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Mary of Nazareth movie…….looks good? February 12, 2014

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So I’ve seen ads for this movie for a while and finally watched the trailer last night.  Has anyone seen a screening?  It looks to have potential, but I’ve been disappointed before.  This is produced by Carmel Communications and released by Ignatius?  So…….have you seen it?  Comments?

So this is specifically made for a Catholic audience?  We won’t see Our Blessed Mother reduced to some protestant-acceptable side figure who just happened to birth her some good Messiah?

The endorsements for the movie are a whose who of conservative Catholics.  All good, then?

I will say, from the trailer, they are either modifying Scripture for the script or they are using a somewhat funky translation of the Bible.  It didn’t exactly sound Douay-Reims.

I guess no DVDs on this until late this year.  That is probably how I will see it.  However, I do see it is playing this Sunday and next (2:30 pm) at Studio Movie Grill in Dallas at Spring Valley and North Central Expy.

Go see it.  Report back.  Father said seeing a movie is OK on a Sunday.


1. Molly - February 12, 2014

I watched it on Netflix Instant – I found it quite moving, and the actress who portrayed Mary was terrific – “luminous” I read on a review, and this is an accurate evaluation. As a mother, this perspective of Jesus really pulled at my heartstrings, and made me reflect quite somberly on Mary’s suffering. Some of the scenes were tremendously moving – the Nativity, for example.

As one who is only now discovering authentic and true (orthodox/traditional) Catholicism and reading the (Knox) Bible, I am not yet learned enough to address translation issues. I do remember thinking that the dialogue didn’t sound quite authentic, but I don’t have examples to back up this suspicion.

One aspect that I found biblically dubious was the storyline of Mary Magdalene – first friend of Mary, then wife of a soldier in Herod’s court, then follower of Jesus…artistic license. Same for the Herodias storylines.

I would also feel uncomfortable allowing my children to watch the film, as there are scenes from Herod’s palace – women belly dancing for male admirers, bedroom scenes between a married couple – that I felt were too scandalous for children (possibly even me) to watch.

Readers might also be directed to this review: http://truthandcharity.net/review-mary-of-nazareth/

tantamergo - February 12, 2014

Thanks so much for the review! Very good input. It is critical for parents to know when a movie contains objectionable material. Forewarned, they can make decisions appropriate to their family.

Thanks again!

2. Lh - February 12, 2014

I watched it at the theater. I left shocked and a bit angry. It portrayed Mary as a lovesick girl. Joseph was portrayed as a very angry man towards Mary. Mary was also portrayed as an unwed mother, which she was NOT! There is more if you care to watch it. I regret having paid to watch it.

3. TG - February 13, 2014

Ignatius Press is sponsoring this. Surprised at sexual content but this happened in the movie about St. Paul also. I can’t think of the name but the actor who plays St. Paul is young and good looking. If I watch this movie about our Lady, it will be on DVD thru Netflix. It’s probably just me but I think the actors who play our Lady and our Lord should at least look a little Jewish. I noticed the baby was fair. I just don’t see our Lady and our Lord as having fair complexions.

discipleofthedumbox - February 13, 2014

Let me guess…they speak with British accents? From the north, perhaps?

4. discipleofthedumbox - February 13, 2014

I am surprised at Ignatius Press but then again another shocker came as I listened to The World Over with Raymond Arroyo recently and heard that he was encouraging Catholics to watch the series, Breaking Bad. I gave it a shot and could not get past the first 15 minutes. It was completely vile. I would not recommend the show to my worst enemy fearing the safety of his soul.

5. Elizabeth - February 13, 2014

It played at my local theater but I didn’t go see it. I had seen a trailer for it showing a young and very handsome Joseph throwing an angry temper tantrum, complete with modern language, and decided that it was probably going to be a typical neo-con Ignatius Press production.

Ignatius Press isn’t on my list of trustworthy Catholic companies, their books or their movies. No, they’re not Protestant but they are most definitely (in my book) pretty typical Novus Ordo, pseudo-orthodox Catholics. My apologies for the harsh words to any Ignatius Press lovers out there 🙂

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