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Fr. Rodriguez’ Excellent Adventure February 19, 2014

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I last posted about how Fr. Michael Rodriguez ran an extreme marathon in the Sierra Madre Occidental in Mexico last year.  Of course, being Fr. Rodriguez, he also offered several TLMs in various rural Mexican communities – for the first time in decades -and managed to bring many men back to Mass.

Fr. Rodriguez’ latest adventure was to lead a pilgrimage to Quito, Ecuador and southern Colombia to visit the incredible Basilica of Las Lajas.  There was some kind of Procession in Quito that Father led.  Father offered Mass at the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe, before the blessed, miraculous statue of Our Lady of Good Success, and led other prayers and devotions.

Once again, Fr. Rodriguez brought many people the Traditional Mass for the first time in decades.  Many men returned to the Mass after a long absence.  Everywhere he offered the Mass of All Ages, the people wished Father would not have to leave.  They wanted to keep him there to continue offering the Mass in such a beautiful, inspired manner.

I asked for some pics of the pilgrimage but I’ve only received one.  It’s below.

2014 Marian Pilgrimage


In Quito, they still do Processions up right.

Lord, to have a Procession like that in our Diocese!  If we could only have ONE Procession on downtown streets, say, on the Feast of Christ the King, every year!  How many souls could we reach?!?  How edifying it would be for all involved!

One day, Lord. I know it’s coming.

As for Fr. Rodriguez, he has taken his forced relocation to one of the most desolate parts of the country and turned it into an enormous spiritual fruit.  God bless him!


1. TG - February 20, 2014

Thanks for sharing. God bless Father Rodriguez. I know my father quit going to Mass when it changed. Both of my parents did. It’s hard to get men or boys enthused about NO Mass. If they are not grounded in their faith (especially little kids), they think it’s boring. We need a touch of the supernatural with beauty in the liturgy, music, and even church building. Unfortunately, I don’t think anything is going to be done about it soon by our church leaders especially right now.

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