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How the Mexican Church is implementing Summorum Pontificum…it isn’t February 24, 2014

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According to the report of Fr. Peter Carota, anyway, at least a sizable portion of the Church in Mexico – perhaps outside Guadalajara – remains very hostile to Tradition, and especially the Traditional Latin Mass.  Since the Internet is not nearly so ubiquitous in Mexico as it is in the US, and since many Mexicans have limited access to information, generally, most have never even heard of Summorum Pontificum.  Their bishops and priests apparently like to keep things that way, because they repeatedly told lay people and even religious that the Traditional Latin Mass was “invalid.”  Please.

We have a great deal of work to do.  Fr. Carota (I add emphasis and comments):

This morning I went to see Bishop Raul Gomez Gonzalez in Tenancingo to again ask him about supporting me with the Order of St. Pius V and the Latin Mass.  He is the bishop in charge of Malinalco where I have my parent’s house and the convent (where the Sisters of the Buen Samaritano use to live).  I had already approached him about this three years ago and talked with him about the “Summorum Pontificum”……..

……..When I first learned the Latin Mass, I began saying it here Mexico in a little chapel near to the my house.  The people did not like it because they liked it when I use to say it in spanish. [That’s pretty unusual in my experience.  Fr. Rodriguez has reported a lot of support in Mexico and other Latin American countries when he brings the TLM there, too]  But I still said my private mass, and everyone was welcomed.  One day, the Augustinian pastor from the parish arrived and just sat through the whole latin mass in the sanctuary.  Afterward he asked me: “what were you doing?”  I told him that I was saying a private Latin Mass.  He went out and told my friends that this mass was invalid. The next day I took Summorum Pontificum and the instructions Universae Ecclesiae (important parts highlighted in yellow) to his office.  I did this to show him that it was allowed and that priests and people have rights to have the Latin Mass offered.

He left the parish and the new pastor arrived.  I knew him from before.  When some people informed him that I was saying the Latin Mass in the chapel, he called me in and told me in strong words that the Latin Mass was prohibited.  The next day I took him a photo of Cardinal Canizares offering the Latin Mass in the Vatican.  He then admitted that is was allowed.  [So, he knew it was allowed, but he’s accustomed into bullying people not to accept it, or even ordering other priests not to offer it?]  I then humbly asked him for permission to say it privately in the hospital chapel of the Sisters of the Buen Samaritano.  He said ok.

For a few days I was again happily saying the Holy Mass there.  But then the pastor called the mother superior and told her not to allow me and that the Latin Mass was prohibited. [The opponents of the TLM do not give in so easily] Thanks be to God she had already read the introduction in the Ecclesia Dei white spanish booklet that explained Pope Benedict’s “Summorum Pontificum”.  She told him that the pope had given permission for this mass.  But, so as to not get them in trouble with their pastor, I started saying it in my tiny chapel I had build the year before. [So, even though Fr. Carota is fully within his rights to offer the TLM wherever he has permission to offer the Novus Ordo, to avoid possible repercussions to these good nuns and to prevent further bad feelings, he very charitably went back to a family chapel on his own property to offer the TLM]

I then went and took copies of Summorum Pontificum and the instructions Universae to the Bishop’s office so that he would see and read with his own eyes (again all the important parts highlighted in yellow so he could read it quickly) that the Latin Mass is permitted.  [Surely every bishop knows of Summorum Pontificum and Universae Ecclesiae?]   I did this so that the bishop would know that there are educated people who know about what Pope Benedict had done for us who love the Latin Mass. [The implication being some prelates and priests prey on people’s ignorance by telling them the TLM is still “forbidden,” which it never was, nor ever could have been]

With all the problems I have had here with the local priests, I decided to again go and visit the bishop.  I did this to remind him of all that my parents and myself have done for the poor here in his diocese before he arrived three years ago.  I purposely did this so when the priest here Malinalco gets upset about the Latin Mass I am saying in my house [so these priests are upset about the presence of the TLM EVEN on private property, having nothing to do with any parish or parish facility!  That’s some ingrained antipathy….what a shame]  or my visiting the poor sick to hear their confessions, he will be benevolent to me and support me.  I have been coming here and working with the poor for 27 years now.  [Think about that. Fr. Carota’s family has generously supported the poor in this region of Mexico for nearly 30 years, Fr. Carota has done so for years himself and now brings them enormous spiritual fruit on his limited time off, and yet, the mere existence of the TLM offered by Fr. Carota, and not even on Church property, so sets these priests off that it apparently endangers Fr. Carota’s ability to come offer corporal and spiritual works of mercy for these poor people!  As I said, that’s some antipathy!]

