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Truly an Ash Wednesday? Pope suggests same sex civil unions OK? March 5, 2014

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I wasn’t going to cover this kind of thing very much (if at all) over Lent, but it is absolutely exploding in the secular media (which is how I found it, I was browsing for some secular news, and this is what I see.  I’m going to cry).  Pope Francis gave another of his famous “wide-ranging” interviews, and hinted that the Church might be OK with civil unions for same-sex couples.  So much for a sin that “cries out to Heaven for vengeance:”

Pope Francis suggested the Catholic Church could tolerate some types of nonmarital civil unions as a practical measure to guarantee property rights and health care. He also said the church would not change its teaching against artificial birth control but should take care to apply it with “much mercy.”

Pope Francis’ words appeared in an interview published March 5 in the Italian daily Corriere della Sera…..

……..”Matrimony is between a man and a woman,” the pope said, but moves to “regulate diverse situations of cohabitation (are) driven by the need to regulate economic aspects among persons, as for instance to assure medical care.” [It is almost a cliche’ among Catholic progressives to suborn doctrine in favor of ostensibly more “pastoral” solutions, solutions that always tend towards materialist concerns.  Is this what the Pope is doing?] Asked to what extent the church could understand this trend, he replied: “It is necessary to look at the diverse cases and evaluate them in their variety.” [Doctrine is clear.  Christ spoke in terms of black and white.  The devil loves shades of grey.  In practice, “looking at diverse cases and evaluating them” has involved a whole lot of grey]

In the interview, Pope Francis praised Pope Paul VI’s 1968 encyclical “Humanae Vitae,” which prohibited the use of contraception.

In contradicting contemporary pressures for population control, Pope Paul’s “genius was prophetic, he had the courage to side against the majority, defend moral discipline, put a brake on the culture, oppose neo-Malthusianism, present and future,” Pope Francis said.

But he also noted that Pope Paul had instructed confessors to interpret his encyclical with “much mercy, attention to concrete situations.”

“The question is not whether to change the doctrine, but to go deeper and make sure that pastoral care takes account of situations and of what each person is able to do,” Pope Francis said. [To, in effect, absolutely neuter the doctrine by giving carte blanche in “pastoral” situations?  Has this not been the practice in most of the Church since Humanae Vitae was released, and has that not led to mass apostasy from a formally defined doctrine?  Contraception is an intrinsic evil. You either use it or you don’t.  What “pastoral situations” can there be that would permit the use of contraception?]

The pope said birth control, like the predicament of divorced and civilly remarried Catholics, [How is sin a “predicament” for the Church?  The Church has been healing souls for two millenia. Sin only becomes a predicament when we don’t want to call it sin anymore] would be a topic of discussion at the Vatican in October at an extraordinary Synod of Bishops on the family. [I dread this synod more and more.]  He said the synod would approach all such problems “in the light of profound reflection,” rather than casuistry, which he described as a superficial, pharisaical theology focused exclusively on particular cases[In other words, a theology hung up on “rules”……does Pope Francis consider St. Thomas, the Angelic Doctor, “pharasaical?”  ]

The pope said he had welcomed the “intense discussion” at a February gathering of cardinals, where German Cardinal Walter Kasper gave a talk suggesting divorced and civilly remarried Catholics might sometimes be allowed to receive Communion even without an annulment of their first, sacramental marriages.

And Pope Francis heaped great lauds on Kasper both during and after this gathering.

Wow.  I know people will say “nothing’s happened yet,” and “it’s just an interview,” but so much of what we’re seeing from this pope confirms time and time again that he plans on enacting – or is at least very favorable to – those items the progressives really wanted in Vatican II but could not get.  It’s a veritable laundry list of progressive dreams for a notional “Vatican III.”  I’m sure I’ll hear I need to calm down (and perhaps I do), but I’m actually feeling quite dispassionate at the moment.  It’s not like this is the first time the Pope has made statements that cause Catholic hearts to palpitate.  I’m just reviewing very public statements dating back nearly a year.

As if we needed more motivation for this Lent, but this Synod is shaping up as the most critical, pivotal event in the history of the Church since the Council.  We must do penance for all those lost in sin.  And for the good of our Church, and for our own sins and failings that have brought us this leadership in the Church we apparently deserve.

Belgian King signs child euthanasia bill into law March 5, 2014

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How long before the sexular pagans have altars of sacrifice set up to burn children to death?  That is, after all, what their satanic “god” ultimately wants.  Of course, he already gets that in abortion, so maybe such visible demonstrations are passe’.  Still, God put a need for worship in man’s heart, but modern paganism has rejected God and seems headed towards truly perverse forms of diabolical worship.  I cannot but see the below as yet another step in this process of moral and spiritual degradation.

I blogged about the legislation passed in Belgium a short while back, legalizing euthanasia for children. In a supposed act of mercy (how perverse understanding of the virtues has become!), this bill requires the children to agree to their being killed!  Can you imagine!  My little boy has been very sick for the past week, and at times he became afraid because he did not know how much more sick he would become, or even if he would die.  He was so sweet if sad and scared……and yet now parents are going to “ease the suffering” of their children (or is it themselves?) by asking them to die!

All hinged on the King of the Belgians. There was hope he would be as stout-hearted as his uncle, who resigned his monarchy rather than sign a pro-abortion bill. It was not to be.  The King duly signed, and children can now be murdered in hospitals across Belgium.

