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Commenting problems – again February 4, 2014

Posted by Tantumblogo in Admin.

Hi all, sorry again, I just finished fishing a dozen or more comments out of the WordPress overactive draconian spam filter.  They were all from long time and frequent commenters. My apologies. I can imagine how frustrating it is when your comments don’t appear.  This spam issue is so frustrating, when I check it all the time, it behaves itself and doesn’t flag valid comments. But if I then think all is well, it suddenly starts putting perfectly legitimate comments in the spam folder.  Most of these did not even have a link!

I really need to move the blog to a better service provider.  I’m actually thinking of going independent and putting up my own url.  We’ll see.  That would take a lot of work.  But recent traffic levels might make that the best move.

Until then, be patient, and I don’t mind if  you leave a comment asking where you comment is – assuming the dang filter lets even that one through.

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