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Buy some nice Catholic art for Lent! February 18, 2014

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This would help a local family in serious need out quite a bit:

Bridegroom Press sells attractive imagery for Stations of the Cross. All the fourteen stations are included, represented by Catholic artistic masterpieces dating from the 14th to the 19th centuries.

Buy a set and place them around your home to do Stations without ever leaving the house!  Glue them on cardboard. Make little wooden frames for them that could be used indoors or out, as I did.  Just buy them to enjoy the art.

There are some really beautiful images.





Please consider helping this family out by buying some good art in time for Lent.

We’ve got to pray like mad: full court press for change in Church approach to divorce continues February 18, 2014

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In what is surely a push-piece for a particular faction in the Vatican/Church, the Non-Catholic Reporter’s John Allen has an op-ed in the Boston Globe claiming that Pope Francis plans to massively loosen the requirements for an annulment at the upcoming Synod for the Family.  See what you think, I see this as based on nothing but speculation and the author’s fondest hopes n’ dreams:

In the Catholic church, just like on Capitol Hill, sometimes you can almost smell a compromise solution to a thorny problem taking shape. That may be the case now with regard to allowing divorced and remarried Catholics to receive the sacraments, among the headaches facing Pope Francis during what promises to be a very busy week…..

……. a compromise may be coming into focus: No change on the sacraments ban, but an easier and broader process for granting annulments.

O’Malley floated that idea during a recent Globe interview, saying that perhaps annulments could be sped up by eliminating the possibility of appeal to Rome, a provision that often means a case can drag on for years if one of the parties wants to contest the result.  [oh good grief. Not even 1/10 of 1% of annulments are appealed to the Roman Rota. They only hear a few dozen cases a year. Give me a break.  This would be nothing but a fig leaf.  But, it would make the US bishops look better, since the Rota currently overturns almost every annulment verdict they receive from US dioceses]

A Feb. 15 conference of church lawyers in the Italian region of Liguria seemed to point in the same direction, arguing that the grounds upon which an annulment can be granted ought to be expanded.

In particular, these church lawyers proposed adding “mamma-ism” to the list, meaning a situation in which spouses are so completely under the thumb of one of their parents – usually, according to the jurists, the mom – that they don’t have free will. [Again…..please. Maybe this still happens a little in Italy, but I doubt it. This is an excuse from 60 years ago. If this is the best they can come up with, perhaps defense of marriage in the Church is in better shape than I thought.]

Whatever one makes of “mamma-ism” as a legal or psychological concept, it illustrates how eager many Catholic officials are to make annulments more user-friendly.

I don’t know if “Church lawyers” constitutes “officials,” or not.  What I am certain of, is that John Allen is eagerly pushing the idea broadening justifications for annulment, a process that has led to tens of thousands – if not far more – devastated spouses in this country, when their “Catholic” spouse up and leaves them one day.  Many later have to face seeing their spouse receiving the Blessed Sacrament, getting remarried in the Church, parading around their new spouse in front of them, all with official approval via an annulment.  Even if the abandoned spouse did absolutely nothing wrong.  That’s the thing – those seeking annulments often blame themselves as being unable to validly participate in the Sacrament of Matrimony, then turn around and use their brand-spanking new annulment to……participate in the Sacrament of Matrimony, again!

So pray like crazy.  There are powerful forces hoping liberalizing divorce and remarriage – or getting people excited that it will happen – will precipitate another revolution in the Church.  It’s like Humanae Vitae all over again, and no matter what happens, the modernists will spin it to their advantage.  Sooo many fell away in the wake of Humanae Vitae.  I’m praying like mad that doesn’t happen with this Synod.

But I’m thinking more and more that’s what we’re going to see – a huge buildup of expectations that something, anything will change, and then modernists raging when it doesn’t.  Of course, the vast majority of modernists today are geriatric, so it will be a pathetic sight to see them raging in their walkers and wheel chairs.

Irrespective, prayer is advised.  Or, just tell me to shut up.  Either’s fine with me!

Good review of how the Novus Ordo Mass came about February 18, 2014

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I have had some readers ask me to both explain how the liturgical reform came about, and what all the changes to the Mass between the 1962 Missal and 1969 Missal entail.

Both are very big subjects, and I’ve done dozens of blog posts on both over the years, most recently last week.  I just stumbled across another good resource today, in the form of a post done by Dr.  Francisco J. Romero Carrasquillo, probably one of the world’s most foremost Scholastics (adherents of St. Thomas Aquinas).  Dr. Romero Carrasquillo recently reviewed Fr. Anthony Cekada’s Work of Human Hands, a book I’ve reviewed on this site.

