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Disastrous Bishop Hubbard of Albany replaced February 12, 2014

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Praise the Lord!  Only three months after turning in his mandatory resignation, the disastrous Bishop Howard Hubbard of Albany has been replaced by Msgr. Edward Scharfenberger.   It happened on the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes.  I am certain Our Blessed Mother had much to do with this quick replacement.

Long known as one of the most modernist and sodomite-friendly prelates in the country, Bishop Hubbard, along with his BFF Matthew Clark, formerly of Rochester, have been directly responsible for running the Catholic Church in upstate New York right into the ground.  And they didn’t stop there, but kept right on digging.  The statistics alone tell  a tale of unmitigated disaster.  Hubbard was named bishop in 1977, under Pope Paul VI and the very homosexual-friendly apostolic delegate Jadot.  Since that time, the number of Catholics has decreased by one quarter, even while the overall population increased by 40%.  In addition, between 1965 1991, and today, the below have collapsed as follows:

Number of Parishes: 207; 196; 127. (a 40% decline – there are more parishes than priests)
Diocesan priests: 426; 255; 106 (and 90 retired priests). (a 75% decline)
Elementary schools: 106; 44; 19. (an 84% decline)
High schools: 25; 7; 4. (an 84% decline)
Total number of students attending Catholic schools, K-12: 51,131; 12,261; 4,527. (a 91% decline)
Total number of religious brothers and sisters teaching: 1,595; 91; 8. (a 99.5% decline!!!)

Old Mother Hubbard and his best friend – and, according to many reports, perhaps more than that – Matthew Clark, were two of the most nightmarishly modernist bishops in the history of the Church in this country.  They were two late holdouts of that destructive group of “Bernadin’s Boys,” bishops attached to and mentored by Joseph Cardinal Bernadin, an almost certainly active sodomite whose influence in the USCCB and its predecessor organizations was near total.  At one time, there were dozens of Bernadin Boys in episcopates around the country.  Today, with Hubbard’s departure, there are only a handful left (Mahoney, Sheehan, Kicanis, Lynch, a few others – most all due to retire within 2-3 years).  Perhaps I should take  that back – there are a good number of Mahoney boys around, and Mahoney was a close confidant and student of Bernadin’s, but even they are aging and not being replaced.  I think.

The damage Hubbard and Clark wrought on the Church and faithful of New York can never be overestimated.  Were the Church not a supernatural Body sustained by Grace, She would have floundered and ceased to exist years ago in those Sees.  The tales of Hubbard’s acts of unfaithfulness, severe lack of charity, lockstep leftism, modernist destruction, and general unworthiness could fill several volumes.  In fact, a large portion of Amchurch Comes Out is dedicated to the depridations of Clark and Hubbard.

But to just sum up a few – Hubbard infamously provided pro-abort, fornicating, Mass missing Andrew Cuomo with the Blessed Sacrament from his very hands, he has constantly promoted the idea that women could somehow serve as priestesses one day (including have female “pastoral administrators conducting pseudo-Masses and handing out Communion in many parishes), he was for years a staunch supporter of the radical pro-sodomy groups Dignity and New Ways Ministry, and he was deeply involved in the priest boy rape scandal and cover-up.  And that’s just a highlight of the highlights.

New Bishop Scharfenberger has his work cut out for him (as does Bishop Matano, Clark’s replacement in Rochester).  The faithful there have suffered as much or more than any in the country.  Hubbard and Clark even outshine Mahoney in their destructiveness.  Praying for the new bishops, for the healing of these nearly collapsed dioceses, and for their reconstitution as vibrant, faithful parts of the Body of Christ, would be great works of spiritual mercy.  The people there have dealt with more than enough.

It is amazing as just as that progressive cabal, with all its attendant perversions, is finally aging out of power in this country, one last great push is being made in other parts of the world to enshrine modernism and all its errors as a permanent part of the Church.  That is, the revolution is trying to irrevocably establish itself as the new “church.”  The Holy Spirit will not let this occur, but we can help with our prayers.


