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Our Lady of La Salette on the importance of daily prayer January 29, 2014

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Really, I should say, it is the Fr. O’ Laverty’s interpretation of Our Lady’s words at La Salette, where she directed the shepherd children to say their prayers every morning and night.  As Fr. O’ Laverty notes, this is the very, very least we should do:

It will only be at the Judgment Day that people will know the value of the few minutes given to morning and evening prayers. When people cannot assist at Mass and receive Holy Communion each morning, [this book was published in 1925, after Pius X’s reforms, so daily Communion was possible]  then the only supernatural food for their souls is prayer.   Morning and evening prayer is just as necessary for the Our_Lady_of_La_Salette_statuepreservation of the supernatural life as food and air are to preserve our natural life. The life of sanctifying Grace, which is the supernatural life of  the soul, requires care and attention, just like the body. The body requires food, air and clothing, and the mind requires the mental food of knowledge. The soul requires the supernatural food of Holy Communion, plus prayer and self-denial, while the mind requires the supernatural food of Christian Doctrine.  Without morning and evening prayer it is practically impossible to preserve the life of sanctifying Grace, and as the body requires frequent feeding, so must the soul have God’s Grace, which is secured by prayer.  Absence of morning and evening prayer means that the soul has not strength to overcome temptations, nor will it have any zeal for spiritual things. It will have no zeal to grow in holiness, and it will not be able to appreciate heavenly truths.

———–End Quote————

Basic stuff, but critical.  The kinds of prayers Fr. O’ Laverty had in mind were quite minimal, something everyone should have time to do.  A few Our Fathers and Hail Mary’s, that sort of thing.  That is the absolute floor, the minimum.  We should strive to do much more if our station in life permits.

Some of us, like me, are very weak, and need more frequent recourse to prayer throughout the day in order to keep virtue up and avoid sin.  Others may have a stronger practice of virtue and can get by with less. But personally, I strongly recommend at least a daily Rosary in addition to morning/evening prayers, and the Angelus if at all possible.  You can add other prayers, Novenas, ejaculatory (St. Alphonsus loved those), chaplets, whatever moves you best.  Penance works the same way.  We should mortify ourselves at least 3 to 5 times a day.

Fr. O’ Laverty is right, though – prayer, the Mass, penance, and the Eucharist – this is food for the soul.  Without it, the interior life, even our faith, whither and die.  And since the body and soul are so inextricably linked, this can even affect people’s behavior and health.  Lack of prayer among millions of faithful has certainly wounded the Church, severely.  And all those souls who don’t pray, don’t assist at Mass – well, it’s one reason why we see so few true men and women around nowadays.


Our Lady of the Expectation


1. Baseballmom - January 30, 2014

This seems to be what faithful, orthodox Catholics are being called to today. Prayer, penance, fasting…. More than we ever have been before. These are very dark and evil times, our prayers are more needed than ever!

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