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Electra, TX in blue February 26, 2014

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Electra, Texas was named after the fabulously wealthy daughter of Dan Waggoner, who started the fabled Waggoner Ranch in West Texas.  Under his son, Tom, the ranch grew to rival the King Ranch in South Texas, exceeding 500,000 acres.  Today, it’s down to around 370,000 acres, I believe, and is either in danger of, or in the process of, being sold off by squabbling heirs.  The last heir to really have control of the entire ranch was Electra Waggoner Biggs, a famous beauty and sculptor after whom the Buick Electra was named, and the Lockheed Electra, as well. She died in 2001.

Most local readers who have driven to Colorado have driven through Electra as they pass west of Wichita Falls on US 287.  A year ago, a couple heading from Taos, NM back to the DFW area decided to pull over and switch drivers.  A perfectly normal thing to do.  Up to that point on their trip, the wife had been driving the entire way (which I will not comment on), and now the husband was going to take over for the home stretch.  For some reason, Electra, TX cops decided they needed to ascertain what was going on, and then proceeded to demand ID and in general harass the man – who had not ever driven in the State of Texas on this particular day.  It is questionable whether police can demand ID – in the form of name, address, etc – from someone who is not being arrested. It is incontestable they cannot demand picture ID.

I’m sure some folks will say the guy had it coming to him, and he certainly goes to great lengths to make a point, but I also believe we are witnessing the steady erosion (to the extent they even exist) of our rights in this supposed liberal society, rights which supposedly offset the immorality and general chaos we see all around us.  That’s the tradeoff, right?  Liberal society undermines religion and tradition, and in general leads to moral decay, but the up side is we all get to be free, free, free, to do our own thing, and especially from this kind of authoritarian interference in our lives.

Uh huh.

If you feel the video is too long, you might want to just watch the last 5 minutes. It is extremely revealing, and I bet the city attorney is very uncomfortable, now, if not fired.  He basically called the cops out there inbred rednecks who are as great a threat to the innocent as to anyone else.  He also said rural justice is a joke, with those charged with crimes virtually inevitably convicted.  And the illegal body cavity searches continue……

What do we do about this, DDLG?



1. MicahC - February 26, 2014

I know Electra pretty well as I’m from Burkburnett/Wichita Falls.

It’s part of the good ol’boy network…

2. discipleofthedumbox - February 26, 2014

1. De-militarize the police, for starters. Ever notice how the vehicles are starting to look more and more like what you might find serving in our ‘nation’s’ unconstitutional standing army? Why is that, I wonder not so privately? What effect does this have on the local populace, psychologically-speaking, do you think? Are we at war within the state of Texas? If so, against whom? Many of those who are trained by these same empire-enablers come home and do what? Open a soup kitchen? A Catholic bookstore? Nope. They go right into law enforcement. This brings me to point two.

2. Get rid of the standing army. ‘Where is the enemy in our corner of the globe? I have news for you. We are that enemy.’ The logical result of our maintaining a standing army and in staying in a state of constant warfare around the world has produced this authoritarian mentality which has taken root on our shores, in our beloved Texas, even.

3. Remove the obscene amount of funding we provide to our so-called peace officers. By doing so, we remove the capability of our ‘homeland security’ forces to do the evil that we see daily as in this clip. You’ve no doubt witnessed or heard of the trouble given by these same ‘peace officers’ to members of the pro-life movement. Case rested.

4. Remove the ridiculous efforts to collect funds for local use by instituting quotas for police officers to act upon. This is nothing more than using Sheriff-Nottingham tactics to collect the almighty dollar for the municipality.

5. Keep making films such as this and expose these totalitarians for what they truly are. Follow up by bugging and I mean, unceasingly, your local representatives and those in charge of the men and women who perpetrate these abuses.

6. End the so-called ‘War on Drugs’. Much of the funding of this militarized nightmare comes from this abominable source. I paraphrase, ‘Fear will keep the local system in line. Fear of the marijuana leaf!’

7. Secede from the Union. By doing so, we weed out these statist ne’er-do-wells such as that worthless city attorney and those worthless police officers.

8. And most importantly, evangelize, evangelize, evangelize. As the Union’s adherence to the Word of God, that is Christ, wanes evils such as this only increase and no country or state is immune. For want of a shepherd, the flock suffers.

Examples of this rise of the police state in many places are a-plenty.


3. Don - February 26, 2014

The ‘war on drugs’ has wrought this. Time to decriminalize, along with educating in not using the drugs, that is the only proper solution. I think Portugal (where the Faith will always remain) has done similar with regards drugs. We have created a prison nation in America over drugs and we must stop it now.

4. Bill D. - February 27, 2014

Dem good ‘ol boys gets me mad.

5. stoney - February 27, 2014

Have you ever heard that song “Texas” by String Cheese Incident? Seems to apply in this situation:

Get me out of this small town, texas town
I don’t wanna be stuck in jail, when the sun goes down
But you can’t bust me, if ya dont know what you found

6. discipleofthedumbox - February 28, 2014

A sheriff in Montgomery county just received a $300K-valued drone. What the hell for?


This wasn’t for some backwoods town, either. This was Houston. You still think we don’t live in a police state? And who funded this technological terror? “The drone was purchased with a $300,000 grant from DHS.”

And just where did the unconstitutional alphabet letter agency get this money? That’s right. The taxpayer of this Union.

People, we need to secede. Sending our own money to a federal leviathan who in turn uses it against us to purchase robocops all in the name of ‘national security’ is nightmarish. If Stalin were alive today, he’d realize that his KGB had nothing on the DHS.

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