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Now is a time for serious prayers………. March 1, 2014

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………….I know I say that a lot, but this thing in the Ukraine/Crimea has all the makings of something really ugly.  I don’t mean just for the poor Ukrainians, I mean something far, far broader.

Does the US/Britain have a treaty with the Ukraine to intervene militarily if Russia invades them?  Apparently, such a promise was made under Clinton in 1994 in order to get Ukraine to get rid of their nukes, but it is unclear if it is a true, ratified treaty.

If it is……..yikes.  Russia cannot let Ukraine go NATO, which the Ukrainians want very badly, and understandably so.  With Ukraine in NATO, Russia would have an enemy on both flanks of the only part of Russia that matters – European

LGM-30G RVs simulating attack on ICBM field

LGM-30G RVs simulating attack on ICBM field

Russia.  They would have no strategic depth, a prime Russian imperative going back 300 years.  They would feel exceedingly vulnerable. A key factor that won the war for Stalin back in WWII was the Soviet Union’s enormous expanse and inverse funnel effect (look at a map, entering Russia from the West, you’re on an 800 mile front, by the time you get to a line from Arkangelsk to Arakan you’re on a front twice as long).  With the Baltics and Ukraine in NATO, Russia – one of the most paranoid countries on earth – would feel vulnerable to north-south pincers meeting at some point about 100 miles east of Nizhny Novgorod.  It would almost completely eliminate Russia’s geographic advantage. Even more, some of Russia’s most important gas pipelines – their largest source of external revenue -pass through the Ukraine, and the Ukraine sits immediately adjacent to one of Russia’s most oil-rich area, the Caucasus.

Not that I think Obama would honor any treaty that he didn’t feel benefited him and his leftist cohort directly, let alone one that could bring a fight with Russia.  But this guy, and his entire crew (especially frankenface Lurch Kerry) of foreign policy boneheads, could just blunder into some disaster.

That’s what I worry about.  Putin will probably play Obama like a violin and the poor Ukrainians made to suffer horribly yet again, but who knows what may happen with this neophyte dilettante ackjass.

This might be a real good intention for your Holy Face devotions.

God bless you!

PS – This is why I used to advocate until I was blue in the face that the US build up our current national missile defense system to at least 500 interceptors (instead, we have about 50), because Russia probably doesn’t even have 500 working, deliverable nuclear warheads.  Or didn’t, until the last few years, Putin has managed to reconstitute the Russian strategic nuclear arsenal pretty well.  Instead of fighting pointless wars overseas, we could have been building a defense at home capable of saving tens of millions of lives.  Uff da……