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Is this blasphemy? Look how they desecrate churches in Germany…. January 30, 2014

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Is desecrate too strong a word? Or blasphemy?  Is it blasphemy to have install a sacrilegious painting of the iconic painting of the Lord’s Supper with the table and participants on fire?  Or is that just some modernist stylizing the flame of the Holy Spirit?

The figures are not Christ and His Apostles, they are local characters.  I may not be up on avant garde post-modern art, but I find this hideous.

Does this even remotely fit in this gorgeous Baroque Cathedral in Innsbruck?


Look, it’s a tourist attraction!  It’s fun to mock God!



I’m not sure which is worse, that open mocking, or this more subtle attempt to denude our Faith of its most important symbols (from a church in Baden-Wurttemburg, a lovely 18th century structure now turned into a modernist catastrophe):





We could play a game called find the tabernacle!  Good luck!

Even the most militant Calvinists from the 17th century would be mortified by this.  Let me guess, there is all kinds of subtle meaning in the triangles. Maybe they represent the Trinity! Maybe if you have a PhD in post-modern art you’ll “get it.”

The two old ladies who still attend this Church are not so sure.  But the pastor won many secular awards for his transgressive initiative.

This was not done by enemies of the Faith.  This was done by those given a sacred trust and enormous Grace, to impart the true Faith to the souls in their charge.

We’re in the best of hands!


1. TG - January 30, 2014

All those triangles are Mason signs. Have you seen the church they built to honor Padre Pio? Looks like a Masonic lodge. EWTN broadcasted a Mass honoring him on his feast day last year. I couldn’t watch it. It was an ugly church just like the one above with the weird crosses. The priest also was creepy. He had weird eyes and looked Masonic (there I go criticizing again.)

2. Lynne - January 30, 2014

But they’re in “full Communion” with Rome!

codephined - January 30, 2014

No kidding. Move along kids, no crisis here.

3. Lorra - January 30, 2014

The second church monstrosity makes my parish church look like a Gothic beauty.

By the way, what is that thing in front of the altar in the first picture? A picture of fire?

4. Hannah - January 31, 2014

This is truly horrifying.

May God have mercy on whoever desecrated these churches in such a way.

5. davidbrainerd2 - January 31, 2014

“Even the most militant Calvinists from the 17th century would be mortified by this.”

Calvinists maybe, but not Lutherans. This is Germany, the country of the drunken atheist Martin Luther — what do you expect? Since when have Lutherans ever shared the austerity of Calvinists?

6. Teresa Enerson - January 31, 2014

Is the Vatican doing something about it?.

Baseballmom - January 31, 2014

Sure… They’ll appoint a committee to dialogue with the worship space czars… Try to come to a common understanding of “sacred”…. Oh yeah, they’ll be doing something about it…

7. Martina - January 31, 2014

The first example is from Austria. Innsbruck is in Austria.
I own an old book written by a backt then famous German priest who instructed seminarians.
In his book he complained the desire of so many priests to “modernize” their churches thereby making them so ugly that the faithful couldn´t bear to kneel before the disfigured crucifixes and were really “forced” to leave the church.
It seems that this kind of “modernisation” is still a suitable way to empty churches.

Martina - January 31, 2014

This book was published in 1941(!). The author also complained that many of his confrères cancel the old devotions like the rosary or the litanies or the sacred heart devotion which where held up to that time in high esteem by the laity.

8. Blaine - January 31, 2014

Those last two remind me so much of the Church of the Shrike cathedral in Dan Simmons’ Hyperion series of books. They’re exactly how I imagined them when reading the books as a kid. Scary.

9. Evansville Catholics - February 2, 2014

And everyone wonders why there is hardly any belief in the Real Presence. Good grief.

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