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Support a local homeschooling family being persecuted January 29, 2014

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A Duncanville family, the Tutts, has had all their children taken from them – natural born and adopted – not because there was any neglect or abuse, not because they were in any danger, but because in the opinion of ONE court appointed official they were behind academically because they were homeschooled.  However, the official in question appears to have an animus against homeschooling, plainly has little or NO knowledge of how the state of Texas views and handles homeschooling (in short, very laissez faire, as it should be), and made up outrageous claims seeking to establish that the children were wallowing in ignorance.

This family has been extremely generous in serving as foster parents and has adopted some of its foster children, even taking on an autistic child.  Unfortunately, that autistic child wandered off one day, and while the father was out looking for him (in a matter of minutes), he was found first by a cop.  Ever since then, life for the Tutt’s has been h-e-double hockey sticks and it has not gotten much better, even though their biological children were returned to their custody.  At present, the family is not allowed to homeschool the children, and, get this, the court has placed them in one of the worst schools in Dallas County, rated academically unacceptable by the state.  But school systems haven’t been about education in decades, if they ever were – they are about funding, and funding is based on the number of student. Don’t think the judges in these cases aren’t intimately aware of that fact.

The Texas Home School Coalition (THSC) has covered this case closely. It appears pressure from outraged parents has caused CPS and the court official to back off their blatant bias against homeschooling, but it still appears that a CPS caseworker’s flippant response, that parents had to be “crazy” to have so many kids, has gotten wedged in the system’s throat and can’t be dislodged. The kids have to remain in public school until the parents complete a psychological evaluation.  THSC is investigating the  caseworker for making what appear to be erroneous and duplicitous statements.

There are posts from THSC here, here, here, and here.  Read them in order.  The last is most important, it contains contact info for state representatives that serve on oversight committees for CPS and other agencies involved. Also, if you live in Dallas County, as I do, remember the name of judge Graciela Olvera and make sure not to vote for her.

Outside true abuse and neglect, parents should have the right to raise their children as they see fit, even if that means those children don’t feed the gaping maw of the public education establishment and hold views that the dominant liberal elite (even here in Texas, even among Repubnikan judges) finds abhorrent.  Texas has for the past 15 years or so, after some early persecutions, given home schooling parents a pretty free hand, but there is no question there are elements in this state that would like to see that end, and now.  We will have to fight more and more for our right to educate our children in a manner that is consonant with our Faith, and to shield our children from the indoctrination in perversion and left-wing ideologies that now make up much of the public school curriculum.

Please consider making clear to state officials that we will not be denied our right to educate our children at home (where they most often receive a superlative education, far above what even the most elite private schools provide, let alone public schools – why do you think the public school establishment so fears and loathes us?).  Again, you can find all the contact info here.


1. Manny - January 30, 2014

I don’t even want to think about what I would do if my kids were taken from me. The fact that your children can be taken from you on the whim of a judge and case worker demonstrates that we are merely serfs, slaves of the State.

DiscipleoftheDumbOx - January 30, 2014

Right now in Amerika, we are ruled by robber baron, unaccountable agencies. Yet another reason to secede from this Union. If nothing else, secession will encourage and foster a more independent and self-reliant attitude amongst the populace. Please, for the love of God, let us commit to the endeavor before it is too late.

2. LaGallina - January 30, 2014

Has the HSLDA gotten involved?

3. DiscipleoftheDumbOx - January 30, 2014

We need more than the HSLDA. We need Texans to stand up and demand that CPS be dissolved and that the judge be removed from his office.

DiscipleoftheDumbOx - January 30, 2014

I have sent a message to each person on that contact list demanding these very things.

tantamergo - January 30, 2014

God bless you!

4. Julia Soto Cabrera - January 30, 2014

Thank you for the updates. One of my siblings is a Friar here in the U S. I live in Oak Cliff. When he calls me, I am aware that he can not say a lot. Our family supports the order as it was founded. Ave Maria.

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