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Sublime and uplifting – Miserere mei, Deus February 19, 2014

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I do believe this is the most sublime, transcendent hymn/chant I have ever heard.  It is certainly one of my favorites.  It is as good an example of polyphony as you will find.  It is so gorgeous and moving I am certain it is inspired. When I first heard it, I had great transports and felt as if I had touched that little bit of Heaven that descends at the Mass (or, do we go up?) to make the Consecration possible.

Miserere Mei, Deus, is taken from Psalm 50.

We must always remember that, in spite of the avalanche of human failures in the Church that confront us constantly, THIS is what the Church is really about.  Glory, beauty, love, hope, faith, certainty that if we are faithful and correspond with Grace we will enjoy basking in the perfect satisfaction and rest of the Beatific Vision for all eternity.

The Gift is simply beyond us.  Words can’t begin to express what we receive, even in the Mass, let alone what we may receive in eternal beatitude, if we remain faithful.

I give you two versions below.  I think the first is better. I tell you, I think the alto soprano at MD does a better job than either of the ones below.


Ah heck, here is some more. Whole albums of chant, put it on while you set at your desk at work or move about the house, if you’re like me, it will calm you and also help focus your thoughts outside yourself, on more uplifting matters.  Also, demons and dark forces don’t like Chant!

The part from ~20:00 – 30:00 just wowed me.

These guys below are associated with Solesmes.  They are Benedictines from Spain:



1. LaGallina - February 20, 2014

My absolute favorite piece of music ever!!!! I listen to it so much that I wonder if maybe I shouldn’t save it for Ash Wednesday. (Was that the one day of the year it could be performed? In the Sistine Chapel?)

It seriously does make me feel like I am experiencing a tiny sliver of heaven. I discovered Miserere Mei Deus before I was Catholic. A tiny bit of it was played in an audio story my kids had –” Papa Hydn’s Surprise” by Ann Rachlin. Great story btw. I fell in love with that little sliver of the song and hunted until I finally figured out what it was.

It also shows up in an audio kid’s story about Mozart. The story that he heard it once at the age of 14 when visiting Rome, then went home and wrote it all out from memory. Definitely inspired. God inspires such incredible beauty!

2. St Maravillas21 - February 20, 2014

Reblogged this on Carmel, Garden of God.

3. LaGallina - February 20, 2014

I listen all day long to my Pandora station called “Miserere Mei Deus.” That is the easiest way to be immersed in beautiful polyphony all day long.

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