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Good Voris video on the contraception-caused demographic implosion January 31, 2014

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The collapsing demographics of developed nations is a subject I have covered extensively on this blog.  So extensively, I should have made it a category, but never did (I’m sure you can find many posts by searching “demographic,” however).

Michael Voris has helpfully complied a great deal of the demographic data and put it in one, easy to watch video below.  What he shows is that much of the world faces economic and moral collapse due to plummeting birth rates and the economic disasters those birth rates will bring.  Many countries are now past the point of no return, they will experience economic collapse due to their failure to reproduce.  Very low birth rates are the single largest driving factor in the worldwide economic malaise we have experienced over the past 10+ years.  Country after country has seen essentially zero economic growth in that time, while real wages have decreased.

The social wealth transfer schemes upon which so many economies are based (and which the USCCB and other national conferences seem addicted to supporting) will collapse of their own weight due to lack of young people to pay for the increasing numbers of elderly.  As this process accelerates, we will surely see heavy pressure to start “euthanizing” the elderly – just murdering them because they are too expensive.

It is highly ironic that the USCCB could hardly be bothered to defend Church Dogma on contraception these past several decades. Much of that time they preferred to play at politics and use what influence they had to prop up the social welfare state – the same state that plays a very large role in causing people to reproduce in small numbers (there being a worldwide correlation between generous welfare benefits and low birth rate). That system now must collapse because of insufficient numbers of young people.  So, the USCCB had a hand in destroying the very system it has spent decades lionizing and extolling, even though such was a questionable (at best) role for them in the first place.

Anyway, the video:

God allows our sins to be the source of our ultimate chastisement.  Contraception will, unless we see a sudden and radical change, be the ultimate destroyer of modern Western civilization.



1. Michael aiello - January 31, 2014

As our days pass, I am struck as to how the Church has contributed to the destructionof our social fabrick by its silence on homosexuality and birth control. We see the family destroyed, a tsunami of satanic propaganda on the internet, the media, newspapers and television 24/7 and nothing, NADA stated in the Sunday homily by Christ’s shepherds.

Every Sunday, when I go to mass, there is a silence of the clergy on pertinent sexual issues, while, at the same time, they are advocating parish groups with pizza, cofffee and dounut hours, after mass and at other times. It is like the party on the Titanic.

Yet, as I look at who is attending mass, I see a majority of older people. The young stay away. It bodes poorly for the Church, here in America. Society will continue to deep 6 and the church will become more irrelevent. All I can do is pray for our shepherds for they will face a very angry God when they die. And I only hope God’s grace will somehow penetrate some of our young people so they can carry the torch, hopefully better than my generation had done.

Martina - February 2, 2014

Since my conversion 7 years ago I only attended SSPX chapels and when I realised they have no jurisdiction I changed to the FSSP.
I never ever heard a homily about unchastity, homosexuality, abortion or birth control through pill and NFP.

It is really surreal when even the priest of the so called “tradition” are silent in front of the evermore rampant modern evils that are forced by the UN via the national governments upon the peoples..

skeinster - February 2, 2014

Experiences will differ: we hear these on a regular basis, at least one of the above is covered every other month or so.
And there are often references to these problems, if applicable, in other sermons as well.
But we have excellent priests.
And while they are diligent about preaching on the above, they are also equally devoted to giving us the means to strengthen our spiritual lives through prayer, the sacraments and amendment of lives.
It’s very balanced.

tantamergo - February 3, 2014

I have to concur. Martina, your experience viz a viz the FSSP is the diametric opposite of mine, and that of numerous other people I know in the US who assist at their chapels and personal parishes. All those audio/video files from Audio Sancto/Video Sancto are from FSSP priests, or essentially all of them are. Those sermons get rave reviews because they are so hard hitting on these subjects.

I have also met some French FSSP priests and they seemed very solid. So I’d say your experience is more the exception than the norm.

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