I always meant to go back to that book and do another, better review.  But Dr. Romero Carrasquillo has made that unnecessary, since he’s written the review I always intended to.  It’s a pretty long review.  In the course of it, he gives a good overview of some of the key differences between the NO and TLM, and how the NO came about.  It’s a good companion piece to last week’s interview with Dom Alcuin Reid.

Just one part of the review, there is much, much more:

Another extensive example of antiquity-as-an-excuse-for-novelty is given in Chapter 10, which concerns the changes to the Lectionary.  Here—Cekada argues—despite the fact that, thanks to its three-year cycle, the New Lectionary contains more Scripture readings than the old Missal, nonetheless, through ‘adroit choices’ some important Scriptural texts—often a verse or two in the middle of a feast day or Sunday Gospel reading—are bracketed off as optional or altogether omitted, because of their ‘negative theology’, i.e., they doctrinally run afoul of the nouvelle theologie or of ecumenism.  Thanks to these omissions, the average Catholic can attend Mass every Sunday for an entire Lectionary Cycle (three years) and never hear theologically ‘negative’ Scriptural passages such as Our Lord’s warnings against hell, St. Paul’s warning against receiving the Body of Our Lord unworthily, his teaching on heresy, heretics and their fate, or his command that women be submissive to their husbands, that they cover their heads, and remain silent in Church. [I have personally confirmed that ALL of these portions of Scripture were expunged from the Novus Ordo Mass lectionary cycle by the liturgical revolutionaries]   In practical terms, this chapter is perhaps the most devastating for the defenders of the liturgical reform, and it alone, in my opinion, is worth the price of the entire book.

Read the entire review, I think it will give those readers seeking to understand even more the differences between the TLM and NO much of what they’re looking for.

If you get inspired to buy this book, which I do recommend, do bear in mind that Fr. Cekada is a sede vacantist.  He believes the last valid pope was Innocent III.  No, I’m kidding, he thinks it’s Pius XII, but you may as well go back to Peter if you think the Chair is empty.  Nevertheless, on this subject, Cekada has produced as thorough, and as devastating, an analysis of the Novus Ordo, its origins, and its incompatibility with the preceding liturgical tradition as I’ve seen.  So, enjoy the book, but stop there, don’t go chasing after any of Cekada’s other works.

The god-father of “new age” was a sick anti-Catholic deviant February 18, 2014

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Below I will excerpt some portions of Amchurch Comes Out, from pp. 225-232.  They deal with the history and thought of Carl Jung, purported expert in psychoanalysis and founder of what is commonly called the new age religion.  I haven’t blogged on new age in a while, but this is critical, critical information on the man considered the founder and intellectual guiding light of this false, perverse religion.  New age practices tragically remain incredibly widespread in the Church, with numerous local parishes in the Dallas area hosting yoga, enneagrams, reiki, transcendental meditation, etc.  All of these practices are impossible to reconcile with proper Catholic spirituality as they are oriented towards self-exaltation and finding “the god within.”

There is much explosive information below.  How anyone could even remotely adhere to new age practices based on this man’s Church-hatred and perversion is beyond me:

In his 1933 classic, Essays of a Catholic, [eminent Catholic historian Hillaire] Belloc predicted that “when the gods of the new paganism come they will not be merely insufficient, as were the gods of Greece, nor merely false; they will be evil.  One might put it in a sentence, and say that the new paganism, foolishly expecting satisfaction, will fall, before it knows where it is, into satanism.”

In that same period, the 1930s, Swiss psychologist Carl Gustav Jung began sending out his anointed disciples from Zurich to Britain and the United States to spread his Jungian doctrines and establish what historian and psychologist Dr. Richard Noll described as “an anti-orthodox Christianity cult of redemption or Nietszchean religion [the same kind of sick false religion that powered Nazism, of which Jung was a big fan] ,” finding fertile ground especially among disorientated Catholics [though not until the 1960s].

……..Jung’s entire life and work was motivated by a desire to overthrow the Catholic Church, whose religious doctrine and moral teachings he considered the source of all the neuroses which afflicted Western man.  In short: Jung hated the Catholic Church, and by his experience with occult forces, he believed he could destroy it by unleashing the power of disordered sex.

With the financial backing of some of the wealthiest Americans, including the Rockefeller family, and teh support of Marxist ideologues, eugenicists, and sexual libertines in the media, universitis, and government, Jung’s program to deconstruct orthodox Christianity became the playbook for the managerial elite of the new planned society of the 1930s….. [referring here to the New Deal]

Jung’s influence cannot be underestimated…..

