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How to effect change in the Church February 19, 2014

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At the end of Amchurch Comes Out, Paul Likoudis quotes from a report written by Fr. Paul Shaughnessy, SJ, in Catholic World Report in November 2000.  This report was written specifically about how to address “The Gay Priest Problem,” but it has applicability in many other areas where performance of duty by the Church hierarchy has all but collapsed.  Simply put, Fr. Shaughnessy describes how the laity and orthodox members of the hierarchy, up to and including the Roman Curia and Holy Father, could radically improve the practice of the Faith across the board. Since homosexual or otherwise sexually unfaithful priests have played an enormous role in the collapse of discipline, adherence to Doctrine, propagation of liturgical abuse, etc., executing the 4 steps outlined below could have a massive impact on how the Faith is taught and practiced:

First, Rome must “require heads on platters.” Additionally, no man should be named a bishop, “unless he has a track record as a head-cracker and has cleaned up problems of sexual wrongdoing, by dismissing “gay” seminarians or seminary faculty, for example, or by getting rid of miscreants at a university chaplaincy. [This has occurred to a degree, but nearly so much as it needs to.  Pope Benedict did deliver up some heads on platters, and Pope Francis seems to be continuing that but at a much lower rate.  However, whether really good men are always being made bishop is a very open question.  It would appear some problems remain in that regard]

Secondly, bishops must set an explicit policy that will forbid homosexuals form entering their seminaries.  [This has also been done, to a degree, but clumsily and intrusively.  I don’t know how effective the current policy is.  From what I have heard, it’s much better than 30 years ago, but problems remain]

Third, simplicity must be restored to priestly life. “Physical comfort is the oxygen that feeds the fires of homosexual indulgence. Cut it off. When you enter a rectory, take a look at the liquor cabinet, the videos, the wardrobe, the slick magazines and ask yourself, ‘Do I get the impression that the man who lives here is in the habit of saying no to himself?’ If the answer is negative, the chances are that his life of chastity is in disorder as well. It goes without saying that reforming bishops should lead by example in this department and not simply exhort.” [These are very important points. The rectory of a certain extremely influential, even though retired, monsignor in this diocese corresponded with many of the warning signals given above. He played a very big role in getting Rudy Kos into seminary.  And yet, he also continues to heavily influence Church design around this Diocese and the entire country. Cardinal Chaput sold off his episcopal mansion and moved into a room in the seminary.  Our bishop has not followed that kind of example, and continues to reside on Turtle Creek.]

Fourth, the lay faithful must demand high standards of their priests, starting with the simple demand that the parish priest always appear in his clericals when he is outside the rectory.  Then, laity are to use their checkbooks as a carrot and stick.  Remember that when your pastoral associate flies to Rio during Mardi Gras, you’re footing the bill.  Don’t be silent partners in corruption.

————-End Quote———–

That last bit is the key.  It’s something I have argued in favor of from time to time, but I have sensed folks are reluctant to “go there.”  I refer to withholding donations from your local parish in response to error being taught, liturgical abuse, etc.  Yes, we have a requirement to materially support the Church but there are many good, faithful institutions you can fund in lieu of an abusive one.  There is a requirement to support your parish, but that requirement has no minimum.  So, you could shift your donations to worthy organizations within the Church while all but eliminating your support for your problematic parish.

And if you do so, be sure to send a letter explaining what you are doing and why – tactfully, charitably.  It is best if you can get a group of concerned parishioners to take this act as a body.  A pastor can blow off one generous donor withholding support, but not a few dozen of his best monetary supporters.  The number one question bishops have for their pastors is “are you bringing in the money?” I know this would be a powerful vehicle to effect change, but it seems few are comfortable doing so.

Think about it, perhaps.


1. TG - February 19, 2014

I withheld this year from the diocese because there’s too much “social justice”. Instead I give more to my parish. We have the NO mass but reverend. We have a 24/7 adoration chapel. I can’t withhold just because I don’t like certain choirs. Also, there are so many good pro-life charities and pregnancy crisis centers to give to.

2. discipleofthedumbox - February 19, 2014

We can do the same for our government as well. Just saying…withhold your ‘donations’ and the entire evil edifice collapses.

tantamergo - February 19, 2014

Well, the Church doesn’t throw people in jail for not tithing.

But I agree in principle.

discipleofthedumbox - February 19, 2014

It may just have to come to that…

3. Baseballmom - February 19, 2014

Number three is crucial. Thank you for bringing this up. I know a few priests quite well…. They are not bad guys at all…BUT…. Honest to goodness ALL OF THEIR SALARY IS DISCRETIONARY INCOME!!!!! Yup, they call it a “small salary” – average is about 2300 a month…. But ALL their basic needs are covered by the parish. Medical ins. Housing, utilities, food, gasoline and car ins. AND they receive stipends on top of the salary. Sure, my family makes more money, but we do not have 2300 bucks to blow on I Phones, computers, nice pipes, and other trinkets….

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