Good Lord, it makes me sick:

The head of state has completely fulfilled his constitutional role despite various pressures.
King Philippe signed the law this Sunday on the extension of euthanasia to minors. This was the final act expected in the tracking process of the law since its adoption by the House, two weeks having elapsed after having been in the Senate. [that means this was the last act needed to promulgate the law]

There’s more, including an international petition signed by over 200,000 asking the king to refuse to sign, but obviously it was all for naught.

And so now we have yet another via media for the slaughter of the innocents.  At least these children have a chance to be baptized, not that many in Belgium do that anymore.

And the sinking of the ship that was western culture accelerates a little bit more.  A few of us are scrambling with buckets to bail the thing out, but we are so few, and the maddened masses continuing to pull out the hull cocks are so many.


“The goods of this life may be the only reward they get for the use they’ve made of their God-given talents” March 5, 2014

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Great sermon for the start of Lent from VideoSancto.

So many modern people have forgotten that the life they had was given them by God.  It is our duty as children of God to render honor and glory to Him with those lives given to us. That is why the Church in her Divinely-inspired wisdom has given to us the season of Lent, to both sanctify this year, as every year, by offering a tithe of willed suffering and self-denial during 1/10th of it, and to take advantage of the torrents of Grace God makes available to us during this season to sanctify ourselves through bodily discipline.  That bodily discipline translates into spiritual discipline, the eschewing of vice and the practice of virtue.

I pray you enjoy this sermon and have a blessed Lent!

“What right have they who share in these Shrove-tide rejoicings whose Lent will pass and find them no better or even worse than before?”

Gotta love Dom Prosper Gueranger.  Where is his process of canonization?

Ah, yes, he is persona non grata in the “modern” Church, which took his concept of liturgical renewal and perverted it into something grotesque, as the results plainly show.

After the fire….back to the pursuit of virtue March 5, 2014

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I really hope I’m done posting on Fisher-More, at least for a while.  Feel free to continue to discuss in the comments in the posts below, but for now I’m going to move onto a project I’ve neglected too much, which is to try to reconstitute at least a tiny bit of that great content the former Ars Orandi blog used to post daily out of Dom Prosper Gueranger’s The Liturgical Year.  Yesterday’s reading on St. Casimir (yes, I know, I’m always a day late and a dollar short) had some very good content for the beginning of Lent, so here we go:858bedffe47e7758541331814c9403de

Is is from a court that we are to be taught today the most heroic virtues. Casimir is a prince; he is surrounded by all the allurements of youth and luxury; and yet he passes through the snares of the world with as much safety and prudence, as though he were an angel in human form. His example shows us what we may do.  The world has not smiled on us as it did on Casimir; but how much we have loved it! If we have gone so far as to make it our idol, we must now break what we have adored, and give our service to the sovereign Lord, Who alone has a right to it. When we read the lives of the Saints, and find that persons who were in the ordinary walks of life practiced extraordinary virtues, we are inclined to think that they were not exposed to great temptations, or w-Sr-Mercedes-St-Casimir-231x300that the misfortunes they met with in the world made them give themselves up unreservedly to God’s service.  [At an adult catechism class last night, the priest remarked that in many ways we are very soft and weak compared to our Catholic forebears.  The requirements for fasting today, are, for instance, laughably soft.  Two whole days a year, and that skipping all of one meal!  But he noted that in many other ways we have it very rough – like the fact that we basically live in a sewer/brothel, whereas Christians 300 years ago did not have such concerns. We also live in a culture that basically either laughs at or scorns the true practice of the Faith.  Just some thoughts]

Such interpretations of the actions of the Saints are shallow and false, for they ignore this great fact, that there is no condition or state, however humble, in which man has not to combat the evil inclinations of his heart, and that corrupt nature alone is strong enough to lead him to sin. Casimir-Carlo DolciBut in such a Saint as Casimir we have no difficulty in recognizing that all his Christian energy was from God, and not from any natural source; and we rightly conclude that we, who have the same good God, may well hope that this seasons of spiritual regeneration will change and better us. Casimir preferred death to sin. But is not every Christian bound to be thus minded every hour of the day? And yet, such is the infatuation produced by the pleasures or advantages of this present life, that we every day see men plunging themselves into sin, which is the death of the soul’ and this, not for the sake of saving the life of the body, but for a vile and transient gratification, which is oftentimes contrary to their temporal interests. [Yes, it is amazing how we will throw away eternal paradise and the presence of supernatural Grace in our souls for a moment’s pleasure, or for some trinkets which will soon turn to dust.  St. Clement made that point when the Roman authorities tried to lure him to apostatize by presenting him great treasures of gold and jewels, but he rejected them as just so much dust.]

What stronger proof could there be than this, of the sad effects produced in us by original sin? The examples of the Saints are given us as a light to lead us in the right path, let us follow it, and we shall be saved.  Besides, we have a powerful aid in their merits and intercession: let us take courage at the thought that these friends of God have a most affectionate compassion for us their brethren, who are surrounded by so many and great dangers.

———-End Quote———-

Make friends with some Saints. Talk with them.  Tell them your troubles. Certainly, ask their intercession for various needs. But try to build a relationship with them.  A local priest highly recommends that parents develop a spiritual friendship with Blessed Louis and Zelie Martin, the parents of St. Therese of Lisieux.

Such friendships will produce abundant spiritual fruit, you will see!