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Terrified children, betrayed by parents and physicians, will soon be dying in Belgium February 26, 2014

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And, as yet, our Holy Father has not seen fit to make one criticism of the Belgian parliament’s decision to legalize child killing euthanasia.   Fr. George Rutler has some thoughts on the matter, and raises one salient hope.  Pray, pray that the King of Belgium, Philippe, will refuse to give the royal assent to this disastrous bill, provoking a “constitutional crisis” but also keeping it from going into law:

On February 13, when the Belgian Chamber of Deputies approved by a vote of 86 to 44 an amendment to its 2002 euthanasia law, extending its provisions to include the killing of children, a man in the gallery cried out, “Murderers!”  Again, no one mentioned the cry, but there was an awkward silence until the man himself was silenced for exhibiting bad taste.  He had dared to remove the linguistic fig leaf from the euphemism “euthanasia.”  A euphemism covers shame, a timid confession by syntax rather than by sacrament, for a euphemism wants approval and not absolution.

Others have cried out, including a faculty member of Leuven University, Tom Mortier, whose mother had been “euthanized” in April 2012 without his permission by Doctor Wim Distelmans because she was chronically depressed. [Someone chronically depressed is not in full possession of her faculties. And yet the state killed her.  This is so evil]  Since then, legislators decided that children should share with adults a supposed right to be euthanized, when their present life is judged by the state, parents and the children themselves to be “unworthy of life.” [I can’t even comment.  Satan is having one of his best centuries ever]  This resonates with the well known language of two university men, the jurist Karl Binding and the psychiatrist Alfred Hoche, whose 1920 treatise “Die Freigabe der Vernichtung Lebensunwertes Lebens” gave an academic veneer to the consequent and more impatient Nazi protocols for “destroying life unworthy of living.”  Soon enough, vehicles rounded up the unfit, adults and children, with covered windows and sealed doors so that those inside could not be seen or heard.  [Yes, we wouldn’t want the lucky living to have to “suffer” any uncomfortable reminders of what’s going on around them] In 1941, a teenaged cousin of Pope Benedict XVI, with Downs Syndrome, was taken away in that fashion by “therapists” despite his family’s pleas and never to be seen again.

The twentieth century was littered with failed utopias called worker’s paradises and others thousand year reichs……….

……By high irony, what was “Bleeding Belgium” at the end of World War I has voted to bleed itself to death with an admixture of extravagant utopianism and cynicism. King Albert II, father of the new king, Philippe, hoped that his son would be “an inspiration for Europe” as he was fit for the job “emotionally and intellectually,” having been at the Belgian Royal Military Academy, Oxford, and Stanford. Philippe’s saintly uncle, King Baudouin abdicated for one day in 2002 rather than sign the original euthanasia bill.  The King of the Belgians now has only moral influence, but moral influence outlasts political influence, even if victims of power do not. If Baudouin’s nephew confounds expectations and refuses to give the Royal Assent, he will honor his uncle who asked parliament, “Does freedom of conscience apply to everyone except the King?”  Should he yield, his figurehead role will be so disfigured that his picture will serve a purpose only on the other side of the postage stamps…… [Pray for this king!]

This is not only Belgium’s problem. Immediately after February 13, a regular columnist in the Los Angeles Times wrote that “for a child facing death in the short term, and in agony, we as a society should enable the child’s right to die with the least amount of suffering…. Even if the concept chills the bones.”  [Just shut up with your evil. I won’t even form an argument, should this not be so obviously evil that any non-psychotic could recognize it as such?  But such is the foundation legalized baby killing has laid]

…..There is a macabre risibility about the Belgian provision that says that when parents and physicians decide to kill, “the child must be conscious of their decision and understand the meaning of euthanasia.” [And, of course, some poor dying child would never be unduly influenced by the adults around them, telling the child what was best for them.  And by them, I mean the adults…..]

This is so evil it almost gives me a panic attack.  Literally, when I think of some poor, sweet, very sick and in pain 6 year old girl, with her teddy bears and other indicators of her youth around her, being told by her parents (as the law demands) how  killing her is really the very best thing, and that she should be a good girl and lay there and take her death easily, the better to spare the parents suffering (which is what this is really all about, this is not compassion, it is the worst kind of selfish dereliction of duty).  I can imagine the panic the child would feel at this betrayal.  It makes me want to scream and cry at the same time.  I almost can’t stand it.  It’s just too much.

And yet, right now, it appears the State of Massachusetts is doing all it can to kill a formerly perfectly healthy teenage girl.  In reality, involuntary euthanasia, AKA murder, occurs all the time in hospitals, of old,  young, and in between.  We live in a utilitarian society, and if someone who has authority over you in a hospital, be it a nurse, doctor, administrator, or whomever, decides its time for you to die, unless you have family or other advocates watching like a hawk, they will kill you.  That is the state of the medical profession, and our society, today.


1. Wendy McClure - February 26, 2014

This is absolutely the logical outcome of abortion, which is the logical outcome of contraception. And it’s all unspeakably evil.

2. skeinster - February 26, 2014

Western Europe- the people we’re supposed to become…

Again, the late Fr. Paul Marx of Human Life International, called this thirty years ago. He suggested that we might have to establish an underground railroad to kidnap and protect patients like Teri Schiavo. And that dying oldsters would be pressured to end their lives to spare their families (now, the government) emotional pain and expense.

We must make the logical connection between contraception, abortion and patient murder clear to everyone, starting with our Catholic young people.

Whatever “they” tell you it won’t come to- always does.

tantamergo - February 26, 2014

Yep, great point. And thanks for the heads up on the disaster out of San Antonio, I’ll have a post up in a minute.

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