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Some spiritual resources to aid you during Lent March 4, 2014

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I remain convinced that Unam Sanctam Catholicam is one of the best faithful Catholic blogs out there.  They always have very solid material.  For Lent, they have posted a number of audio resources to help guide souls during Lent.  If you’re giving up the stress and strife of the internet for Lent (a singular idea, I must say), you can download these now and have material to keep you through to Easter:

Homilies for Lent from the Church Fathers by Alleluia Audio Books

The Church Fathers where truly holy, wise and perfect men, who fighting bravely trampled the world underfoot, fed their flocks in a world of hunger, and defended the Church against the attacks of heretical wolves through their faithfulness to apostolic tradition. 46 Homilies total from Ash Wednesday all the Way to Holy Saturday cover various topics from True Repentance, Alms giving, Fasting to explanations of the Gospels are selected from various Fathers including : St. Augustine, St Chrysostom, St. Cyril, St. Cyprian and more!

Be sure to signup for the mailing list so you can be notified when the next homilies are ready!

The Imitation of Christ on Libirvox

In my opinion this is the best narration of this Catholic Classic I have ever heard. The Imitation of Christ has had a massive influence on the Saints of the Church, St Therese at the end of her life only read from two books: The Bible and the Imitation of Christ, St Charbel started reading the Imitation of Christ as a child, and St Ignatius of Loyola drew much of the inspiration for his conferences from it.

Spiritual Conference on Heroic Virtue by Fr. Ignatius Manfredonia,FI

In 4 Sections

The Notion of Heroic Virtue 

Faith and Hope


The Cardinal Virtues

Drawing heavily upon Pope Benedict XIV treaties on the Beatification and Canonization of the Servants of God, Fr. Ignatius provides a clear distinction between normal virtue and heroic virtue. Listening to these conferences are a great way to perhaps identify areas in our spiritual life that need improvement and to see how far we are from the perfection of the Saints.

———–End Quote———–

There is more at USC. Go check it out and have a blessed, fruitful, Grace-filled Lent!

Shop Marymyway for your veiling discount today! March 4, 2014

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A pre-Lent sale is ongoing (and will continue for a few days) at Marymyway for wonderful hand-made chapel veils and other modest head coverings for women.  They are available in a wide variety of styles and can be used not only for Mass, but for every woman who wants to hide her glory from the world and reserve it for her husband and God.

But Marymyway has much more than  just veils and head coverings!  They also have very modest swimwear for girls, skirts, aprons,  nighties and will gladly do your custom order!

Below are just a few examples. The sale on head coverings is 25% off, so shop soon!  You can also suggest a material if you want a different look.  Marymyway is very flexible!

Head covering

Head covering

Headcovering with matching dress

Headcovering with matching dress

Chapel veil

Chapel veil

Matching skirt/cover

Matching skirt/cover


Swimwear. Can you tell the model is silly?

Swimwear. Can you tell the model is silly?


Marymyway can even make First Communion dresses/veils:


With long sleeves for a very modest look!

If you don’t see quite what you like or need, be sure to contact Marymyway, they will do their best to meet your request.

Orders usually ship in two weeks.

Help reverse the cultural slide into oblivion!  Be an example to other women and dress modestly all the time!

You might even consider wearing a veil/head covering throughout all of Lent, not just at Mass.  A serious mortification, no?

What’s going on in Syracuse? March 4, 2014

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This is a bit far afield from Dallas, but being your intrepid reporter on all things Catholic (that happen to interest me), and knowing how wrecked virtually every upstate New York diocese has been by rampantly ideological progressive dominance over the past 40 odd years, I thought the following two items relevant.  

First, two Catholic churches  in Syracuse are bringing in a transgendered person to talk about their confused and destructive (not to mention, appalling to God) lifestyle:

 Two Syracuse Catholic Churches are hosting a series of talks on what it’s like to be transgender.

The series of events highlighting what it’s like to be transgender is sponsored by All Saints Catholic Church and St. Lucy’s Catholic Church.

It was organized by the All Saints LGBT Task Force and volunteers from Family Allies for Trans Equality in New York State.

The next event is March 4. “Voices From The Journey: Hearing From Transgender Persons.” That will be from 10 to 11:30 a.m. and repeated the same day from 7 to 8:30 p.m.

