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Commenting problems – again February 4, 2014

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Hi all, sorry again, I just finished fishing a dozen or more comments out of the WordPress overactive draconian spam filter.  They were all from long time and frequent commenters. My apologies. I can imagine how frustrating it is when your comments don’t appear.  This spam issue is so frustrating, when I check it all the time, it behaves itself and doesn’t flag valid comments. But if I then think all is well, it suddenly starts putting perfectly legitimate comments in the spam folder.  Most of these did not even have a link!

I really need to move the blog to a better service provider.  I’m actually thinking of going independent and putting up my own url.  We’ll see.  That would take a lot of work.  But recent traffic levels might make that the best move.

Until then, be patient, and I don’t mind if  you leave a comment asking where you comment is – assuming the dang filter lets even that one through.

Pope Francis is on another magazine cover February 4, 2014

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I have a tiny bit of Jewish blood in me, it is thought, from some distant forebear on my mom’s side, so I can say to this, Oy Vey!



That is no joke.  Check it out here.  Radical Italian masons (very different from what we typically see in the US, where 99% of masons hold no animus towards the Catholic Church, even if their organization does spread disastrous indifferentism) are hoping Pope Francis will mean an end to any lingering animus between the Church and the lodge.  To which I say, what animus?  Good grief, the architect of the new Mass was a mason, and Brazilian bishops make an annual habit of processing with lodge members in ecu-maniacal events.

It’s not like Pope Francis volunteered for the cover photo.  But still…….it seems like every pandering agitprop radical wannabe or otherwise organization out there is trying to glom onto him to advance their agenda.

Uff da.

A note to the masons, also courtesy the same blog where I found the above:


This is how to build up a strong church community February 4, 2014

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Fr. Peter Carota is one of my favorite bloggers.  He conveys his deep concern as pastor of souls in everything he does.  One recent idea he had, which was really good, was to replace Super Bowl Sunday with Super God Sunday, a day built around Mass, games, food, and fun at his parish.  I think that’s a grand idea.  While football is a take it or leave it kind of thing, unfortunately, when it comes to the Super Bowl, it’s really about the spectacle and the commercials, which is where a lot of immoralities come in.  You might be able to fairly safely watch Middle Tennessee State play Marshall on a random Thursday night in the fall, but the Super Bowl is something entirely different.

The best part of this Super God Sunday was the candlelight procession (since it was Candlemas) – on a public street!  I dearly love church processions, but they invariably seem to be on parking lots.  Much better to give some witness to this increasingly pagan world!  I love to see the folks praying the Rosary and processing down a major artery in their town.  Great stuff.





Who knows?  Some soul might be brought back to the practice of the Faith by seeing a beautiful candlelight procession of faithful Catholics.  Even one such conversion would make it completely, totally worth it.

Shifting gears, and because I love nuns so much, Fr. Carota tells a great story about how the prayer of nuns can result in all kinds of unexpected benefits:

When I was in high school my volleyball team was very good. One time we were at the state tournament and our first game was against a Catholic school. They were not very good, and we were easily winning. Then a large group of nuns in habits (and this was in the late 1980s!) came in, sat in the bleachers, took out their rosary beads, and started praying. The game took a very sudden and drastic turn. We suddenly couldn’t do anything right, and that Catholic school volleyball team whipped us soundly!

Later my mother, who was Protestant and pretty anti-Catholic said, “You girls were doing great until those nuns came out and started praying!” The sisters left a life-long impression on me!”

Holy nuns – is there anything they can’t do?

The answer is no!


Fr. Manelli, founder of Franciscans of the Immaculate, cleared of any financial wrongdoing February 4, 2014

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About the only public claim made against the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate (FFI) to justify the very heavy handed, seemingly unjust treatment they are receiving, was that there had been some mismanagement of funds and/or real estate, or that holdings had been transferred in an unseemly manner.  Now, even these accusations were directed at actions taken months AFTER the apostolic intervention began, so they could not have been the reason for it, but that was one of a very few things trotted out to try to explain this tearing apart of a solid, vibrant, growing religious order (those others being supposed “crypto-Lefebvrianism and “a definite, always traditional drift” – whatever those mean).

