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Funny, funny video January 30, 2014

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For those who don’t hold down professional type jobs, this will probably be pointless. But for all those who have to take part in multi-site teleconferences, the below is for you.  Hilarious!  Every single bonehead telecon move possible, all in one video!

What Jesus Demands January 30, 2014

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Given all the error abounding in the Church and world today, perhaps it would be beneficial to have a reminder of what Jesus demands of us, as opposed to the new age hippy visions of Jesus as a mild stoner who just doesn’t want his mellow harshed.  Christ was the most demanding of all the great priest-prophets.  No one in the entire Bible spoke nearly so much of hell and damnation.  No one spoke of what it means to be faithful – to accept and practice the Truth He, Himself, revealed – as Our Blessed Lord did.

Therefore, from chapter 54 of Divine Intimacy by Fr. Gabriel of St. Mary Magdalen, What Jesus Teaching Exacts:

In calling us to imitate the holiness of His Heavenly Father, Jesus summons us to an unrelenting war against sin, which is in direct opposition to God’s infinite perfection and is the greatest offense against Him. In all His teachings He tries toAt the foot fo the cross_statue inculcate in us a deep hatred of sin, especially of pride, hypocrisy, and obstinate willful malice, all of which constitutes a sate of complete opposition to God. Jesus, who shows such great mercy towards sinners…….He describes the ugliness of sin and its disastrous effect on man, lowering him to a state of complete moral degradation, such as that of the prodigal son who, because he had left his father’s house, was reduced to “feeding swine” (Lk 15:15).

“Whosoever committeth sin, is the servant of sin” (Jn 8:34): a slave of sin cannot be a servant of God; hence, the words of the Master: “No man can serve two masters. For either he will hate the one, and love the other: or he will sustain the one, and despise the other” (Mt 6:24).

Jesus, our Savior, came to destroy sin by His death; it is precisely by His death that He shows us most clearly the terrible malice of sin. Sin is such a great enemy of God and has such a destructive The path that leads to life is narrow and difficult, but whatever it costs me there will I go.Turgis copypower that it brought about the death of the divine Master.

Only mortal sin is completely opposed to God; this opposition is so great that it separates the soul from God. however, every sin, even venial sin, and every fault and imperfection, is in opposition to God’s infinite holiness.

Our nature, wounded as a consequence of original sin, bears within itself the seed of sin, in the forms of evil tendencies or habits. If we desire to follow Jesus, who offers us the perfection of His heavenly Father as a norm for our life, we must engage in an intense struggle against sin in order to destroy its deepest roots and even its slightest traces in us. This is just what Jesus teaches us with the brief words: “Deny thyself.” We must deny “self” with all its imperfect habits and inclinations; and we must do so continually. Such a task is fatiguing and painful, but it is indispensable if we wish to attain sanctity. Jesus says: “How narrow is the gate, and strait is the way that leadeth to life, and My Good Angel teach me to pray to Jesus my Saviourfew there are that find it!” (Mt 7:14). We approach the infinite perfection of God only in the measure in which  we take upon ourselves the work of complete self-denial. Hence, all the masters of the spiritual life insist so strongly on detachment and self-renunciation as the indispensable foundation of the spiritual life. St. John of the Cross offers a soul who is desirous of attaining union with God the harsh way of the “nothing.”

But, first and foremost, Jesus, the Divine Teacher, has pointed out to us the absolute necessity of passing through this way: “If any man will come after Me, let him deny himself” (Mt 16:24).

[Now from St. Teresa of Jesus and The Way of Perfection]….From any sin, however slight, committed with full knowledge, may God deliver us, especially since we are sinning against so great a Sovereign and realizing that He is watching us! That seems to me a sin committed of malice aforethought: it Although it is costing me I shall succeed Letaille croppedis as though one were to say: ‘Lord, although this displeases You, I shall do it. I know that You see it and I know that You would not have me to do it; but, though I understand this, I would rather follow my own whim and desire than Your Will!”

With your help, O Jesus, I want to fight more strongly against sin and try to overcome all my evil tendencies, inclinations, and habits. This exacts constant self-denial, but with Your help, I am ready to begin. Of course, I shall have to give up my own desires, but I shall do so in order to please God; I shall have to say “No” to my evil nature, and prefer our heavenly Father’s will, His inspirations, and wishes. It will mean dying to myself in order to live by You, O Jesus!  Grant that I too may say with st. Paul, “I count all things but loss….and count them as dung, that I may gain Christ and may live in Him!” (Phil 3: 7-9).


Is this blasphemy? Look how they desecrate churches in Germany…. January 30, 2014

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Is desecrate too strong a word? Or blasphemy?  Is it blasphemy to have install a sacrilegious painting of the iconic painting of the Lord’s Supper with the table and participants on fire?  Or is that just some modernist stylizing the flame of the Holy Spirit?

The figures are not Christ and His Apostles, they are local characters.  I may not be up on avant garde post-modern art, but I find this hideous.

Does this even remotely fit in this gorgeous Baroque Cathedral in Innsbruck?


Look, it’s a tourist attraction!  It’s fun to mock God!



