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Tragic: Thousands of churches closing in France. I know why. February 24, 2014

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As reported by Gillibrand, thousands of Catholic parishes are closing in France and being subsequently sold off, due to lack of attendance.  Since the Council, weekly Mass attendance in France has fallen by about 80-90%.  Today, fewer than 3% of self-described Catholics assist at Mass.  It is likely that in the next 10-20 years, the majority of those who assist at Mass every week in France will be traditional Catholics.  That may actually be a good thing.

However, in the interim, it will be very sad as church after church, parish after parish, is shuttered and sold off or torn down:

How has this come to be? Everyone knows, some more consciously than others.  It has something to do with that Good Shepherd parish, just as it has to do with this below, also from Gillibrand:







Teddy bear “Mass.”  With female “deacon?”  Not from France, but similar occurs there frequently.  As, apparently, we have very nearly the same here in the US.

Yes, there are many factors bearing upon the collapse of the Church in the West, but the Liturgy is the focal point of the Faith, so the anti-liturgical revolution has done as much or more to precipitate the collapse than any other factor.

PS – Who ever thought there might come a day when there would be more practicing muslims in France than Catholics?  Is that ecumenism, too?


1. TG - February 24, 2014

Well if I had to attend Masses like those, I don’t think I’d attend. Does the Lord expect us to attend Masses that have clowns, women deacons?

LaGallina - February 25, 2014

That’s what I often wonder too. When does it get to the point that going to Mass is more damaging to my children than staying home?

2. c matt - February 24, 2014

At least it seems he is ad orientum – or at least not facing the people. Except of course during the “patty cake” sign of peace.

3. John - February 25, 2014

I listened to this sermon today – It REALLY made me think about things…. http://www.romans10seventeen.org/audio-files/20131027-Spiritual-Contraception.mp3

4. John - February 25, 2014

Teddy Bear Paddy Cake Priestess… blah blah… I just puked…

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