But now a correction has been published by the Apostolic Commissioner assigned by the Congregation for Religious to “reform” this order, Fr. Francisco Volpi, which states that Fr. Stefano Manelli, founder of the FFIs, had “absolutely nothing” to do with any possession or orders of transfer for real estate in the possession of the order:

The Apostolic Commissioner Father Fidenzio Volpi OFM Cap has published a correction. In it, he explains that the family of the religious founder of the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate, Father Stefano Maria Manelli,  has “absolutely nothing” to do with any possession or orders of transfer for  the  real estate of the Order.   This had been maintained in recent months, according to which the the Order was placed under the provisional commissioner Volpi, by the official Internet site of the Order:  http://www.immacolata.com. Father Alfonso Maria Bruno, who was appointed by Commissioner Volpi to head the FFIs after  the expulsion of the established leadership of the Order, was made the most powerful man in the Order. The lawyer for the family Manelli had threatened criminal penalties, and required clarification from Commissioner Volpi [on this matter of the alleged real estate dealings – sorry, some rough translation from the original German here] . This is now acknowledged that it was a libel, which was published by “someone” on the Internet platform.

To date, no reasons for the provisional administration of the Order have been announced, because the openly published reasons: maintenance of the traditional rite, numerous vocations, critical examination of the Second Vatican Council, the development in the Church since then, the unabridged explanation of the faith, and strict observance of the rules of the order, are clearly not offenses.   [Obviously, there has to be something more to it than just this list.  If so, the persecution is totally unjust.  But as I related at the bottom of this post here, there have been some private, behind-the-scenes allegations that there were more substantial problems. But even these, if fully true, do not in my mind anyway justify the excesses being engaged in against the FFIs at present]

Instead, the claim was brought into the world from the environs of Father Alfonso Bruno, [The author is sort of hedging – the allegations of financial improprieties emerged on the FFI’s own website, after Manelli and the rest of the prior leadership had been removed.  It was always ex post facto, an allegation that only emerged after the major steps to break the order had been taken, so it could have had nothing to do with the removal of the leadership]  that Father Manelli had to overwrite the Order property to his family members and thus gave the impression that the superior had possibly stolen from his own religious order. Apart from the fact that the alleged transactions had taken place only after the beginning of the provisional administration, [in fact, several weeks to a few months later] which gives more the impression of a mediated response, but could not be a reason for the provisional administration, it has now turned out to be slander, as Commissioner Volpi confirmed himself.

At the request of the prosecutor of the Manelli family, the false claim has now been deleted from the internet site of the Order managed by Father Alfonso Bruno. Instead, the complete correspondence between the Manelli family lawyer and Commissioner Volpi has been published at the request of Manelli family.

Interesting, an ugly libel was made, until evidence was produced the refuted it, and threats of legal action were made.  Wowzer.  Then the libel was retracted.  But as always in these cases, the damage has already been done to Fr. Manelli’s heretofore stellar reputation.

So, we are still left with “crypto-Lefebvrianism” and an “always, definitely traditional drift” (is that a crime?  Then I’m in trouble!) as the official reasons for the draconian intervention.  The under the table reasons that have not been publicized, but of which I have been told, would fit under “crypto-Lefebvrianism,” but certainly don’t merit to me the kind of severe intervention we’ve seen.

If you’re not already praying for the Franciscans of the Immaculate, please consider doing so!  They need our help in this worst of times.

Be forewarned of “Restless Heart” movie about St. Augustine February 4, 2014

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I had been told by an acquaintance that they were shocked by the egregious content in the Ignatius movie “Restless Heart,” ostensibly about the life of St. Augustine. They said it was pretty much an R-rated movie with lots of near nudity, blatantly displayed sex scenes, and tons of gory violence.  They also said the movie did not present very well St. Augustine’s life and conversion as he describes it himself in his Confessions.  They were very surprised that Ignatius would release it under their name. I sort of filed that away and carried on with my life.

Then, over the holidays, we watched another Ignatius movie on Saint Barbara.  It was a fair movie, but the story bore absolutely no resemblance to the Saint’s life, save for the character names.  It was almost completely made up, and turned into a long drawn out drama what was really a pretty quick martyrdom.

