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Regular TLM now in Beaumont February 4, 2014

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Fr. Z has a nice story from a new traditional online monthly called Regina Magazine that discusses how a priest in the Diocese of Beaumont learned Latin and started offering the TLM on a regular basis.  There is a High Mass every Sunday at 9:30 at Our Lady of Lourdes parish in Vidor, TX (not a bad location, just off I-10 halfway between Beaumont and Orange).  The church interior looks nice, from the few pics at Regina Magazine.  There are also TLMs daily T-F at 12:10 – perhaps a time he picked up from the FSSP priests who trained him.

As Fr. Z likes to point out, the priest experienced many spiritual fruits through his adoption of the TLM (emphasis from Fr. Z, I removed his comments, but added my own):

A small number of his parishioners attend the Extraordinary Form Mass, Sumler explained, but most come from various other parts of the Beaumont Diocese, including many young people and home schooling families.  [Sometimes, these “outsiders” receive a rocky reception from the locals who live in the parish’s geographical boundaries.  Hopefully the locals here are welcoming and warm.]

“Thanks to the Augustinian Fathers who pastored my parish for 60 years, I inherited a beautiful church,” Fr. Sumler observed. “During my time as pastor, we have renovated a number of lovely statues and placed them back in the church, much to the happiness of the people.  The interior is quite beautiful and conducive to prayer. The Rosary is prayed before each Sunday Masses.” [In my experience – admittedly very biased – but I have run across  virtually NO souls who want churches uglified and beautiful artwork removed.  There was a near-riot at one local parish when some statues were relocated in the nave recently, since such was seen as de-emphasizing them.  I think the vast majority of faithful, Mass attending Catholics know, love, and appreciate beautiful Church art.]

Fr. Sumler characterized his Latin Mass congregants as deeply spiritual, committed Catholics, the integrity of whose faith had been damaged by liturgical abuses so common in many Novus Ordo parishes[Perhaps not just by liturgical abuse – also theological and catechetical abuse]

“The spiritual impact of the Extraordinary Form has had a major impact on me as well,” Fr. Sumler noted. “I have learned to let Jesus say the MassI don’t have to worry anymore if I’m holding people’s attentionJesus, through the Mass and liturgical actions, can speak for Himself, and the people do not have any need for my innovations. [I think that’s very true.  Turning priest and altar around had a very deleterious effect and created a huge temptation for the priest to be primarily an entertainer concerned about how his “audience” is responding.  Only a very few priests can escape the temptation to fall into this trap. Even more, there is something sublime and work when priest and people all face the tabernacle together in prayer, supplication, propitiation, etc]

I cannot imagine my life without this beautiful Mass. In addition to the Sunday Sung Mass, I offer a Low Mass Tuesday through Friday at 12:10 pm,” Fr. Sumler concluded.

God bless Fr. Sumler.  Now you know where to go if you are in the Beaumont area.




1. DiscipleoftheDumbOx - February 4, 2014

Fantastic. Instead belly-aching as so many do, this priest did the Texan thing and took initiative to do it on his own in light of Summorum Pontificum, of course. Bravo!

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