccer, Formula 1 racing, golf), my “television” viewing is pretty much restricted to networks such as BBC America (Doctor Who, Top Gear), ESPN (when I can stand it), NBCSN (mostly soccer and hockey), PBS (the occasional documentary), TCM (classic movies), C-SPAN (their coverage of JFK’s assassination anniversary was excellent) and the odd program elsewhere. MeTV, Antenna and Cozi are excellent for the classic programming.

And here’s my point – as many have pointed out, you can create your own network from the programming options available – DVDs, Roku, Amazon, Hulu, etc. And television doesn’t have to be at odds with family life – watching TV can bring a family together if it’s used correctly, and it doesn’t have to be saccharine programming either. As a teen I learned far more from watching Alistair Cooke’s America than I did from HS history classes. A friend of mine and his teen-age sons love watching Gilligan’s Island, Three Stooges, Andy Griffith and Leave it to Beaver together. There are literally hundreds of series from the 50s, 60s and 70s that promote family values, provide relatively wholesome entertainment, and can be enjoyed by the whole family. The entire oeuvre of the Metropolitan Opera is available online.

Granted, because of my writing I probably watch more TV than many, but I also get great pleasure out of it. And it hasn’t stopped me from reading (10-12 books a year), writing (blogs, freelance, and two as-yet unpublished novels), and cultivating interests from history to biography to opera and more. It’s not the technology – it’s how you use it. And when used properly, television can be enriching.

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