A great story about a faithful Olympic skier February 12, 2014

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This is a nice story.  A Polish ski jumper who won the gold medal in Sochi is also a faithful Catholic who took time out from the party atmosphere and the intense pressure of international competition to assist at Mass – the day before his major event.  He also crosses himself before every sporting attempt.  Good on him!

“I always make a Sign of the Cross before my jumps. Since I was little. It is not because I am afraid, but it is a symbol of faith. Every jump I dedicate to the Lord God. I am not ashamed of that.” – Kamil Stoch

Here are some quotes from Kamil Stoch, the Polish ski jumper who dominated the field in Sunday’s Ski Jump event at the Olympics in Sochi. By the way, the Polish media which is usually anti-Catholic, 1012064_10152215101113928_31674288_nknowing he is very Catholic, asked Stoch whether he missed Mass since the event was being held on a Sunday. He simply replied: “I went to Mass on Saturday evening”.

In one interview Stoch said: “I would like to thank the Lord God for everything that has occurred and everything that will occur in the future.”

In yet another newspaper article, the following was stated:

The 25 year old from Zakopane is a person of faith. He took his faith from his home, from his parents and grandparents. Though frequent starts in the World Cup Ski Jumping don’t make it easy for him [many are in non-Catholic countries like Norway, Finland, and Japan], he tries to participate in Mass every Sunday. If that is impossible, then he is left with prayer. When does he especially talk to God? “When something does not go right, I put myself under the protective wings of the Lord God. Then I know He is next to me, I feel it. I pray that none of the athletes be harmed in our competitions. That I will know how to be joyful in victory and with dignity accept defeat. I thank the Lord God for everything, because I owe everything to Him.” Who was Blessed John Paul II for Kamil? “I regret that I never met the Holy Father personally. Even not too long ago I did not understand the meaning of his teachings. Only later did I internalize the very important message he left young people: “You must demand of yourselves even when others will not demand it of you.”

And in yet another article he stated:

“I believe in the following rule ‘If God is in first place, then everything is in its right place.’ Everyday I feel the presence and help of God. That I wake up in the morning and have strength and health to do what I do, as well as joy and satisfaction that it brings me, must come from the Lord. God always helps me, he puts on my road people of kindness. I thank the Lord God for all the difficult moments, because after them I become stronger. I believe, that if a person works hards, believes in what he is doing, has a positive outlook on the world and trusts in God, then there are no impossible things! As long as you are fighting, you are victorious.”

I pray this young man keeps his strong faith, amid all the temptations the world, the flesh, and the devil will surely throw at him.  This is a wonderful example for a world that has grown dead in the Faith and which thinks only of itself

God bless him.

We must relive our baptismal and confirmational vows every day February 12, 2014

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Unlike certain forms of protestantism, where a one time altar call ostensibly automatically insures one of salvation, the Catholic Faith must be lived every day.  It is meant to be a process of growth in cooperation with Grace, sanctification, and correspondence with the Will of God.

The process, of course, starts with Baptism, and then takes another enormous leap forward with Confirmation.  These ancient Sacraments, practiced in the Church since its earliest days, are mere way points to some, and tragically quickly forgotten by most, but for the faithful Catholic they must serve as the touchstones for our constant practice of the Faith.  The promises we made (or which were made for us) at Baptism, and then again at Confirmation, were not mere one time rote statements of formula.  They must serve as the guiding stars for the conduct of our lives.

Fr. Gabriel of St.Mary Magdalen in Divine Intimacy highlights this critical fact for us:

Baptism is the Sacrament of Christian Initiation.  It introduces us into the Church, God’s great family, and infuses 237780into our souls the new life of sanctifying Grace by which we become children of the Most High and brothers of Jesus Christ.  Confirmation confirms and strengthens this supernatural life which Baptism has engendered in us. Baptism is our Christian birth; Confirmation brings us to Christian maturity.  “Confirmation,” according to the catechism, “is the Sacrament through which the Holy Spirit comes to us in a special way to enable us to profess our faith as strong and perfect Christians and soldiers of Jesus Christ.”