This is only part of the list of talks. There are day long workshops, all intended to normalize a severe perversion/mental disorder and undermine Catholic Doctrine.  These conferences are invariably heavy on emotion and short on reason, and try to win support from Catholics (or, it looks like, Katholycs) for both opposition to that Doctrine and in support of insupportable immorality.

Leaving aside Church Doctrine and the offense such folks give to God (see both Old and New Testament), the life outcomes for transgender types are horrific.  Even in this unceasingly “tolerant” age, where virtually every kink is approved of and given cultural support on a wide scale, trans-types have nightmarish rates of suicide, substance abuse, self-mutilation, chronic depression, etc.  This lifestyle is so fundamentally disordered that to be a trans is to shorten one’s lifespan, on average, by over 40 years.  Some try to claim this is due to lingering cultural oppression, but please…..does this series of talks – during LENT, of all times – indicate repression?

What it does indicate is that the Diocese of Syracuse has serious, serious problems.  I have to ask, where is the bishop?  How can he tolerate not only these talks, but the presence of doctrine-rejecting, division-inducing groups like ” LGBT Task Force and volunteers from Family Allies for Trans Equality?”  We have seen in this Diocese of Dallas that these alleged homosexual support groups almost invariably depart from Church Doctrine and become advocates for radical notions of sodom/gomorrah “rights,” undermining the sensus fidei of the faithful and harming the entire Body of Christ.  

Reading any number of books, from Rite of Sodomy to Ungodly Rage to Goodbye, Good Men will reveal to any even remotely faithful Catholic that these pro-homosex groups are virtually unanimously irreconcilable with the Faith. And yet a group that is truly dedicated to the good of souls and aiding those with same-sex attraction to living a chaste, virtuous life are ignored and reviled, in spite of the enormous good they do.

But it’s not just in the parishes. A Katholyc college within the Diocese of Syracuse is planning a “drag show,” again during Lent, on campus:

Unfortunately, the “smoke of Satan” is spreading on Catholic campuses.  This time Catholic Le Moyne College in Syracuse, New York, is planning its second annual “drag show” on March 10 in the Grewen Auditorium.

The lewd event flatly undermines moral values and is being promoted on the college’s web site as a “fun event for everyone! Learn about drag culture ettiquet [sic], enter prize raffles, and dance!”

An advertisement for the event attacks human nature by displaying a human face that is a mixture of male and female. Here is the inappropriate tweet promoting the pro-homosexual show.


The “show” is promoted by a group on campus called “Creating Awareness & Reaching Equality.”  The same group supports same-sex “marriage” and other sins that violate Catholic moral teaching.  

Naturally, this is a college in the “Jesuit” tradition.  What will they do when there are no more Jesuits to have a “tradition?”

So this college can get away with promoting decadent, sinful filth, and it’s scot free!  But a traditional Catholic college may start to drift a bit in things traditional, and it’s crush, crush them!  The hypocrisy is stultifying. 

I’d say Bishop Robert Cunningham has some ‘splaining to do. But the entire Church in upstate New York has become diabolically disoriented under the influence of the almost certainly active homosexual, but now thankfully retired, Bishops Matthew Clark and Howard Hubbard.  There were numerous instances of priest boy-rape in upstate New York.  These things tend to go together: support for the homosexual agenda, and boy-rape scandals.  

The Church is upstate New York, once a glorious pillar, is now a fallen down wreck.  Vocations are pathetically low (by deliberate intent), parishes are closed, the percentage of Catholics in the population continues to plummet, the few remaining faithful souls are isolated and persecuted, and sin abounds.  

But where sin abounds, Grace abounds the more, so let us pray for the conversion and reconstitution of the Church in upstate New York, and for the the conversion of Bishop Cunningham.

You can sign a petition opposing the drag horror show here.

Awesome selfie…… March 4, 2014

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This is being passed all over the secular intrawebs, may as well glom on. A Royal Danish Air Force pilot of an F-16A MLU had a dash-mounted cam take this nice shot of him launching an AIM-9M Sidewinder missile:

If his helmet looks kind of funny, that’s because he’s wearing a Joint Helmet Mounted Cuing System helmet, which projects HUD and targeting information onto the pilot’s visor:


It is actually intended not to work with the 80’s vintage AIM-9L/M, but with the much more recent and capable AIM-9X:


This is called a high off-boresight missile. It can literally be fired at aircraft flying above, below, alongside, and in some very limited conditions even behind the “good guy’s” aircraft.  The AIM-9L was revolutionary when introduced in the early 80s, since it permitted pilots to engage enemy aircraft not just from behind, by having the early IR-homing missiles home on the bad guy’s AB plume, but from any direction – front, side, etc. But you still had to get your nose on the bad guy’s plane.

