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Study reveals: Americans dumb, liberals dumbest February 18, 2014

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One of the great conceits of the modern left is that they alone are possessed of the kind of dispassionate, rational, scientifically informed thinking that can truly guide to the best policy decisions.  They constantly set themselves up in opposition to the stupid, mouth-breathing bible-humping Christofascist conservatives, who cling to religious fantasy in a desperate attempt to find meaning in their otherwise pointless lives.

Thus, the demonrats and their media allies consistently refer to themselves as “the party of reason,” or “the reality-based community.”  This is rather odd, because democrats in general and leftists in particular are some of the most religious people around, dogmatically adhering to truly fantastical, unsupported theories like global warming cooling climate change, discredited Kinseyian sex theories and even more discredited Keynesian economic idiocies.

And in point of fact, numerous studies have shown that those who are strongly conservative are, on average, much better educated, have much higher incomes, and have far, far more stable lifestyles (marriage, kids, staying together for life, avoiding STDs, etc) than do their counterparts on the left.

For one more datapoint to that end, a recent study finds that liberals are far more likely to believe that astrology is a real science, and are also far, far more likely to not comprehend the dominant, accepted heliocentric model of the solar system (yes, I understand there are some opponents to this model among traditional Catholics, but that is such a small population, and the heliocentric model remains what is accepted and taught virtually universally at present, so that is, for now, the “correct” answer):



I find the data that “conservative” democrats are the most likely to think astrology a science particularly revealing. Anyone ignorant enough to think they can be both a conservative, and a democrat, has some issues.  Another explanation would be the immense gullibility required for someone ascribing to themselves conservative traits, willingly accepting democrat propaganda as to why they only ever pursue a left wing course, and that increasingly so as time has gone buy.  Such people are likely to believe anything.



This one particularly troubled me. If you add up all the numbers, you find that barely half of Americans can recall their 2nd grade science and know the earth rotates around the sun (again…..geocentrists just move along).  Conservative democrats once again reveal themselves to be one ignorant species.  At least hardcore leftists do better here, but not quite as well as conservative republicans.

All the above just once again reinforces Chesterton’s old dictum: those who reject God don’t believe in anything, it means they’ll believe in anything.  It also highlights just how utterly useless and counterproductive our bloated, unionized, state-funded educational industrial complex really is.  They can’t impart even a few basics.  And yet they demand, and receive, more and more and more money every year, to feed the gaping maw of the unions.

Time for collapse, and starting over.



1. discipleofthedumbox - February 18, 2014

No surprise here. Many American folks I know continue to believe that we are one nation. Who needs states, then when we have our federal king and his impotent senate? Those guys in the black robes can tell us what we can and cannot do with our state laws and what they say goes in every situation, right? Lord, have mercy.

2. maggycast - February 19, 2014

If you are judging this by how many people remember what was taught to them by the unionized industrial complex then yes, I’d say liberals are dumber than dirt. But we also have to realize that what we have accepted as scientific “fact” aka Earth revolves around sun and we are in no special place in the universe is all THEORY still. All of us have been lied to by “science” especially astronomy in that they present theories as fact. And to be honest, I would bet a good chunk of respondents got the terms “astronomy” and “astrology” mixed up:+) God bless~

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