At Baptism we become temples of the Holy Spirit; in Confirmation, this Divine Spirit comes to us in greater plenitude and sets us apart as knights of Christ, capable of fighting to defend our faith and the Church.  We have very great need of this Sacrament, especially today when God’s enemies and the snares and enticements of evil are increasing to such an extent that it often requires great courage, and sometimes even heroism, to stand firm in our Catholic faith and morality.  Confirmation IMG_4111imprints and indelible mark on our soul, the glorious character of a “soldier” of Jesus Christ. In endows us with the corresponding strength and confers on us the right to receive, at the opportune moment, the actual graces necessary to remain faithful to God, in spire of the difficulties and obstacles we may encounter. This is the “sacramental grace” of Confirmation.

Therefore we may say that, at least virtually, Confirmation is the Sacrament that consecrates the heroes and martyrs of duty, for it gives man the strength to live in open profession of his faith, even at the cost of great sacrifices, not excluding the sacrifice of his life, if this were necessary. 

When cowardice or human respect tempts us to waver, we should repeat St. Francis of Assisi’s daring words: “Knight of Christ, are you afraid?” And recalling the happy day of our Confirmation when we were solemnly consecrated a soldier of Christ, we shall find the strength to continue the battle and win.   [We cannot give up the fight.  We have been committed to Christ through Baptism and Confirmation, are strengthened by regular reception of Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament, and we have access to the enormous Grace of Confession when we fail.  We have all we need, more than we need, a superabundance of Grace and spiritual resources that are constantly available to us if we will only cooperate with them!  We must NOT GIVE UP THE FIGHT, no matter how discouraged we get, no matter how terrible things are around us, no matter how much we do it wrong. Doing it wrong is part of the process!  Go to Confession, get up, wipe yourself off, and begin anew.  It is pride that says to us that a failure is unacceptable, that it is too hard to try.  Christ understands and forgives our failures if we will only go to Him and beg His Mercy!  The rest will take care of itself. And striving to be as faithful as possible does not make one an @$$hole!]

….Let us meditate upon the the beautiful prayer recited by the bishop during the imposition of hands: “Almighty, everlasting God…..send forth upon them the Author of Thy seven-fold Gifts, the Paraclete, Thy Holy Spirit, the Spirit of wisdom and understanding, the Spirit of counsel and fortitude, the Spirit of knowledge and piety; fill them

How awesome would it be to be confirmed by Bishop Schneider?

How awesome would it be to be confirmed by Bishop Schneider?

with the Spirit of Thy holy fear, and sign them with the sign of the Cross of Christ unto eternal life.”……..if our conduct has not always born witness to Christ, this is not due to a defect in the Sacrament, but to our lack of correspondence with the Grace it conferred.  If we are weak in the struggle against our passions, the world, and the devil, it is precisely because we have not made profitable use of the Grace of fortitude which the Holy Spirit lavished upon us when we were confirmed.

Let us implore this Divine Spirit to pardon our negligence and to help us henceforth to make up for our past deficiencies. 

“O Holy Spirit, quench my thirst at the torrent of Your delights, so that I will no longer wish to taste the poisonous delights of the world.” [St. Augustine]

“Without You, I am nothing. Sine tuo numine nihil est in homine….I am worth nothing, but keep me united to You; fill me with Your love, so that, with Your help, I may remain united to the Father and the Son.” [Dom Marmion]

“I renounce satan! O my God, this was my baptismal promise, a solemn promise made in the presence of the Church, a promise so explicit that no one can dispense me from it, a promise recorded by angelic hands, a promise on which I shall be judged at the hour of my death. eudes1

“O my God, I desire to renew very fervently that promise today.  Therefore, with all my heart and all my strength, I renounce you, O satan!  I renounce you, abominable sin; I renounce you, detestable world!

