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A great quote I heard last night….. February 5, 2014

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…….so I was at the weekly adult catechism class last night at my dear, wonderful local TLM parish.  If y0u want really stellar catechesis, this is the class for you (7-8pm Tuesday), and you don’t have to be a parishioner to attend.  The topic the last several weeks has been important but a bit arcane, discussing definitions of both Church and civil law.  But there was a quote last night from our priest-instructor I just had to share, because it’s marvelously pithy and encapsulates so much in such a brief statement.  It was:

Claims of “hate speech” are testimony that people still have guilty consciences.

Another great quote, totally unrelated to the one above, when discussing heretical, practically pagan-idol worshiping women religious, was “Sister On a Broom Flying Around.”  That one made me laugh.  Maybe you had to be there.

But the first quote is just brilliant at summarizing the ultimate source of the constant, relentless efforts by those lost in the gravest of immoralities (be it abortion, fornication, sodomy, gomorrahizing, etc) demanding society not just recognize them and “accept” their perversions as perfectly moral, but – and this was another of those Providential moments because I was kind of reading a book while the priest was saying this, and the book was discussing this very point – but proclaim their particular kinks as morally/ethically SUPERIOR to well-ordered procreative human sexuality within the confines of marriage.

That’s where these folks are going.  Amchurch Comes Out was written over 10 years ago, but even then radical pervert activists – some of them “Catholic,” some even ostensibly ordained – were advocating in their within-community literature that sodomy was vastly superior and more beloved by God than “ordinary” heterosexual, procreative acts.

Only someone motivated by a profoundly, diabolically screwed up intellect could ever think this, let alone commit such thoughts to print, but even in this satanic thinking we see the presence of a very, very guilty conscience.  A conscience so guilty it feels an overwhelming compulsion to literally turn Christianity on its head and reduce it to a religion of human organ worship in order to attempt escape from the inescapable knowledge that its lusts are the most grave of evils.

We are literally back in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah.  God destroyed the world with The Flood when sodomites began pretending to be married – that is an ancient Jewish traditional belief.  Now, God did promise never to completely destroy all life on the world again, but if we think there isn’t the most severe chastisement just short of that coming, we’re plainly ignoring the signs of the time.  When this nightmare becomes the law of the land in most countries, watch out.  We must always be prepared for death and chastisement, but when that comes, the time will be short.

Pray more every day!


1. DiscipleoftheDumbOx - February 5, 2014

We cetainly face the’long defeat’ daily, do we not? Keep the faith, my friend and soldier on.

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