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I miss so much being away on weekends! Like rank liturgical abuse! February 24, 2014

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One of the perils of being a weekday-only blogger – pretty much – is that sometimes explosive developments occur on weekends which I either entirely miss, or, when I do get to them, my commentary seems rather tardy.  That’s just one of the trade-offs I have to make, I am generally so busy with family-Church-chores on weekends that I just don’t have time to blog.

That does not mean I am completely out of the loop, however.  Via my wonderful wife, I was aware when a priest on Facebook showed the world that the feminized, protestantized, modernist, humanist deformations of the Mass that were so wildly popular in the 70s have not entirely gone the way of the dodo.  I refer of course to the video presentations made by Good Shepherd, ahem, Catholic Church in Menomonee Falls, WI, stalwart defenders of the liturgical nightmares unleashed by the corrupt homosexual bishop and Consilium adviser Rembert Weakland, showing how devastatingly poor an understanding of the Liturgy certain members of a certain generation still have:

Don’t you love how utterly matter of fact, proud, even, this man is of liturgical abuse and theological destruction?  Can his description of the Mass be described as even remotely Catholic?

Good Shepherd has now made this video private on Youtube, but what apparently most people haven’t discovered is that this sad parish has their own Youtube channel, and there are dozens of other videos uploaded.  These are mostly sanitized to remove many of the abuses/atrocities proclaimed by the deacon above as “brave new advances” (which is pathetic, they are actually 40 year old retread transgressions), but you can see below – if you can stand to watch – what a really modernist Novus Ordo looks, acts, and feels like.

For instance, in the Christmas Eve “homily” given by the now infamous deacon, the children are invited around the altar (naturally!), but the Gospel is delayed until after Deacon I’m a Star! gives his sage wisdom to the masses:

Wow.  What brilliance.  Let’s teach kids that Jesus Christ is just like Santa Claus, just another myth from your youth to be forgotten when you grow up.  Truly, this man is the 21st century heir of St. John Chrysostom.

They actually had a fairly full house at that Mass.  It appears that on many Sundays, they are averaging maybe 100 souls – probably a good deal less – at each of their two Masses:

Advance the video to about 3 minutes in and you’ll see the few lonely souls there in the pews comfy theater seats.

This “parish” in fact no longer has a priest assigned, it is now under the direction of the obviously heterodox Deacon “Sandy” and a female pastoral administrator.  You can find all this out at their parish website, along with the fact that attendance has been falling for years.  I don’t think this sad excuse for a parish is long for this world.

Pastoral Administrator

Parish Administrator

If you have time to waste, as we did Friday night, you can browse the many disturbing videos uploaded to the Good Shepherd Youtube channel.

This kind of garbage is still far, far too prevalent, but most pastors/deacons/lay women/whatever running parishes like this are generally smart enough not to broadcast themselves to the world as a salutary lesson in everything the Catholic Church should not be.  I would imagine Good Shepherd, the worldly sermons, the liturgical abuses, would even turn off all but the most liberal protestants.  As it plainly has most Catholics, or even Katholycs, given the pathetic attendance even on Sunday.

These places aren’t long for the world, but they continue to lead souls away from true faith in Jesus Christ.


1. John - February 24, 2014

Yikes…. This is actually still quite common out there.

2. Teresa Flick - February 24, 2014

Thank you…. I follow your blog and very much enjoy your entries.

Here in Cincinnati we can’t even get one dedicated Church for the TLM. They would rather sell closed up churches to protestants or entertainment efforts.

My mother just died and in Southern Indiana (central) they refuse to do a Requiem Mass… they seemingly do not know what that is.

another age of persecution for Catholics…

3. docmx001 - February 24, 2014

I couldn’t watch even half of it

4. discipleofthedumbox - February 24, 2014

Where was this? Oh, Wisconsin…never mind. I’ve some chicken harvesting to get to…see ya later… 😉

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6. St Maravillas21 - February 24, 2014

I attend a parish in the Austin diocese who is just as bad – EVERY mass! For our Christmas Eve mass for the homily, the kids were called up on the altar along with 2 from the church “band” with guitars and the priest went on and on about Santa Claus, they sang “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” and then a fool dressed as SANTA CLAUS came out from the wall behind the altar area and got the kids all excited. They sany more secular Santa songs and then the priest talks a little about the baby Jesus and want Christmas means. REALLY?! What kid is going to be listening to THAT when he went on about Santa Claus, presents, being good for SANTA and then “Santa” is standing 2 ft away from them? After all they know this Santa is the REAL one and not the fakes in the stores because he’s in church so he IS the real Santa! – so said a young kid to me afterward! These kids weren’t listening to the priest about Jesus’ birth, etc.

Of course the rest of this mass, as all the others at this parish are horrid. They have 10 Eucharistic ministers all the time, the church band plays all kinds of music but Catholic 99% of the time. They have guitars, a FULL drum set they bang on like it’s a freakin rock show, trumpets, those Mexican things you hold and shake with the beads in it. They have an organ they rarely use. Once they did and actually played a beautiful old Catholic hymn and I thought “Thank God, at least ONE song is pre-VII and on the organ”…so I thought for like 10 seconds before the fool on the drum set started banging along! I almost threw up! When they aren’t playing Protestant/Baptist etc songs, they are singing – lack of a better term as I’m not sure the real name of this type of music – negro spirituals and sounding like a bloody tent revival or something! It’s so sacrilegious it’s sickening!

There’s more wrong here like clapping for this church band during mass, clapping for the stupid comments and jokes during homily, etc. Of course the homilies are awful, useless and secular too.

As I have no car (sold it and will be entering Carmel soon – after saving for the airfare!), I am stuck going to this parish with a family member.

TG - February 24, 2014

If you live in Austin, St. Mary’s Cathedral has a Latin Mass at 3pm every Sunday. Maybe you can talk your family member to driving you there. I don’t know if I could attend such a Mass.

discipleofthedumbox - February 24, 2014

In Austin? You mean the ‘Let’s Keep Austin Wierd’ Austin? Eh, no surprises…Take TG’s advice and get thee to a righteous celebration of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

7. Baseballmom - February 24, 2014

Checked out their “justice” section…. Not one word on justice for the unborn…. Suuuuuprize suuuuuprize!!!!!

8. Hannah - February 25, 2014


I shudder to think what the great Popes and Saints of the past would have to say about this pitiful nonsense…

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