While I was at it, I also asked him about his support of the order.  In response he said that his people only understand Spanish and that is why he does not support the Latin Mass.  [So, how did the people “understand” the Mass for 1500+ years without it being in the vernacular!  Please!  This is just a tired excuse for opposition, not a genuine reason.]  I went on to inform him that in the United States the traditional Latin Mass altar servers are wanting to be priests and that the Fraternity of St. Peter has so many young men in their seminary. [Even though I know many of you do not have access to a TLM, we must realize that the situation regarding TLM availability in this nation is infinitely better than it is is most of Latin America, where peoples who once had such an enormous devotion to the Mass are now both denied it, and exhibit a strange hostility to it, especially within the clergy.]

I also told him about the lack of children in the Catholic Church of the USA.  He said that the number of children are diminishing here in Mexico too. [In fact, the Mexican birth rate will soon be as low as that of the US.  We wont’ be seeing mass waves of millions of immigrants, anymore, because there won’t be such a large population of young people to drive it]  I then went on to tell him that traditional Catholic families are having a lot of children.

I have no idea what God has in mind when I am doing this education of priests and bishops about the Summorum Pontificum and Universae Ecclesiae.  But I do know that I need to do it no matter what the out come is.

——–End Quote———

Be sure to go to Fr. Carota’s and see his other posts about his mission to Mexico.  They are all very edifying.  It sheds some light on Fr. Carota’s background.  I am glad he has received such good support from his bishop.

Please offer some prayers – perhaps many prayers – for Fr. Carota.  He is sure to be the target of retribution after a post like this.  God bless him, for having the honesty and care for souls to do so.  His forthrightness is to be commended.

Tragic: Thousands of churches closing in France. I know why. February 24, 2014

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As reported by Gillibrand, thousands of Catholic parishes are closing in France and being subsequently sold off, due to lack of attendance.  Since the Council, weekly Mass attendance in France has fallen by about 80-90%.  Today, fewer than 3% of self-described Catholics assist at Mass.  It is likely that in the next 10-20 years, the majority of those who assist at Mass every week in France will be traditional Catholics.  That may actually be a good thing.

However, in the interim, it will be very sad as church after church, parish after parish, is shuttered and sold off or torn down:

How has this come to be? Everyone knows, some more consciously than others.  It has something to do with that Good Shepherd parish, just as it has to do with this below, also from Gillibrand:







Teddy bear “Mass.”  With female “deacon?”  Not from France, but similar occurs there frequently.  As, apparently, we have very nearly the same here in the US.

Yes, there are many factors bearing upon the collapse of the Church in the West, but the Liturgy is the focal point of the Faith, so the anti-liturgical revolution has done as much or more to precipitate the collapse than any other factor.

PS – Who ever thought there might come a day when there would be more practicing muslims in France than Catholics?  Is that ecumenism, too?

“Jesus is on the floor” February 24, 2014

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A reader sent this video to me, and aside from the attempt – perhaps – to be overly cute by using a child with a severe lisp, this video conveys an extremely important truth.  Communion in the Hand is not only an abuse which started under threat of schism from modernist elements in the Church, it is also a practice that routinely leads to profanation of the Blessed Sacrament in all manner of ways.

While this video tends to focus on accidental profanation, through the many particles of the Blessed Sacrament that inevitably fall to the floor during hand-to-hand and hand-to-mouth transfer (I’ve seen this a number of times, I even went and tried to pick some particles out of the floor on a few occasions), there is also deliberate profanation, as the second video shows.  In that case, a Central American politician rightly denied Communion for promoting political views incompatible with the Faith was brought the Blessed Sacrament by his girlfriend (can you say, fornication?), who then stuffed it in his shirt pocket.  Even worse, still, is the routine use of Hosts taken away from Catholic Masses for use in Black Masses by satanists.  And, of course, there is the routine finding of the Blessed Sacrament in church pews, parking lots, shrubbery, on the floor, etc.

This is one of the most awful abuses of the Novus Ordo, and has absolutely NOTHING to do with the Second Vatican Council.  It is simply a modernist abuse, an attempt to dramatically reduce acceptance of the Real Presence and proper Catholic Eucharistic piety.

Predictably, it has been wildly successful.  First, the video sent by reader TB, then the Eucharistic scandal in Costa Rica:

Here is our new Jezebel in action:

You may not feel quite so smug, Jezebel, at your particular judgment.  Heck, even in this life, once your youthful beauty fades, you might come to regret treating Our Blessed Lord as a cracker, even after apparently receiving counsel from the bishop.

So, I shouldn’t have converted, then? – UPDATED February 24, 2014

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The other major story – or perhaps scandal – that broke over the weekend was Louis Verricchio’s revealing to the orthodox Catholic world, anyway, that Pope Francis had sent a greeting to an American evangelical protestant confab wherein he called some guy named Tony Palmer-  who has gotten many, many Catholics to reject their faith and apostasize – his “brother bishop.”