I’m not sure which is worse, that open mocking, or this more subtle attempt to denude our Faith of its most important symbols (from a church in Baden-Wurttemburg, a lovely 18th century structure now turned into a modernist catastrophe):





We could play a game called find the tabernacle!  Good luck!

Even the most militant Calvinists from the 17th century would be mortified by this.  Let me guess, there is all kinds of subtle meaning in the triangles. Maybe they represent the Trinity! Maybe if you have a PhD in post-modern art you’ll “get it.”

The two old ladies who still attend this Church are not so sure.  But the pastor won many secular awards for his transgressive initiative.

This was not done by enemies of the Faith.  This was done by those given a sacred trust and enormous Grace, to impart the true Faith to the souls in their charge.

We’re in the best of hands!

Know your predominate fault, and work to uproot it January 30, 2014

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Two really good sermons below from a priest I know and love, very much.  The first sermon instructs on how to identify one’s predominant fault.  The second speaks on how to overcome it. My predominate fault is intemperance, and I have a somewhat sanguine, somewhat phlegmatic personality (not, that does not mean I blow my nose alot). It is very common for folks like me to have problems with temperance. This blog itself could be an exercise in intemperance!

Irrespective, here are the videos.  They are really informative on a subject I bet 1 reader in 100 have ever heard preached, and I think they are really well worth your time:

Part 2:

Listen to them, pray about them, and consider where your dominant fault lies. Then get to work!

Dominus vobiscum!

Hollywood in uproar! Christian song nominated for Oscar! Or not….. January 30, 2014

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How could some bible-humping Christofascists break through the Iron Curtain of leftism around the Pagan People’s Republic of Hollywood?!?  This is not possible!  The leftists are extremely upset.  A song from an upcoming movie with Christian themes (well…….see the trailer and judge for yourself, I really have no idea how Christian it is) has been nominated for best original song. Leftists are gravely offended.  So much for “tolerance,” or diversity of ideas.  You will submit to your new secular pagan overlords or you will be crushed.  Think I’m kidding?  Check out this rhetoric in response to the nomination:

The nomination has received negative reactions not for its quality, but for the film’s endorsements by James Dobson, Rick Santorum, and Josh Dugger, executive director of Family Resource Council Action, among others. Film.com framed the movie as endorsed by “anti-gay hate group activists,” while the Boston Globe headline reads, “The Oscar nomination that stinks to heaven.” Hitflix writes: “There were audible gasps and chuckles when Cheryl Boone Isaacs began reading the list of nominees in the category, and first off the bat was “Alone Yet Not Alone” from, er, Alone Yet Not Alone…It doesn’t seem a stretch to call this Christian drama the most obscure feature film nominated for an Oscar this year.”

This tribalism would be funny if it weren’t so serious.  The same people who 10 years ago probably couldn’t give a remote flip about pretend same-sex marriage now define their tribal cultural superiority based on it.  Only the unwashed bitter clingers believe in something so uncouth as biblical truth or moral law.  It’s amazing how much marxism has been unconsciously (or consciously) absorbed by those who would like to be our elites.

As I said, I don’t know anything about the movie itself, but here is the trailer and then a video of the song in question:

When you see the hook on the song and the performer, I think we can see why the Oscar committee selected it, and why the hateful reactions are so very revealing of diabolically darkened hearts.  The performer is a quadriplegic:

Really, really not my kind of song, and surely not my kind of churchy music.  But hats off to the performer, what a clear, strong voice she has.  God can do all things.

Unfortunately, in this world, we rarely have happy endings. In an absolutely ludicrous, hypocritical decision, the Oscar committee has now REMOVED “Alone but Not Alone” from the list of contenders because the songwriter allegedly engaged in impermissible attempts to influence the selection process.  This is an utter joke, these voters are wined and dined, flooded with mailings and slick glossy presentations, given free DVDs and other merchandise, all in an attempt to sway them to vote for a particular movie as a matter of course. That is why I said in response to the Grammy’s travesty that these award shows are immoral exercises in behind-the-scenes politicking and influence peddling.

All the songwriter did was e-mail some of the voters to make them aware of the song, since this movie has not been released, yet.  Most would not be aware of it.  This is nothing compared to the regular attempts to influence that are part of every Oscar process, as an Oscar nomination means millions of dollars.

What really happened, is that the Academy of “Motion Picture Art and Sciences” (please – arrogant much?) crumbled to leftist pressure.  Hollywood, fo guck yourself:

 The board of governors of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has rescinded the Oscar nomination for “Alone Yet Not Alone.” The board concluded that writer Bruce Broughton “had emailed [some of the other 239] members of the branch to make them aware of his submission during the nominations voting period,” according to a press release.

…..Since nominations were announced, the song—performed by quadriplegic Christian author and speaker Joni Eareckson Tada—drew criticism and confusion from Hollywood for beating out musicians featured in more popular films. The latest news stokes the debate even further, given that Oscar lobbying and campaigning are arguably common practices.

Oh, ALL opinions are welcomed in Hollywood, land of infinite diversity!  Except, of course, for Christianity, which just won’t go away and die like they so want it to!  Remember in my post the other day on St. John Chrysostom’s sermon, where he said that those who attack the Church really want to attack God?  Well, yeah……….there you go.