“O Lord Jesus Christ, I give myself entirely to You forever. I desire to adhere to Your Holy Doctrine by faith, and to Your sacred promises by hope, to your Divine Commandments and counsels by love and charity. I desire to follow You by the practice of all the virtues. I desire to follow You as my Head, as a living member of Your Body.” [St. John Eudes]

————–End Quote————

We are so blessed to have such works to draw spiritual sustenance from!  Lord, thank you for your great Saints and theologians who have so blessed us with their thought, helping reveal to us the way to Heaven!


Mary of Nazareth movie…….looks good? February 12, 2014

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So I’ve seen ads for this movie for a while and finally watched the trailer last night.  Has anyone seen a screening?  It looks to have potential, but I’ve been disappointed before.  This is produced by Carmel Communications and released by Ignatius?  So…….have you seen it?  Comments?

So this is specifically made for a Catholic audience?  We won’t see Our Blessed Mother reduced to some protestant-acceptable side figure who just happened to birth her some good Messiah?

The endorsements for the movie are a whose who of conservative Catholics.  All good, then?

I will say, from the trailer, they are either modifying Scripture for the script or they are using a somewhat funky translation of the Bible.  It didn’t exactly sound Douay-Reims.

I guess no DVDs on this until late this year.  That is probably how I will see it.  However, I do see it is playing this Sunday and next (2:30 pm) at Studio Movie Grill in Dallas at Spring Valley and North Central Expy.

Go see it.  Report back.  Father said seeing a movie is OK on a Sunday.

Abortion Barbie now supports 20 week abortion restriction she filibustered against February 12, 2014

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Wendy Davis just phoned to explain she realized she is running for Governor of Texas and not California.

This is too rich.  Wendy Davis, aka Abortion Barbie, aka Social Climbing Kid Abandoning Divorce Princess, has now announced that the very aspect of the bill she so famously filibustered last summer – the ban on abortions after 20 weeks – is sensible and acceptable to her*.  And, yes, she also first ran for office as a Republican, until a demonrat leaning district came open and she figured she had a better shot of getting elected as a dem.  This woman is one sad sack of pandering nothingness, isn’t she:

Davis, a Fort Worth senator and the likely Democratic nominee for governor, told The Dallas Morning News’ editorial board that less than one-half of 1 percent of Texas abortions occur after 20 weeks of pregnancy. Most of those were in cases where fetal abnormalities were evident or there were grave risks to the health of the woman.

“I would line up with most people in Texas who would prefer that that’s not something that happens outside of those two arenas,” Davis said.

But the Democrat said the state’s new abortion law didn’t give priority to women in those circumstances. The law allows for exceptions for fetal abnormalities and a threat to the woman’s life, but Davis said those didn’t go far enough.

“My concern, even in the way the 20-week ban was written in this particular bill, was that it didn’t give enough deference between a woman and her doctor making this difficult decision, and instead tried to legislatively define what it was,” Davis said.

Look, we all know that if Davis is elected, she’ll totally flip on this support and be the strident abortion diva she rose to prominence as.  Or maybe she won’t.  In her career, she’s made a habit of pandering to whomever she is speaking to.  But I wouldn’t trust her at all on this or any other issue, her sole goal in life seems to be satisfying Wendy Davis’ ambition.

Plus, the “exemption” of leaving the decision to a woman and her doctor is the same thing as saying she’s in favor of abortion after 20 weeks.  So, really, not much different here.

But it is absolutely delicious to see this woman squirm and flail as her campaign continues to sink.  I imagine Davis figures she can try to pander to the great majority of Texans who favor at least some restrictions on abortion, while assuming the radical pro-aborts know where her true sympathy lies.  But it’s becoming increasingly obvious to me, at least, that Davis is a woman who will do anything, say anything, to advance her own fortunes.  She is a veritable re-incarnation of Bill Clinton.

In which case, perhaps we should be all the more wary of her.  Clinton stood for nothing, and by doing so, managed to pander himself into two terms in the White House.  I really don’t think her foolishness will play in Texas, but who knows.

At the very least, now we can say “Even Wendy Davis supports restrictions on abortion after 20 weeks.”