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Here cometh the persecution…… February 28, 2014

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…….and it’s riding the gay train, as I’ve long said.

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer refused to sign a bill passed with substantial majorities in the Arizona legislature that would have extended religious freedom protections to businesses.  A law exists that covers individuals.  Since many small businesses, in particular, are merely extensions of the individual, this law would appear to make a good deal of sense.  But, caving to outside pressure, including threats to never allow another Super Bowl in Arizona, Brewer refused to sign the bill.  So, Christian cake bakers and wedding photographers can still be forced to provide services for actions they find repugnant – such as marrying two people of the same sex – under penalty of law, if they get a magistrate or bureaucrat who feels their refusal constitutes a “hate crime.”

We have traveled, as Jonah Goldberg notes, an immense distance in a historical blink of the eye.  Just a couple of decades ago, homosexual acts and the inclination itself were viewed as profoundly disordered and destructive, with homosexual acts largely illegal (if unenforced) and homosexuality rated as a mental disorder – as it had been considered for a very, very long time.

But now we have come to such a low point, those who adhere to the same Christian Dogma regarding homosexuality that practically everyone at least tacitly accepted just a few years ago, are now called Nazis and likened to Jim Crow racists by the cultural powers that be:

Speaking of unreasonableness, according to ESPN’s Tony Kornheiser, if Arizona allows bakers to refuse to bake cakes for gay couples, gays may have to wear “yellow stars” like the Jews of Nazi Germany. It would be Jim Crow for gays according to, well, too many people to list.

So merely passing a law that allows people to refuse service to those who desire their participation in acts they find morally repugnant – such as photographing a “wedding” of two men – is so completely beyond the pale those people are likened to some of the most monstrous evils in all history.

In essence, Christianity is being forcible ejected from the public square.  And since Christianity is a religion that demands public practice and witness, there will be an inevitable clash between secularists that demand we shut up (or, preferably, cease to exist) and Christians who refuse to be silenced.

It happened in Canada, and some Christians went to jail.  Most just meekly acquiesced.

This is the persecution.  Will we be stronger in the Faith than many Canadians?  Will we fight like the French?  The FRENCH!  Where are our million-person marches on the Capital opposing this state-enforced immorality?

I am out of time!

How abnormal is this? February 28, 2014

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This post is not for kids or those with delicate consciences.  Kids, seriously, go away.  I’m not going to blog until you go.  NOW.


So, I’m still reading Goodbye, Good Men, Michael Rose’s expose on the late 20th century collapse of the American seminary due to leftist, modernist, and, above all, sodomite infiltration.  About halfway through the book, he makes another of his regular stunning revelations.  This one concerns Mt. Angel Seminary in Oregon, where about 20 years ago a certain professor – who also performed psychological examinations of the seminarians, evaluations which frequently derailed the hopes of many orthodox men – taught a required course on human sexuality.  This course was ludicrously obscene and seemed to reflect the perversions of the psychologist/professor (this is very common, those who have perversions or other grave conditions who obtain positions of influence over others almost invariably attempt to “normalize” their kinks by forcing those under their influence to accept their views).

The textbook was littered with porn.  But even worse, the professor foisted handouts to seminarians with asinine questions they were required to answer.  A sampling:

What is the content of your sexual fantasy life today?

How do you deal with your sexual feelings?  What are your experiences with self-pleasuring?

If you were to talk with your genitals, what would you like to say to them?  What would they like to say to you?

Wait.  What did he just ask?  Did he just tell people to talk to their genitals?

Is that even remotely normal?  Do people talk to their feet, or their hair?  How about their liver?  Is there something magical about genitalia that make them worthy discussion partners?

Is the professor insane?  Is he so completely, inordinately focused on sexuality as the be all and end all of existence (that is to say, he is a Jungian, which many psychologists are) that he imagines “genital discourse” as something even remotely normal?

I hope the seminarians all wrote in response “My genitalia said ‘Leave us alone, you’re a seminarian for Heaven’s sake!'”

With formation like this……….I don’t think I even need to say it.

I also read in Goodbye Good men that the Oblate School of Theology in San Antonio, back in the mid-90s, was using Richard McBrien’s completely discredited Catholicism in its basic theology course.  This is the book that was so bad, so heretical, that even the USCCB condemned it.  Now that’s saying something, because the USCCB has let some awful trash through.  Someone sold our name to the Missionary Oblates and we have been getting mailings from them for years, seeking donations.  They all go in the trash.




Holy Face Devotions at the Carmel Sunday 03/02! February 28, 2014

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No First Friday this week, cuz it ain’t a First Friday.  But this Sunday is the first Sunday of the month, so there will be Holy Face devotions at the Carmel.  All details below.  The flier also includes all the details for next week’s First Friday All Night Adoration, but I will also try to post a reminder next week.

Allnightcarmelites_march_april 2014

Dominus vobiscum!




Join Pray for Bishops Now….uh, now! February 28, 2014

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Someone has set up a website asking for Catholics to make daily prayers for their bishops, that they may have true faith, zeal, and courage in the performance of their absolutely vital apostolates.  You can read some details here, and the website has a blog with regular exhortations and encouragements to prayer, but I would think this should be a no-brainer. I also imagine many of my readers are already praying for their bishop and all bishops daily.

One benefit of participating in this effort is that the organizers have arranged to have a monthly Mass offered for the intentions and needs of those who participate.  The “requirements” for this effort are pretty minimal:

  • Pray a daily Morning Offering for the particular intention noted below, and
  • Pray one decade of the rosary (may be included in your daily rosary)

The morning offering is below:

  • O Jesus, through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, I offer Thee all my prayers, works, joys and sufferings of this day, for all the intentions of thy Sacred Heart, in union with the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass offered throughout the world, in reparation for my many sins, faults, negligence’s and omissions, for all the intentions for which Thou art immolated upon all Catholic altars, for the good intentions of our Holy Father, and in particular that God’s most holy Will may be accomplished in and through all Catholic Bishops, for the glory of God, the good of the Church, and the sanctification of souls.

This is a totally voluntary effort. There is no list to join or anything like that.  You just pray.

We should always pray for our bishops, their souls are exposed to so many dangers as satan knows that if he can pick off a bishop, or lead one astray, he can severely mess up the faith of thousands or even millions.  Look at the situation in Germany now for all the evidence one needs of that.

I am one who feels the great crisis in our Faith which has afflicted the Church in the past several decades is a crisis primarily of leadership, and specifically episcopal leadership. But I also know that the mass dereliction of duty we see so frequently is a direct result of the collapse of the right practice of the Faith on the part of the great majority of Catholics.  So many Catholics are essentially dead in the Faith.  Those of us who have the enormous blessing not to be, need to make enormous efforts on behalf of ourselves and all those who have fallen away, to try to sway the direction of the spiritual combat in favor of piety.

And I note that this small effort is yet another good fruit of the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter.