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How to forgive those that harm you February 5, 2014

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Boniface at Unam Sanctam Catholicam has another great post, this one on forgiving those that wound us in some way.  I have had recent experience of experiencing extremely bad treatment at the hands of someone who presented himself as a friend.  I have forgiven this individual, several times in fact, but he continues to say and do things that are frankly hostile.  Hopefully, this will all be behind me someday.  And no, it has nothing to do with this li’l blog, it was much more significant than that.My Good Angel teach me to pray to Jesus my Saviour

We all sin.  Every single one of us.  Some of us have committed very grave sins.  Some continue to struggle with such to this day.  Others are more blessed, and perhaps have only minor faults to correct.  But we’re none of us perfect.  But as Boniface notes below, if we are full of anger and resentment towards those who have harmed or just threatened us, it could well be because we refuse to face our own sinfulness.  That’s a really salient point, and one I pray I will meditate on for some time.

I hate to rip off pretty much the entire post from Boniface – please do go visit his site – but it’s just too good and too much of one piece to excerpt.

Dear reader, if you have ever been victim to a heinous crime such as theft, adultery, slander or another deliberate cruelty perhaps you have struggled in your heart to forgive such an act.  The injury feels fresh, our enemy who would harm us almost seems to gloat in their evil.  But what factors play into our inability to forgive, when the Saints suffered so much and forgave so readily?
In my opinion, one of the chief roots of the problem is that we are convinced that we ourselves would never commit an evil act like that.  Who would steal from a friend or commit adultery with another person’s spouse?  It is what gives us confidence when we say with passion that the most heinously wicked (like Doves and the Heart of Marypedophiles) should be shot or hanged. [I deliberately try not to say things like that.  I hope I generally counsel folks to pray for those souls who are so lost in sin.  I’ve been lost in sin.  Punishment did not make me change, but prayer did.]  Perhaps our indignation only really gets going when we see liturgical abuse, and our feelings of piety and righteous zeal become inflamed as we condemn the other and proclaim that we would never perform such and such an irreverent act in the house of God?
So I place before you the following considerations for either dealing with forgiving others now or to remember the next time you are grievously offended.
Remember always human weaknesses, passions and our disordered appetites.  Many people (probably most) do not think that they will commit the sins that they later wind up committing. If you have ever had the misfortune to commit a mortal sin then you are capable of turning your back completely on God; if you have not, then consider the Saints of the Church who at some point lost grace through sin (like King David). [Or think how many times St. Augustine was called, but resisted]  You should have pity on At death, the christian soul is raised to heaven - Dopterfellow men who fall as many times they fall from weakness and not malice. We must identify the real enemy and apply our hatred there. Sin oftentimes is instigated from the suggestion of the author of lies, the serpent, the devil. Do not hesitate to increase your hatred against him.
The next thing to consider is that only the grace of God preserves us from falling into sin, whether they be big or small.   Grace that inclines a person to do a good act or resist a temptation  is called preventive grace, when he is performing a good act it is called concomitant grace and when he has completed it subsequent grace.  It is true that our free will must choose to cooperate with His grace, but without His grace we could never choose good, because we would neither feel inclined nor be able to resist evil.  We are all capable of falling into the most grievous and outrageous sins[I was trying not too long ago, without much success, to explain to a protestant friend of good will how Catholics view Grace, justification, and salvation. He was hung up on the idea that Catholics think they can “work their way to Heaven.”  That’s not the case, in fact, it’s a condemned heresy, so I explained how the Church knows ALL the good we do is only a cooperation with Grace, but that we MUST cooperate with that Grace in order to please God, be justified and saved.  Christ Himself numerous times explained how we will be judged based on our earthly works in cooperation with Grace.  St. Paul also stated we must do works in Grace in order to be saved.  Unfortunately, ladder of the crossprotestants take another statement by St. Paul, to the effect that works do nothing for salvation, radically out of context.  St. Paul was speaking of the works of the old law, done absent Baptism and the regular reception of the Sacraments – thus, outside Grace.  But if we are in the state of Grace, that is a gift from God, as is our very desire to do good works. It is by cooperating with that Grace that we please God and receive still more Grace, growing (hopefully) in union with God’s Will more and more and more.  That is the interior life and process of sanctification.]
Finally, and most importantly, realize that those who have greatly injured us – barring they repent – will burn in Hell for all eternity. No matter how much you dislike them or how greatly they had hurt you, could you imagine them being shoved into an oven set to 800 degrees, followed by the burning of flesh, terrible screams and complete pain?  [And total darkness, and complete isolation from every other living thing, and smell so noxious it would kill you should you smell it in this life?]  Perhaps you are very mad or greatly hurt? How many minutes would you extract your vengeance on them in it? One minute, one hour, one day?  I say it would take a matter of minutes, perhaps seconds, of suffering before even an angry heart would be filled Although it is costing me I shall succeed Letaille croppedwith pity. This is a very poor comparison to the very fires of Hell that burn the damned day and night.   (To learn more about what Hell is like, check out The Torments of Hell on audiobook, free)
In order for our enemies to be forgiven by God they will have to feel remorse (including for their offenses against you), confess their sin (or be baptized if they have not yet been) and resolve – with the help of God’s grace – to never commit those sins again. [And it is a very sad thing, an absolutely tragic thing, when the one who hurts you is so lost in themselves they cannot even see the wrong they did.  The kind of soul who is always so sure of their righteousness they never darken the door of a confessional…..think how many prayers such a soul needs.]
Repentance from those coming from sin can be quite bitter, and real sorrow is like a sword through the heart; that is the medicine God will demand if they are to be forgiven. Without this, they will surely go to Hell.
————–End Quote————-
We don’t forgive our enemies strictly for their sake. We do it for ourselves, because that anger and bitterness can corrode and corrupt all that torrent of Grace our Blessed Lord makes available to us in the Sacraments until it is completely ruined.
Forgiving those that wound us or give us scandal can be a terribly hard thing to do, but it is also a completely necessary thing.  We must remember how Our Lord suffered for our sins, and how he forgave his tormentors – and thus, us – from the cross.
Great post from Boniface.  I am thankful I found it.