It seems Tony Palmer has known the pope since his days in Argentina and that they are great buds.  Palmer was due to speak at one of Kenneth Copeland’s protestant hootenannys and wanted Pope Francis to send a greeting to the evangelicals. Pope Francis, who has had a long history of eager cooperation with evangelicals, went so far, on video, as calling Palmer his “brother bishop” (see 1:20):

Verricchio has many videos from the confab at his site, if you want a flavor for that kind of false-emotion, overly produced, and highly staged event.  I’ve been watching and observing evangelicals for over 30 years, and it’s always the same: the twisting of bits of Scripture to their own destruction, orchestrated events to fire emotions, and always money, money, money.  You don’t love Jesus if you don’t keep me in $5000 suits.

So, one of these types – wearing a pretend Roman collar, no less – is a “brother bishop?”  Speaking from the heart?  So then why did I convert? Why should anyone convert?  And when Pope Francis says @1:55 that Jesus Christ is “the only Lord,” how does he reconcile that with telling muslims they don’t need to convert and can be saved by their faith in “Allah?”  You can include the Jews, who specifically repudiate Jesus Christ and frequently harbor a great animosity towards Christians and Christianity.  But Pope Francis, echoing nebulous conciliar statements, claim they have their own path to salvation.

Yes, what happened to “let your yes mean yes and your no mean no?”  Is this a different message for a different audience?  When speaking to muslims, islam is fine, but when speaking to evangelicals, Jesus Christ is the Only Lord?!  Que paso, Jorge?

From the standpoint of one who very deliberately, after much suffering, converted to the Faith, I have to say, all these excessive efforts at ecumenical outreach are very painful for me to see.  It seems to trivialize all I went through for the sake of conversion (and I am far from alone), which painful process I have never once seen Pope Francis mention as being noble, or even worthy.

Instead, what we have seen repeatedly is that all these false sects, with their erroneous beliefs which actually lead people away from Christ, in so many cases, are saintly “brothers” who are just perfectly fine where they are at.  Again, this is not limited to separated Christians, it seems to apply to EVERY religion out there. This is self-contradictory thinking, as I pointed out above, for by embracing evangelical protestants who love them some Jesus, Pope Francis is telling the same muslims he embraced a few months ago that they are, in fact, in thrall of an idolatrous false religion.  This is the fundamental flaw in all ecumenism, aside from the massive indifferentism it perpetuates: any “advance” with one sect or group means a setback with another, because they believe contradictory things.  That is one major reason why ecumenism, as such, is doomed to fail.

Unless, of course, we reduce our Faith to just a worldly feel-good society where the lowest religious common denominator predominates.  That would result in Catholic churches inescapably being Good Shepherds, with 20 or 30 old women in attendance and no one else (essentially, like France).  Which error Pope Francis again and again claims to oppose, but then we see this very “heartfelt” message.  What are we to believe?  It’s just confusion piled on confusion – the favorite tool of modernists.

Well, now we have more fodder for our Septuagesima and Lenten sufferings.  Louis Verricchio also notes that Pope Francis appears to have a kind word, even a heart felt love, for everyone, save orthodox/traditional Catholics.  There’s a phrase for that, but I’ll keep it to myself.

To give you an idea of what kind of creature Copeland, Palmer, and their fellow televangelists, see this report from an admittedly hostile secular pagan tabloid.  Nonetheless, as Verricchio notes, how does Pope Francis square his denouncing of the rich and love of the poor, and his encouragement to pursue  a simple, Christian lifestyle, with this man’s fabulous wealth?  And almost every other major televangelist enjoys a similar lifestyle:

UPDATE: Just another thought, for those who may express scandal at this post. If I made a post where I referred to Anglican/evangelical orders as valid (there is massive question as to the lineage of this “Bishop” Tony Palmer, and whether he is even truly Anglican), and called Episcopal head Catherine Jefferts Schori a true bishop in Christ’s Church, would there not be scandal?  Would I not rightly lose the attention of many readers?  Even if I claimed differently, later, would my claim, if I had originally had doubts, at least be a grave sin against prudence?

I cannot judge the actions of a pope, but I can recognize scandal when I see it.

UPDATE II: So, I guess I should not have been surprised. Nevertheless, I have been dismayed at the outpouring of ecstatic, uncritical support for this little ecumenical gesture on the part of Pope Francis.  A few mix in a word or two of caution regarding the doctrinal gulf between protestants, especially evangelical protestants, and Catholics.  But even those are pretty muted.  Most reactions have stated just how unreservedly pleased Our Blessed Lord must be at this turn of events, because apparently what Jesus craves more than anything is “unity.”  Whatever that means.  Of course, any unity that failed to proclaim Christ’s sovereign Reign and which would be founded at least in part on error would be totally false.

