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The Saints on Sodomy February 20, 2014

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My kids, and I to a very limited extent, have been enjoying the Olympics. I have allowed the rabbit ears to be plugged in for the duration, but after this weekend they are going away at least until football season. I won’t miss it.  We’ve had to turn off the volume during commercials, avert our eyes, and put up with NBC’s reflexive, Putin-pumping leftism.

But the worst part of the Olympics hasn’t been on TV, it’s been Google and their increasingly strident pro-sodomy stance. Earlier, they were using the sodomite’s blasphemous use of the rainbow – the sign instituted by God as a covenant between Himself and man AFTER the sins of sodom and gomorrah forced Him to destroy the world – as their “Google doodle” in support of the Olympics.  You can see how it ties together:

Google Sodo-Facism


Vox Cantoris has some quotes from the Saints on the hideous sin of sodomy, and its feminine twin in debauchery:

Tertullian, the great apologist of the Church in the second century, writes: “All other frenzies of lusts which exceed the laws of nature and are impious toward both bodies and the sexes we banish… from all shelter of the Church, for they are not sins so much as monstrosities.” (Tertullian,De pudicitia, IV)
Saint Basil of Caesarea, the fourth century Church Father who wrote the principal rule of the monks of the East, establishes this: “The cleric or monk who molests youths or boys or is caught kissing or committing some turpitude, let him be whipped in public, deprived of his crown [tonsure] and, after having his head shaved, let his face be covered with spittle; and [let him be] bound in iron chains, condemned to six months in prison, reduced to eating rye bread once a day in the evening three times per week. After these six months living in a separate cell under the custody of a wise elder with great spiritual experience, let him be subjected to prayers, vigils and manual work, always under the guard of two spiritual brothers, without being allowed to have any relationship… with young people.” (St. Basil of Caesarea, in St. Peter Damien, Liber Gomorrhianus, cols. 174f.)  [That kind of treatment would have stamped out the priest boy-rape scandal before it began!]

Saint Augustine is categorical in the combat against sodomy and similar vices. The great Bishop of Hippo writes: “Sins against nature, therefore, like the sin of Sodom, are abominable and deserve punishment whenever and wherever they are committed.” (Rom. 1:26). (St. Augustine,Confessions, Book III, chap. 8) [Tell us again, friends of Sodom, how those 5 cities were really destroyed for being insufficiently congenial hosts?  What kind of a monster do you make God into?  Destroying cities, killing hundreds of thousands, for not exercising sufficient hospitality?  Please! It was about perverse sex, one of the four sins that cry to Heaven for vengeance!  That is the abomination God cannot abide.]

Saint John Chrysostom writes: “All passions are dishonorable, for the soul is even more prejudiced and degraded by sin than is the body by disease; but the worst of all passions is lust between men… There is nothing, absolutely nothing more mad or damaging than this perversity.” (St. John Chrysostom, In Epistulam ad Romanos IV) [Is that clear enough?]

Saint Peter Damian’s Liber Gomorrhianus [Book of Gomorrah], addressed to Pope Leo IX, is considered the principal work against homosexuality. It reads: “Just as Saint Basil establishes that those who incur sins [against nature] … should be subjected not only to a hard penance but a public one, and Pope Siricius prohibits penitents from entering clerical orders, one can clearly deduce that he who corrupts himself with a man through the ignominious squalor of a filthy union does not deserve to exercise ecclesiastical functions, since those who were formerly given to vices … become unfit to administer the Sacraments.” (St. Peter Damian, Liber Gomorrhianus, cols. 174f) [Too bad we didn’t have a St. Peter Damian around in the US Church during the past several decades]

Saint Thomas Aquinas, writing about sins against nature, explains: “However, they are called passions of ignominy because they are not worthy of being named, according to that passage in Ephesians (5:12): ‘For the things that are done by them in secret, it is a shame even to speak of.’ For if the sins of the flesh are commonly censurable because they lead man to that which is bestial in him, much more so is the sin against nature, by which man debases himself lower than even his animal nature.” (St. Thomas Aquinas, Super Epistulas Sancti Pauli Ad Romanum I, 26, pp. 27f)

Saint Bernardine of Siena, a preacher of the fifteenth century, writes: “No sin has greater power over the soul than the one of cursed sodomy, which was always detested by all those who lived according to God….. Such passion for undue forms borders on madness. This vice disturbs the intellect, breaks an elevated and generous state of soul, drags great thoughts to petty ones, makes [men] pusillanimous and irascible, obstinate and hardened, servilely soft and incapable of anything.  Furthermore, the will, being agitated by the insatiable drive for pleasure, no longer follows reason, but furor.” (St. Bernardine of Siena, Predica XXXIX, in Le prediche volgari (Milan: Rizzoli, 1936), pp. 869ff.)

———End Qu0te———
There are many, many more such quotes from Saints and Fathers.  I have counted over two dozen separate condemnations of the sins of sodomy in Scripture, both Old Testament and New.  This is one of the most clearly defined moral imperatives in all of Christendom.  But today, the vast majority of self-described Catholics think it’s perfectly alright.  That is a tragedy of mammoth proportions.
And, as Fr. Shaughnessy pointed out in a post yesterday, sodomy is invariably tied in with other sins against temperance.  Priests who live in a manner not conducive to their vows, who live in luxury, take expensive trips, have fine clothes and furniture, eat fine food, etc……those are the ones most likely to fall into this deplorable sin, or who are already lost in it.  And since this sin is so hideous, so shameful, those lost in it MUST find companions to be co-conspirators, to hide their shame.  There is no limit to which they will not go to hide their shame, even to attempting to destroy what the Church is and always has been.
But they can never hide from He from whom they know they must give account. This thought drives all their destruction in the Church.


1. Baseballmom - February 20, 2014

These are awesome quotes! Thanks for posting. I will be saving this and passing it along.

2. LaGallina - February 21, 2014

My kids, too, have been watching the Olympics with the commercials on “freeze.” But I will be glad when they are over and we are back to no TV. The broadcasts have been mostly family friendly, thank God. Though my sons were especially scandalized by the male ice skaters’ girly costumes. (They thought they looked ridiculous,)

The day the Olympics started, I saw that little rainbow flag on a Google search, and I was so irritated I just switched my search engine immediately to Bing. They might be just as bad, but at least there aren’t any rainbows on my search page.

3. discipleofthedumbox - February 21, 2014

We’ve left Olympics watching years ago. It was too much a deification of the young and a tool of leftist propaganda not the least of which was its radical humanocentrism.

4. Marguerite Elena - February 21, 2014

Has anyone noticed the “glorification” of mothers, i.e. P&G commericals and the various interviews of the Olympians? Mothers are important but why no mention of fathers at all? No one can tell me this isn’t deliberate. In fact, there was one photo of an Olympian shown last night with the father’s face deliberately omitted from the shot. NBC intentionally promotes the re-engineering of society and it’s best to tune them out after the Games are over. ABC did a better job when they broadcasted the Olympics anyway..

5. Frank - February 21, 2014

Putin’s regime is oppressive, no doubt about that, but did anyone notice that it was only the Russians who wore Crosses and made the Sign of the Cross?

tantamergo - February 21, 2014

We observed that several times. Especially some of the Russian figure skaters, who don’t seem as inclined to severe moral degradation as some of their Western counterparts.

tantamergo - February 21, 2014

Oh, but a Polish guy did Sign himself and also speaks of going to Mass frequently – but still, Poland.

6. TG - February 21, 2014

Today is the feast day of St. Peter Damian according to the new church calendar. St. Peter Damian, pray for us.

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