With the helmet mounted sight+high off boresight missile, all the pilot has to do is to look at the aircraft he wants to target, and fire the missile. The nose of his plane does not have to be pointed at all on the bad guy. But he has to think in Russian.

Like this:

I love that escort shoot-down (the third trial in the video) – if you’re wingman torques you off, you can deal with him!  I said two miles in trail, not abreast, @#$%it!

I really didn’t know the AIM-9X Sidewinder had enough energy to chase down a target after a head on pass like that.  Wow.

It was also interesting seeing that Phantom down low popping flares like mad get hit in the first trial. Another wow.  So much for countermeasures (actually, there are better countermeasures, but they weigh a lot and are very expensive).

It did make me sad to see all those Phantoms die.  They shot down so many (over 300) they’re moving onto F-16s for  full-scale drone targets.

Looks like you got your Flightline Friday early this week.

Oh, one more thing I saw, that fourth and final trial has a portion of the video edited for classified reasons. I suspect – heck,I know – that’s because they had outfitted the QF-4 target with an advanced infrared countermeasures device, looks like the type that tries to blind the seeker on the missile by admitting incredibly bright flashes of light.  Some of those are laser-powered, others use incandescent magnesium. Looks like it may have been the latter in this case.

Disney pressures Boy Scouts to have sodo-scoutmasters March 4, 2014

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Disney Corporation, whatever it used to be, is now an open and avowed agent of the culture of death and evil, generally. The trail of destruction that follows virtually all young Disney stars should be enough to tell us there is something gravely immoral at play in that giant corporation.

As part of their continuing efforts to advance radical cultural change and the destruction of the traditional family (does Disney have research that shows that kids in single-parent or other non-traditional homes tends to watch more?), Walt Disney World has told the Boy Scouts of America– which organization jumped the shark last year in admitting openly homosexual scouts – to start admitting sodomy loving scoutmasters by 2015 or lose funding:

Walt Disney World has decided it will stop funding the local Boy Scouts of America chapter beginning next year unless the childhood group allows open homosexuals to serve as Scoutmasters.

The Disney corporation said the BSA violates its non-discrimination policy. Disney World’s VoluntEARS program allows employees to trade volunteer work for donations to a charity of their choice. But the scouts will no longer be eligible for these funds……

……Homosexual groups said the decision is a sign of their growing influence in the culture, especially in the realm of children’s entertainment [Think about that. A local priest says he knows our culture is dead when the men won’t stand up to fight against sodomites redefining marriage and – their ultimate goal? – gaining influence over our children.  If we won’t fight against that, and I mean hard, what will we fight against?]

I think anyone with a smidgen of a brain knew that the Boy Scouts halfway embrace of the perverse culture by permitting homosexual-claiming youth wouldn’t last any length of time at all.  The corporate powers that be, who play an instrumental role in advancing radical perversion in our culture, will not allow it.  The Boy Scouts could have stood strong and been willing to suffer the consequences of remaining true to the dictates of Christ, but they chose to cave into the world. The first time is hardest, after that, it becomes easier and easier, until it becomes a habit.

For a good Catholic alternative to the Boy Scouts, consider the Troops of St. George.

More notes on Fisher-More and comments back on March 4, 2014

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I am truly sorry I had to disable comments on the two Fisher-More posts yesterday, but some tempers were getting hot and I simply cannot monitor comments in the evening/nighttime.  I didn’t like to do it, but I did not think I could just leave comments wide open, because I had a fair number I had to delete or edit.

I had a long conversation with some people very familiar with Fisher-More last night. It was very helpful, and I thank the kind souls for their time.

Unfortunately, much of what they told me – as so much of what I’ve heard before – was in confidence, so I have to be deliberately vague.  I can say that this conversation only reinforced in my mind the grave situation at Fisher-More and the moral/ethical problems of the college’s president.  His behavior is inexplicable, a true “Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” situation.