Good and bad from bishops on moral issues February 5, 2014

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The Archbishop of New Orleans, Gregory Aymond, is opposing quite strongly the proposed construction of a Planned Barrenhood abortuary in his city.  Planned Barrenhood Gulf Coast – already found guilty of Medicaid fraud in East Texas – is planning a 7-8000 sq ft facility that will be the first Planned Barrenhood in Louisiana to offer abortions.  As more and more independent abortion mills close, PB tries to step in and make up the slack.

In a move that is unusual in its strength, Archbishop Aymond has claimed the Archdiocese of New Orleans and all its subsidiary entities (parishes, hospitals, religious houses, etc) will cease doing businesswith any business or organization that takes part in the construction of this Planned Barrenhood mill:

We cannot be silent in view of the grave injustice presented by the abortions that will be performed at the proposed Planned Parenthood facility. The archdiocese is obliged to remind every person and organization involved in the acquisition, preparation and construction of this or any abortion facility that they are cooperating with the evil that will take place there. For this reason, the archdiocese, including its churches, schools, apartments for the elderly and nursing homes, will strive in its privately funded work not to enter into business relationships with any person or organization that participates in actions that are essential to making this abortion facility a reality.

This policy applies to all businesses, regardless of religious affiliation or non-affiliation. Our fidelity to Church teaching and our conscience necessitates this stance.

There is no justification, including economic hardship that will make a direct or indirect relationship with Planned Parenthood, or any abortion provider, acceptable. Additionally, affiliation or support of Planned Parenthood by Catholics is a matter of serious scandal.

That’s a great move. I am not aware of any other dioceses that have taken such a stance.  It might be a little difficult to implement, but on the surface it’s a very welcome move.  It would have been even better had Archbishop Aymond forcefully stated that those who aid in the construction of an abortion mill are automatically excommunicated.  Perhaps such a firm clarification will be forthcoming.

Most Catholic bishops are moderately to strongly against abortion.  That is a big improvement over, say, 20-30 years ago.

But all is not well.  While opposition to abortion is fairly strong and growing, there remains the enormous scandal of practical cooperation with the evil of contraception in dioceses across the nation.  It is a certitude that most dioceses fund insurance plans for their employees that cover contraception.  It is also a certitude that most self-proclaimed Catholic hospitals hand out contraception like candy, while also performing sterilization procedures.  For evidence of this, look no further than Detroit, as Michael Voris relays in the Vortex episode below:

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: we’ll never be rid of the evil satanic sacrifice of abortion until mass contraceptive use ends. It simply won’t happen.  We can nibble around the edges, we can gradually reduce the rate of abortion, but abortion will remain legal, and hundreds of thousands of perfectly innocent children will be murdered every year, so long as contraceptive use remains rampant.

At present, contraceptive usage rates among Catholics are indistinguishable from the larger population.  This is at least partly because, as Cardinal Dolan himself admitted at the beginning of the video, Catholic priests and bishops almost never address this topic.  It is the single most avoided topic in the Church.  Contraception is a cancer that continues to eat away at the Church Militant, and ignoring it only makes it grow and get worse and worse.   But bishops and priests are too cowed of a full scale revolt if they touch this subject.

