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Know your predominate fault, and work to uproot it January 30, 2014

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Two really good sermons below from a priest I know and love, very much.  The first sermon instructs on how to identify one’s predominant fault.  The second speaks on how to overcome it. My predominate fault is intemperance, and I have a somewhat sanguine, somewhat phlegmatic personality (not, that does not mean I blow my nose alot). It is very common for folks like me to have problems with temperance. This blog itself could be an exercise in intemperance!

Irrespective, here are the videos.  They are really informative on a subject I bet 1 reader in 100 have ever heard preached, and I think they are really well worth your time:

Part 2:

Listen to them, pray about them, and consider where your dominant fault lies. Then get to work!

Dominus vobiscum!


1. TG - January 30, 2014

I will watch the videos this weekend. My main fault is impatience which causes me to lose it easily or get very frustrated and second fault being too critical I expect everybody to be like me. Since coming back to the sacraments, I have them sort of in control but they are there and I especially have to fight them at work. If I’m by myself, I have a good day – no wonder some of the saints were hermits.

2. Ellen Ungashick - January 30, 2014

Thanks thanks! Just great information and direction.

3. Michael aiello - January 31, 2014

I tried listening to the first sermon but after 2 minutes, it indicated an error and stops running.

4. maggycast - January 31, 2014

Ditto on it stopping after a couple of minutes. Hope they fix it:+)

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