One common defense of the greeting I’ve seen is that we have to meet people on their terms, that Catholics must “try to at least find some common ground to bring us together and start a conversation must be the first step.”

Maybe.  It certainly sounds good to worldly, secular ears today.  But is that how the early Church dealt with heretics?  Aren’t protestants heretics?   How many great Saints and early Church Fathers can I quote that absolutely excoriated heretics in the most savage of terms, casting them literally and figuratively out of the Church and referring to them as children of satan – or even satans themselves.  So un-ecumenical!  But such was the faith that conquered an empire, and endured 2000+ years.

How did St. Paul react to the erroneous judaizers in Galatians and other letters?  Did he tell them how awesome they were, but they just had one or two errors to tweak?  NO!  He completely obliterated them, knowing that one error mixed in with thousands of truths leads to the corruption of all.  He even “withstood Peter to his face,” showing that the pope can, indeed, be wrong, even on matters of doctrine.

But my biggest problem with Francis’ comments is that they just obliterate Catholic efforts at evangelization.  Now when Catholics try to convert protestants, what will they hear?  “Even your pope thinks we’re fine, leave me alone!”  How much harder will it be to promote the Church’s already moribund efforts at evangelization?  Just as it has become harder to defend the Church’s Doctrine on marriage and abortion, since Pope Francis’ previous unfortunate comments.  There have been full-blown heretic demonstrations at nominally Catholic colleges and schools, with the students claiming Pope Francis doesn’t “judge,” so let that “married” sodomite teach theology, or let that woman have an abortion.

And so it goes.


I miss so much being away on weekends! Like rank liturgical abuse! February 24, 2014

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One of the perils of being a weekday-only blogger – pretty much – is that sometimes explosive developments occur on weekends which I either entirely miss, or, when I do get to them, my commentary seems rather tardy.  That’s just one of the trade-offs I have to make, I am generally so busy with family-Church-chores on weekends that I just don’t have time to blog.

That does not mean I am completely out of the loop, however.  Via my wonderful wife, I was aware when a priest on Facebook showed the world that the feminized, protestantized, modernist, humanist deformations of the Mass that were so wildly popular in the 70s have not entirely gone the way of the dodo.  I refer of course to the video presentations made by Good Shepherd, ahem, Catholic Church in Menomonee Falls, WI, stalwart defenders of the liturgical nightmares unleashed by the corrupt homosexual bishop and Consilium adviser Rembert Weakland, showing how devastatingly poor an understanding of the Liturgy certain members of a certain generation still have:

Don’t you love how utterly matter of fact, proud, even, this man is of liturgical abuse and theological destruction?  Can his description of the Mass be described as even remotely Catholic?

Good Shepherd has now made this video private on Youtube, but what apparently most people haven’t discovered is that this sad parish has their own Youtube channel, and there are dozens of other videos uploaded.  These are mostly sanitized to remove many of the abuses/atrocities proclaimed by the deacon above as “brave new advances” (which is pathetic, they are actually 40 year old retread transgressions), but you can see below – if you can stand to watch – what a really modernist Novus Ordo looks, acts, and feels like.

For instance, in the Christmas Eve “homily” given by the now infamous deacon, the children are invited around the altar (naturally!), but the Gospel is delayed until after Deacon I’m a Star! gives his sage wisdom to the masses:

Wow.  What brilliance.  Let’s teach kids that Jesus Christ is just like Santa Claus, just another myth from your youth to be forgotten when you grow up.  Truly, this man is the 21st century heir of St. John Chrysostom.

They actually had a fairly full house at that Mass.  It appears that on many Sundays, they are averaging maybe 100 souls – probably a good deal less – at each of their two Masses:

Advance the video to about 3 minutes in and you’ll see the few lonely souls there in the pews comfy theater seats.

This “parish” in fact no longer has a priest assigned, it is now under the direction of the obviously heterodox Deacon “Sandy” and a female pastoral administrator.  You can find all this out at their parish website, along with the fact that attendance has been falling for years.  I don’t think this sad excuse for a parish is long for this world.

Pastoral Administrator

Parish Administrator

If you have time to waste, as we did Friday night, you can browse the many disturbing videos uploaded to the Good Shepherd Youtube channel.

This kind of garbage is still far, far too prevalent, but most pastors/deacons/lay women/whatever running parishes like this are generally smart enough not to broadcast themselves to the world as a salutary lesson in everything the Catholic Church should not be.  I would imagine Good Shepherd, the worldly sermons, the liturgical abuses, would even turn off all but the most liberal protestants.  As it plainly has most Catholics, or even Katholycs, given the pathetic attendance even on Sunday.

These places aren’t long for the world, but they continue to lead souls away from true faith in Jesus Christ.