Unfortunately, that’s just it.  The situation will never magically improve, or go away, until bishops and priests start fighting it, as they fight – to varying degrees – abortion.

We must pray for our bishops and priests to have the strength of faith and love of souls to address this matter.  They will surely face a great deal of criticism from the worldly contraception addicts. So we must have their backs.  And we can also strive to encourage them to do their full duty at all times, including painful, unpopular duties like regularly denouncing moral evils like contraception, and insuring the hospitals they direct no longer dispense them (or sterilizations).

It’s a good intention for a Novena.

REMINDER: First Friday at Carmel February 5, 2014

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First Friday this Friday, Feb. 7 at the Dallas Carmelite Monastery of the Infant Jesus of Prague and St. Joseph!  600 Flowers Ave, Dallas, 75211!


Adoration starts at 5pm, TLMs at 8p and 3a.  Confession before and after both Masses.

Adoration ends at 7am with Novus Ordo Mass.

Stay for a short while or all night.  The nuns will storm Heaven!  Join them as they pray the Rosary, the Hours, and many other devotions!

All details here——>>>>>>Allnightcarmelites_feb_march2014


A great quote I heard last night….. February 5, 2014

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…….so I was at the weekly adult catechism class last night at my dear, wonderful local TLM parish.  If y0u want really stellar catechesis, this is the class for you (7-8pm Tuesday), and you don’t have to be a parishioner to attend.  The topic the last several weeks has been important but a bit arcane, discussing definitions of both Church and civil law.  But there was a quote last night from our priest-instructor I just had to share, because it’s marvelously pithy and encapsulates so much in such a brief statement.  It was:

Claims of “hate speech” are testimony that people still have guilty consciences.

Another great quote, totally unrelated to the one above, when discussing heretical, practically pagan-idol worshiping women religious, was “Sister On a Broom Flying Around.”  That one made me laugh.  Maybe you had to be there.

But the first quote is just brilliant at summarizing the ultimate source of the constant, relentless efforts by those lost in the gravest of immoralities (be it abortion, fornication, sodomy, gomorrahizing, etc) demanding society not just recognize them and “accept” their perversions as perfectly moral, but – and this was another of those Providential moments because I was kind of reading a book while the priest was saying this, and the book was discussing this very point – but proclaim their particular kinks as morally/ethically SUPERIOR to well-ordered procreative human sexuality within the confines of marriage.

That’s where these folks are going.  Amchurch Comes Out was written over 10 years ago, but even then radical pervert activists – some of them “Catholic,” some even ostensibly ordained – were advocating in their within-community literature that sodomy was vastly superior and more beloved by God than “ordinary” heterosexual, procreative acts.

Only someone motivated by a profoundly, diabolically screwed up intellect could ever think this, let alone commit such thoughts to print, but even in this satanic thinking we see the presence of a very, very guilty conscience.  A conscience so guilty it feels an overwhelming compulsion to literally turn Christianity on its head and reduce it to a religion of human organ worship in order to attempt escape from the inescapable knowledge that its lusts are the most grave of evils.

We are literally back in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah.  God destroyed the world with The Flood when sodomites began pretending to be married – that is an ancient Jewish traditional belief.  Now, God did promise never to completely destroy all life on the world again, but if we think there isn’t the most severe chastisement just short of that coming, we’re plainly ignoring the signs of the time.  When this nightmare becomes the law of the land in most countries, watch out.  We must always be prepared for death and chastisement, but when that comes, the time will be short.

Pray more every day!

Buffalo Diocese trying “Mass mobs” to fill Catholic churches February 5, 2014

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Hmmm…..it seems many beautiful old churches in Buffalo, NY, are in danger of falling apart or being closed due to lack of souls assisting at Mass.  In what certainly seems a rather desperate plan to attract souls back to the Church, the diocese is inviting “Mass mobs” – a takeoff on the popular “flash mobs” – to visit/invade various parishes at Saturday evening Mass.  This includes non-Catholics.  I have to wonder if very clear statements regarding the meaning of the Eucharist and who is suitable to receive will be made at these “open to the public” events?

It is always interesting to me when I come across serendipitous – I really like to think Providential – coincidences in my various readings and browsings.  In this case, on the day I find this video above regarding the desperate straits of the Diocese of Buffalo, I also read, in Amchurch Comes Out, about how the Diocese of Buffalo, over 20 years ago, implemented the Diocese of Albany’s disastrously immoral and problematic sexual indoctrination education materials in its schools and parish youth classes:

[From The Wanderer’s Dec. 19 1991 edition, a front page story declared…..] “Educators in Catholic Schools Urged to Teach Sex With Religious Fervor.”  Sister Theresa Chmura urged Catholic educators to “give their blood, sweat, and tears” to the cause of sex education as she announced to Catholic teachers that the Church in Buffalo would use the Diocese of Albany’s Christian Approach to Human Sexuality in its schools – a program that had been widely and seriously criticized for years for its promotion of androgyny and bombardment of elementary school age children with college-level biology relating to the alimentary and reproductive systems. 