There are some details I feel I can share.  The first of these is that the present student body at Fisher-More College consists of 25 students, which correlates exactly with what I was saying yesterday.  Due to sagging morale surrounding all the internal strife on campus (a campus which consists of one building where some of the administration/faculty actually live, creating almost a pressure-cooker type environment due to close and constant proximity), many students stopped assisting at Daily Mass some time ago.  Some of the students don’t have a particular attraction to the TLM, anyway. The situation became so grave the administration actually compelled the students to assist at some of the daily devotions and Mass.

But given that there are only 25 students, and a good number of those either have the means of assisting at Mass elsewhere, or aren’t particularly interested in assisting at daily TLMs at present, the number of souls truly afflicted by this ban by Bishop Olsen is in the range of 8-12.  There remains an enormous principle involved, about which more later, but I think it important to have an understanding of the scope of the matter.  I think it is a tragedy and a sin against charity whenever a reasonably attended TLM is closed by a bishop/religious superior for ulterior motives, as seems to be the case here.  But it needs to be recognized that the “community” affected here was truly small.

On a related note, and this is truly key, there has been no priest available to regularly offer the TLM at Fisher-More, anyways, since the Fathers of Mercy departed.  There has not been a TLM for going on to near two weeks, at present.  I do not know of any locally available priests who would be able/willing to offer the TLM at Fisher-More.  I am unaware of any diocesan priests in Fort Worth that can offer the TLM.  So, even without the ban, the TLM at Fisher-More was in a difficult situation.

But about Bishop Olson.  I have received some input that suggests he might have some overall antipathy towards the TLM, based on his previous record at a local seminary.  I really cannot say very much, here, and I hope you understand, but there is some evidence that his view of the TLM might be one of tolerance, at best, and certainly not one of support.  We probably knew that already.

While the bishop’s options were quite limited, I do fear this action could be part of an emerging paradigm to crush traditional criticism of the Council by denying the TLM to groups that engage in such criticism.  Since the TLM is the heart of traditional Catholic life, removing it from an organization may prove an effective way to kill both the offending organization and the criticism itself.  But there are so many factors in play, it’s difficult for me to say definitively whether this particular action is part of a trend, or just a terribly unfortunate outlier.

As for the rest of what I had confirmed (for I had understood much of what was discussed already, but the conversations simply helped fill in many details) last night, it’s really difficult to go into in any detail.  I can say that there was a rapid and pretty severe new orientation towards a very negative view of controversial aspects of Vatican II.  These are views I may have some sympathy towards, but they were expressed in particularly harsh, condemnatory, and final ways.  There was also the prospect of developing a relationship with canonically irregular groups as a sort of new direction for the college.

All in all, there are a great many broken hearts.  It seemed as if Fisher-More were really about to take off a couple of years ago, but that dream seems pretty remote, now.  About half the student body left at the fall-spring break this year. More plan to leave. Some of these who are leaving have no other collegiate options, but they cannot continue in the unhealthy, scandalous environment present at Fisher-More. Some very long time faculty/administration have left, as well. There is constant turnover in the board.  There is a great deal of anger and upset, and the whole environment of the college seems almost irretrievably poisoned.

Oh, one more thing I can confirm, Fr. Gruner was at Fisher-More, he did offer Mass, but it was apparently a private Mass.  So there you go.

Again, as I said in the first post yesterday, while I have been amazed at the passion this matter involving a tiny Catholic college has aroused, this is not a hill I’m going to die on. If you feel passionately that Bishop Olson took this action simply out of hatred for the TLM, be my guest. I’m not entirely convinced of that, but who knows? It could be true.

I do plan on this being my last post on the matter, and comments will be monitored closely.  It is past time to shift gears towards Lent.

A note on the commenting policy here March 4, 2014

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Since I’m getting many, many, many new visitors, let me review the commenting policy here.  Comments are generally allowed as a courtesy to guests.  I reserve the right to block comments, terminate comments, and ban rude or obnoxious commenters as I see fit.  Commenting is not a right.   This blog is my place to express my ideas and thoughts. If you want to express yours, get your own blog.  It’s real easy to do.

Many long time and thoughtful commenters are appreciated and given a great deal of latitude. New commenters who are rude, insult others, insult me, or make egregious claims, may be banned without warning.  No one is ever un-banned.  Cussing will get an instant ban.