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Pope Francis is on another magazine cover February 4, 2014

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I have a tiny bit of Jewish blood in me, it is thought, from some distant forebear on my mom’s side, so I can say to this, Oy Vey!



That is no joke.  Check it out here.  Radical Italian masons (very different from what we typically see in the US, where 99% of masons hold no animus towards the Catholic Church, even if their organization does spread disastrous indifferentism) are hoping Pope Francis will mean an end to any lingering animus between the Church and the lodge.  To which I say, what animus?  Good grief, the architect of the new Mass was a mason, and Brazilian bishops make an annual habit of processing with lodge members in ecu-maniacal events.

It’s not like Pope Francis volunteered for the cover photo.  But still…….it seems like every pandering agitprop radical wannabe or otherwise organization out there is trying to glom onto him to advance their agenda.

Uff da.

A note to the masons, also courtesy the same blog where I found the above:



1. Baseballmom - February 4, 2014

Oh Dear Lord…. What next? Penthouse?

2. Catholic4Life - February 4, 2014

Another marketing ploy just like the Horrific Anti-Catholic movie ‘Philomena’. Pope Francis does not see films, and will not be seeing this one Fr. Lombardi said in a statement.

3. TG - February 5, 2014

What are we going to do about Francis or Francesco as Mundabor would say?

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