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How abnormal is this? February 28, 2014

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This post is not for kids or those with delicate consciences.  Kids, seriously, go away.  I’m not going to blog until you go.  NOW.


So, I’m still reading Goodbye, Good Men, Michael Rose’s expose on the late 20th century collapse of the American seminary due to leftist, modernist, and, above all, sodomite infiltration.  About halfway through the book, he makes another of his regular stunning revelations.  This one concerns Mt. Angel Seminary in Oregon, where about 20 years ago a certain professor – who also performed psychological examinations of the seminarians, evaluations which frequently derailed the hopes of many orthodox men – taught a required course on human sexuality.  This course was ludicrously obscene and seemed to reflect the perversions of the psychologist/professor (this is very common, those who have perversions or other grave conditions who obtain positions of influence over others almost invariably attempt to “normalize” their kinks by forcing those under their influence to accept their views).

The textbook was littered with porn.  But even worse, the professor foisted handouts to seminarians with asinine questions they were required to answer.  A sampling:

What is the content of your sexual fantasy life today?

How do you deal with your sexual feelings?  What are your experiences with self-pleasuring?

If you were to talk with your genitals, what would you like to say to them?  What would they like to say to you?

Wait.  What did he just ask?  Did he just tell people to talk to their genitals?

Is that even remotely normal?  Do people talk to their feet, or their hair?  How about their liver?  Is there something magical about genitalia that make them worthy discussion partners?

Is the professor insane?  Is he so completely, inordinately focused on sexuality as the be all and end all of existence (that is to say, he is a Jungian, which many psychologists are) that he imagines “genital discourse” as something even remotely normal?

I hope the seminarians all wrote in response “My genitalia said ‘Leave us alone, you’re a seminarian for Heaven’s sake!'”

With formation like this……….I don’t think I even need to say it.

I also read in Goodbye Good men that the Oblate School of Theology in San Antonio, back in the mid-90s, was using Richard McBrien’s completely discredited Catholicism in its basic theology course.  This is the book that was so bad, so heretical, that even the USCCB condemned it.  Now that’s saying something, because the USCCB has let some awful trash through.  Someone sold our name to the Missionary Oblates and we have been getting mailings from them for years, seeking donations.  They all go in the trash.





1. Dismas - February 28, 2014

All under the watch of men to be canonized.

2. michaeltbarry@aol.com - February 28, 2014

Please see this short article (attached) which I have posted today on my Facebook page (Michael T Barry) concerning the fantasy novel self-published by our Rockford Diocese Vicar General. God bless! In Christ, Fr Michael T Barry, Diocese of Rockford

3. TG - February 28, 2014

I read Goodbye Good Men. Heartbreaking. Good thing I read it after I came back to the church and leanred more about the faith. If I had it read it during those lost years, I might not have returned. I never knew so many priests were homos. I kind now kind of see why Michael Voris doesn’t want to criticize the pope. So many people don’t know better. I find myself that I don’t share all the info about church crisis with anyone other than here and with my sister.

Baseballmom - March 1, 2014

It is so sad. I have a dear priest friend who made it through St. Patrick’s Seminary in northern CA – but only by drinking copious amounts of alcohol. He was hit on constantly, and would hide in his room and drink. He was ordained, but about a year into his priesthood the diocese had to send him to Guest House (recovery for alcoholic priests) – although orthodox, he still keeps quiet in his diocese… But you will hear the truth in confession.

4. LaGallina - March 1, 2014

Oh my gosh. My parish was an Oblate parish until two years ago when the Oblates turned it over to the diocese because they have so few priests left. They have dropped something like 98% of their priests in these tumultuous decades. The entire Rio Grande Valley of TX used to be Oblate. They came from France and first landed in what is my hometown, then built missions and Christianized this remote area. They only have a few parishes left now here in the RG Valley.

5. Michael P. Mc Crory. - March 1, 2014

Come off t Dsmas!

6. rosa - March 3, 2014

Dismas … “All under the watch of men to be canonized.”

Nice to see that someone has the courage to point it out. The papolators zealously defending their favorite super-star celebrity JPII the “Great” Traveler cannot satisfactorily explain why he would bother to excommunicate orthodox clerics under the auspices of “disobedience” while countenancing and even protecting the sexual deviants and heterodox clerics. Birds of a feather flock together. Heresy cannot be stomped out anymore than poverty. Just be wary of it, especially in its ascendency to human authority. If it looks like dung and smells like dung, it probably is.

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