…..By 1912, Jung was totally absorbed by eroticism and entranced by the occult, particularly the ritualistic liturgies of Mithras. [Remember, modernist thought was at its height at this time. Pope St. Pius X had formally defined and anathematized the heresy a few years before.  What is not widely known, is that many of these early adherents to modernism soon fell into the occult. Occult practices were rampant among academics, especially left wing academics, in the period from 1900-1940 or so]  That year, he announced he could no longer be a Christian, and that only the “new” science of psychoanalysis – as he defined it – could offer personal and cultural renewal and rebirth  [setting up “science” – even though it wasn’t real science – as a false god.  Very common.  These men seek to overthrow God and replace Him with…….themselves.  It is the very oldest heresy, it is satan’s heresy]

To Jung, honoring “god” meant honoring the libido. Indeed…….”Jung offers the psychoanalytic term ‘libido’ as a mystical substitute for ‘vital force’  [vital force – that is a term straight out of the modernist heresy] or even ‘god.’ …….

…..”The experience of a god within was always a key promise of Jung, and his method of psychotherapy, and it is indeed a central part of Jung’s repudiation of traditional Christianity that offered a God that was distant, transcendental and absolute……..

……Having a “god within” could lead to the experience of becoming one with “god,” or merging with this god-force in some way.  It is clear from his many statements that Jung felt that the central experience of transformation in the ancient mystery cults of the Hellenistic world involved just such a process or experience of self-deification.  [And achieving “contact” or “union” with this personal, individual “god within” remains the sole focus of all new age practices. This is a god of the individual’s making, in spite of occasional “Catholic” cover language to the contrary used by new age sisters like Joyce Rupp, and thus a false god, a competitor to the One, True, God. Little wonder, then, so many new age types wind up wandering further and further into paganism, the occult, wicca, etc.]

……..Jung’s drive to formulate a new religion was the result of trying to justify his own sins; the betrayal of his wife and the betrayal and seduction of his patient Sabina Spielrein. He needs to conceive a ‘better religion, one that wouldn’t condemn him for his sins. [All public heresy is driven by private sin]

At bottom, Jung betrayed his father, his wife, his patient, and, of course, Christ, in trying to ease the rebukes his conscience delivered. [Jung had been baptized as a protestant]

[Condensing some other disparate quotes:  Jung began arranging orgies from among his female and male patients, he used these sex orgies to drive people away from their Christian upbringing and to introduce them into the occult, he defended infidelity and fornication, he got increasingly into witchcraft and other satanism, etc]

….Jung has been the driving force of the “quiet revolution” in the Catholic Church for the past sixty years, at least. His teachings long ago replaced those of Jesus Christ, St. Paul, St. Augustine, and St. Thomas Aquinas in the “mainstream” of Catholic teaching in seminaries, convents, Catholic colleges and universities, retreat programs and spiritual formation courses in Western Europe and the United States – a revolution which most Catholics have not yet noticed. [Indeed, I started this blog in response to a scandalous series of Lenten retreats hosted by new age female religious.]

Even more peculiar is the fact that Jung, an “apostle for adultery,” who believed in (and practiced polygamy), who devoted his life to overthrowing patriarchal society and reviving ancient pagan gods of the libido, should have his “insights” into masculinity, femininity, and sexuality upheld by a woman – Dolores Leckey – who headed the US bishop’s marriage and family life office in their national conference for 20 years! [And, of course, these new age heresies have been widely promoted by numerous religious, like Richard Rohr, Thomas Keating, Joyce Rupp, etc.  The vast majority of 60+ year old religious in this country adhere to new age practices in one manner or another.  That is why their orders are already well past the point of collapse – they embrace a spirituality directly antithetical to the right practice of the Faith]

Jung’s obsession with overthrowing orthodox Christianity is detailed in Dr. Richard Noll’s The Aryan Christ: The Secret Life of C.G. Jung.

[Regarding Jung’s theories of masculinity, femininity, and “finding the god within”, supposedly based on his psychoanalytical research, which have found wide acceptance in the Church in the US, and which featured in a book written by the aforementioned Dolores Leckey]……Those particular ideas of Jung’s have no scientific validity.  Essentially, Jung borrowed this cluster of ideas from the Aryan spirituality and occultism of his day….

……People who say such things think they are speaking scientifically, but this vocabulary comes from an occult tradition prevalent at the turn of the century in Germany….. [a tradition prevalent because of modernist rejection of Catholicism, which was rampant in Germany at that time]

…Walk into a typical Catholic bookstore and browse in the “spirituality” section, and you’ll see the best-selling books of such popularizers of the Jung cult as priests Basil Pennington, Richard Rohr, and Thomas Keating.

Read the lists for “spirituality” programs and retreats in many diocesan newspapers, and you will see programs on Jungian dream analysis, discovering the child within, contacting your inner “god/goddess,” or similar such Jungian therapy programs predominate, even though they have nothing to do with Catholic spirituality, and are inherently antithetical to it.

————-End Quote————

And thus, new age errors have become, incredibly, one of the most prominent if not the most prominent approaches to spirituality abroad in the Church in the US today.

As I said, this blog got started as a response to a particularly egregious series of Lenten retreats given in the Dallas Diocese back in 2010.  Since that time, there have still been retreats featuring female religious, but they have featured individuals without much of a paper trail, so that it is difficult to ascertain just what they present.  But I know there are still numerous parishes in the Diocese that regularly promote and host new age spirituality practices, from yoga to reiki to new age/eastern meditation……the list is quite extensive.  When I presented problems regarding these practices to some area pastors, the response ranged from silence to hostility.

I used to peruse parish bulletins to see what they had going on regarding these types of programs.  I haven’t done that of late, but intend to get back to it.  It will probably mean a lot fewer posts, but more focused.  You, dear reader, could certainly help in that regard.  Especially here in the Dallas Diocese (but I would consider posting materials from other nearby dioceses), if you find in your parish bulletin some problematic activity, you could certainly bring that to my attention, or you could contact the pastor yourself if you feel able.  Always be constantly polite and thankful.

If you found something you thought worthy for me to pursue, you could e-mail it to me or leave a comment on the blog.

The reason for doing this is to protect souls from being exposed to destructive, diabolically-inspired new age practices.  My personal experience with these folks, and Paul Likoudis confirms such in Amchurch Comes Out, is that they are almost impossible to convert. Once souls get lost in these very self-oriented, inwardly-turned practices, there is almost an addictive quality that leads them deeper and deeper into paganism and the occult, and turning them around takes a practical miracle.  Prevention, in this case, is utterly paramount. You have to stop people being exposed to this entre’ into the occult.

Spiritually speaking, folks absorbed into new age are exposed to all kinds of dark spiritual forces. That, coupled with the great temptation to pride (making god unto oneself), makes new age a uniquely dangerous practice.

It is a spiritual nightmare and we desperately need to make souls aware of just how dangerous this new age stuff is.  One of the major sources of the great spiritual weakness in the Church today, and the prevalence of very dark forces as witnessed in priest boy rape and all that, is this widespread dabbling in near-occult practices.


Study reveals: Americans dumb, liberals dumbest February 18, 2014

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One of the great conceits of the modern left is that they alone are possessed of the kind of dispassionate, rational, scientifically informed thinking that can truly guide to the best policy decisions.  They constantly set themselves up in opposition to the stupid, mouth-breathing bible-humping Christofascist conservatives, who cling to religious fantasy in a desperate attempt to find meaning in their otherwise pointless lives.

Thus, the demonrats and their media allies consistently refer to themselves as “the party of reason,” or “the reality-based community.”  This is rather odd, because democrats in general and leftists in particular are some of the most religious people around, dogmatically adhering to truly fantastical, unsupported theories like global warming cooling climate change, discredited Kinseyian sex theories and even more discredited Keynesian economic idiocies.

And in point of fact, numerous studies have shown that those who are strongly conservative are, on average, much better educated, have much higher incomes, and have far, far more stable lifestyles (marriage, kids, staying together for life, avoiding STDs, etc) than do their counterparts on the left.

For one more datapoint to that end, a recent study finds that liberals are far more likely to believe that astrology is a real science, and are also far, far more likely to not comprehend the dominant, accepted heliocentric model of the solar system (yes, I understand there are some opponents to this model among traditional Catholics, but that is such a small population, and the heliocentric model remains what is accepted and taught virtually universally at present, so that is, for now, the “correct” answer):



I find the data that “conservative” democrats are the most likely to think astrology a science particularly revealing. Anyone ignorant enough to think they can be both a conservative, and a democrat, has some issues.  Another explanation would be the immense gullibility required for someone ascribing to themselves conservative traits, willingly accepting democrat propaganda as to why they only ever pursue a left wing course, and that increasingly so as time has gone buy.  Such people are likely to believe anything.



This one particularly troubled me. If you add up all the numbers, you find that barely half of Americans can recall their 2nd grade science and know the earth rotates around the sun (again…..geocentrists just move along).  Conservative democrats once again reveal themselves to be one ignorant species.  At least hardcore leftists do better here, but not quite as well as conservative republicans.

All the above just once again reinforces Chesterton’s old dictum: those who reject God don’t believe in anything, it means they’ll believe in anything.  It also highlights just how utterly useless and counterproductive our bloated, unionized, state-funded educational industrial complex really is.  They can’t impart even a few basics.  And yet they demand, and receive, more and more and more money every year, to feed the gaping maw of the unions.

Time for collapse, and starting over.