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Loreto House in Denton needs your help February 10, 2014

Posted by Tantumblogo in Abortion, Basics, contraception, Dallas Diocese, Ecumenism, General Catholic, sadness, scandals, secularism, self-serving, sickness, Society, Virtue.

One of the greatest blessings of our recent move is that my family has been able to get much more active in the pro-life movement.  My wife and kids, at least, are outside abortion mills at least once a week.  This past week they were outside Robinson’s again.  There was a mobile sonogram machine there, funded and staffed with evangelical-type protestants.  We Catholics do not have such a resource at present.  We badly need one, because the protestants use their sonogram van not only to stop abortion (for which all committed to life are, I’m certain, quite appreciative), but also to make converts.  Catholic hispanics considering abortion are some of their favorite “targets.”

Some readers may recall that Loreto House, a crisis pregnancy center in Denton, has been trying for over a year to get together funding to finish their own, Catholic, mobile sonogram machine.  I did a post to that effect over a year ago.  My wife spoke with a local pro-life coordinator and Loreto House apparently still needs more funds to get their sonogram unit operational.

My wife and I have seen how showing a woman pictures of her child in the womb has an extremely powerful effect in their thinking about whether to abort, or not.  Most women who view a sonogram of their child will choose not to abort.  To me, it’s a shame that Catholics, who make up the lifeblood of the pro-life movement, don’t at present have this kind of resource.

What Loreto House needs more than anything at present to complete the mobile sonogram unit is money.  They have a van and they have the sonogram machine, but there is a lot of other equipment and integration that is needed to make it all operational.  Would you consider, in your charity, making a donation to Loreto House?  I know there are so many worthy causes out there, but I really consider this to be one of the most pressing needs to support a corporal and spiritual work of mercy out there right now.  In addition to the obviously critical role this mobile sonogram unit, stationed outside area abortion mills, can play in saving the lives of others, having one staffed by Catholics would be an enormous benefit and could prevent some souls from falling away from the Faith.

It’s wonderful there is a mobile sonogram unit available at all, but it would be much better from the Catholic perspective if Loreto House could get theirs in service immediately.  Please pray and see if you can help Loreto House in meeting this pressing need.



1. Carlene - February 10, 2014

The Knights of Columbus helped our local CPC with the cost of a sonogram machine. I live in CA but have heard many KOC groups will do this. They also put in a Memorial for the unborn in our parish courtyard. I would check with your local chapter.
God bless!

2. JLG - February 10, 2014

The Knights of Columbus in the Dallas Diocese have been raising money to replace the current non working machines at Birth Choice. We also gave CPLC and the Birth Choice about $100,000 combined two weeks ago. But I understand why KofC would be a problematic group to be a part of. Very challenging to ones conscience…

God bless,
Your local Deputy Grand Knight

tantamergo - February 10, 2014

Zuhh? Did I mention KoC?

Nobody said they don’t do good work. But that good is immensely undermined – some might even said reduced to naught – by their continued coddling and tacit support of apostate pro-death politicians. The NY state senator who was the linchpin in getting fake same sex marriage passed there – Mark Grisanti – is a KoC in good standing.

And at the national level, the problems are immense. I couldn’t be associated with it any longer. Michael Voris departed for the same reasons.

I went all over this 3 years ago. I don’t intend to go over it again.

3. Magdalene Prodigal - February 10, 2014

I also recommend going to the Knights. The Knights in my state have raised funds for, I think, 3 ultrasound machines so far and have a list of about 10 they want to give.

4. skeinster - February 11, 2014

Thanks for the reminder- sent them a little something.

5. St. Benedict's Thistle - February 11, 2014

The Knights in my old parish also raised the funds for a sonogram machine.

And yes, it is terrible that they are coddling of pro-abortion politicians and even pro-abortion fellow members. Our former Grand Knight openly expressed his support for Obama because “he is going to reduce our taxes.” Yes. True.

My husband is a Fourth Degree former Grand Knight, and is disgusted by the politicization of the Knights of Columbus. He has not renewed his membership since moving to Texas.

It is difficult to reconcile the good work they do with their now official position on pro-abortion members (they ‘can’t’ and won’t do anything because as long as the member has purchased insurance they cannot be ‘discriminated against’ for being pro-abortion). Unconscionable.

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