So today I was over at Bishop Gracida’s good blog, and I found this review of “Restless Heart” from him.  Given what I know of Bishop Gracida, this review carries a fair amount of weight with me:

Instead of watching the Super Bowl 2014, we watched the fairly new St. Augustin video from Ignatius Press. It’s interesting how much emphasis the producers put on Augustin’s sex life in this video, and how explicit the sex was that was shown on screen.  We had to fast forward thru lots of the video.     Regarding the conversion of Augustin, it was shown briefly, but how disappointing it was that his lovely Mother, Saint Monica, was not shown to be the greatest influence upon his conversion.  Nothing was shown of her holy tears and petitions thru Saint Ambrose, Bishop of Milan.  The great story of Augustin is of Monica, his Mother, her prayers and tears.  The end of the movie was strange, leading the viewers to believe he was murdered by the Vandals who attacked the city of Hippo.  I don’t recommend this video, a waste of time and distortion of the true conversion of Augustin.

The movie is pretty highly rated on Amazon, but lots of the 5 star commenters say something to the effect of:  “I know absolutely nothing about St. Augustine and I’ve never read any of his works, but this movie really gave me a good feel for his life!”  Well, how do you know?!?  But seriously, I did see even in the 4 and 5 star comments some statements that the sex was overly explicit and that there was lots of violence.  Since this is the kind of movie my readers might consider buying, I thought I’d warn you.

I read one other review that described the movie as being a hard PG-13. So, whether R- or PG-13, at the least I’d say parents ought to view this movie before letting their kids see it.

I actually find many of these Italian movies about saints that Ignatius releases so-so, at best.  Now, there are some good ones, like Bakhita (but again, sex and violence  in small parts) and Padre Pio (totally clear, recommended), but I’ve also come across a number of duds.  For a Saint movie I can really recommend wholeheartedly, check out The Reluctant Saint about St. Joseph of Cupertino.

So, will this review of “Restless Heart” set off the firestorm Tolkien talk did?  I hope not!

Regular TLM now in Beaumont February 4, 2014

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Fr. Z has a nice story from a new traditional online monthly called Regina Magazine that discusses how a priest in the Diocese of Beaumont learned Latin and started offering the TLM on a regular basis.  There is a High Mass every Sunday at 9:30 at Our Lady of Lourdes parish in Vidor, TX (not a bad location, just off I-10 halfway between Beaumont and Orange).  The church interior looks nice, from the few pics at Regina Magazine.  There are also TLMs daily T-F at 12:10 – perhaps a time he picked up from the FSSP priests who trained him.

As Fr. Z likes to point out, the priest experienced many spiritual fruits through his adoption of the TLM (emphasis from Fr. Z, I removed his comments, but added my own):

A small number of his parishioners attend the Extraordinary Form Mass, Sumler explained, but most come from various other parts of the Beaumont Diocese, including many young people and home schooling families.  [Sometimes, these “outsiders” receive a rocky reception from the locals who live in the parish’s geographical boundaries.  Hopefully the locals here are welcoming and warm.]

“Thanks to the Augustinian Fathers who pastored my parish for 60 years, I inherited a beautiful church,” Fr. Sumler observed. “During my time as pastor, we have renovated a number of lovely statues and placed them back in the church, much to the happiness of the people.  The interior is quite beautiful and conducive to prayer. The Rosary is prayed before each Sunday Masses.” [In my experience – admittedly very biased – but I have run across  virtually NO souls who want churches uglified and beautiful artwork removed.  There was a near-riot at one local parish when some statues were relocated in the nave recently, since such was seen as de-emphasizing them.  I think the vast majority of faithful, Mass attending Catholics know, love, and appreciate beautiful Church art.]

Fr. Sumler characterized his Latin Mass congregants as deeply spiritual, committed Catholics, the integrity of whose faith had been damaged by liturgical abuses so common in many Novus Ordo parishes[Perhaps not just by liturgical abuse – also theological and catechetical abuse]

“The spiritual impact of the Extraordinary Form has had a major impact on me as well,” Fr. Sumler noted. “I have learned to let Jesus say the MassI don’t have to worry anymore if I’m holding people’s attentionJesus, through the Mass and liturgical actions, can speak for Himself, and the people do not have any need for my innovations. [I think that’s very true.  Turning priest and altar around had a very deleterious effect and created a huge temptation for the priest to be primarily an entertainer concerned about how his “audience” is responding.  Only a very few priests can escape the temptation to fall into this trap. Even more, there is something sublime and work when priest and people all face the tabernacle together in prayer, supplication, propitiation, etc]

I cannot imagine my life without this beautiful Mass. In addition to the Sunday Sung Mass, I offer a Low Mass Tuesday through Friday at 12:10 pm,” Fr. Sumler concluded.

God bless Fr. Sumler.  Now you know where to go if you are in the Beaumont area.