That’s the major theme of Amchurch Comes Out: that children have been deliberately sexualized in order to pave the way for a new progressive faithiness, a false faith built around worshiping sexual hedonism and the constant pursuit of pleasure.Iglesia-de-Encarnacion  Such is always incredibly destructive of any real faith, so that those formed in this diabolical error naturally wind up making very poor, very disinterested Catholics, if they don’t fall away entirely.  Thus, so many dioceses in the northeast, who have implemented this radical misrepresentation of the Faith with grim abandon, are decrepit, decaying, closing parishes, and in short, dying.

It is doubly tragic that it is these dioceses that are most afflicted, as they contain many older churches built before the modernist heresy ran rampant in the Church and left us with barren concrete shells for churches.  Glorious works of art and beautifully decorated structures, created during Buffalo’s salad days in the period 1850-1930, are often allowed to fall into disrepair and many are eventually sold off to make way for condos, or, more often than not, nothing.  Just flat, barren ground where a beautiful church used to stand.  It’s the same in Boston, Albany, Rochester, Worcester, Cleveland, Youngstown……you name it.

And if you notice in the video above, that’s the selling point for attracting these “Mass mobs.”  The selling point isn’t saving 06sacredheartchurch4your soul, or being able to receive the most glorious, sublime, incomprehensible Gift of God literally in the Eucharist, but beautiful old art and architecture.  The latter is certainly a worthy thing, and something I sorely wish was present in more of our parishes, but that’s not the reason for coming to Mass.  It is to a large degree a  false, worldly reason – we can only pray some souls will be reached by the experience and undergo a true conversion.

And I have to wonder if the Church in many locales is increasingly being reduced to such sad schemes because the “product” they are offering – the Novus Ordo Mass as it is offered in the vast majority of places – is singularly ineffective at truly reaching souls and effecting that conversion it was always intended to do.  In fact, instead of being the wonderful vehicle for reaching “modern man” it was sold as back in the days of the Council, decades of evidence and ever more negative statistics show that the NO – as generally offered (I am excluding places where it is offered with true reverence, devotion, according to the rubrics, and incorporating those elements of the TLM it always should have had) – is blatantly INeffective at reaching so-called modern man, who is the same as he’s always been.

That is why, warts and all, traditional communities are growing, and rapidly, even though the vast majority of Catholics have no idea they even exist.  I was a Catholic for nearly a decade before I ever heard of this strange thing called Latin Mass.  I meet people all the time who have been Catholic their whole lives who have no idea the “old Mass” still exists.  But even with that, traditional communities are some of the most vibrant and growing around.

I grow more and more convinced every day that the only way forward for true liturgical “renewal” is to regularize the 48743593_OLVULIMG_0694_1Traditional Mass as the universal Mass of the Roman Rite. That is in fact what Summorum Pontificum did, even though it is rarely implemented as such, even in this our fair Diocese.  But it will come, eventually.

The Mass is the key.  It’s the heart of it all, the Faith revolves around it and grows from it.  Get the Mass right, and everything else will fall into place.  The progressives know this very well, and that is why, in this period which they hope will be their glorious return to power, the TLM is under grave threat.  I don’t think anything will occur to undermine Summorum Pontificum/Universae Ecclesiae, but nevertheless, this is a time for prayer.

So add to your Rosary and Mass intentions, if you haven’t already, that the TLM not only not be threatened or banished again, but that it grow and grow and enrich the souls of all Catholics, everywhere!  That is my great hope for the future.



And let’s see the tonsure everywhere again, too!  Woot!  Tonsure!  Ton-uh-hon-sure!

Miraculous Fatima Pilgrim statue touring Diocese at present February 5, 2014

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The Fatima Pilgrimage statue is presently “touring” the Diocese of Dallas, being displayed at various parishes in the area.  This statue has been associated with a number of miraculous events and is, of course, closely tied to the most glorious miracle Our Blessed Lady has ever deigned to grant, that of Fatima in Portugal in 1917.

Here is the list of parishes and dates for the various displays.  Or, you can grab it here: DALLAS2014

The statue will be in the Diocese all months and will be from one end of the Diocese to the other, so it is sure to be near you.  Check out the list and go honor our wonderful Blessed Mother.

bishop andrew with the statue