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Divine Mercy Conference this week in Dallas March 7, 2014

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Sorry for the late notice, the conference actually opens tonight. I’m a little unsure on Saturday attendance, I get the impression that while Friday and Sunday events are open to all, those on Saturday are only open to those who have made a donation to some organization.  Anyway, here are the details via MJD:

Father Mitch Pacwa from EWTN will be giving talks.  Mass, Confession, Holy Hour, Procession, Benediction, Veneration of First Class relic of St. Faustina.



     at Divine Mercy of Our Lord Catholic Church   [Mesquite]
     -7:00 PM-      Opening Mass with Bishop Douglas Deshotel- 
                Auxiliary Bishop of Dallas (to be confirmed)
     -8:00 PM-      Exposition, Sung Chapel, Holy Hour, Benediction 
        and Procession (Fr. Zmudzinski, C.P.M.) 

      at Divine Mercy of Our Lord Catholic Church  
   AM  -8:00          Praise and Worship Songs  [Ummm…….]
     -8:40           Welcome and Orientation and Initial Prayers
     -9:00          First Talk: The Love and Mercy of God in Human History
     -9:50         (Fr. Mitch Pacwa, S.J.) (Meditation Song)
     10:00          Second Talk: The Divine Mercy Message to St. Faustina
     10:50          (Dr. Bryan Thatcher)  (Meditation Song)
     11:00          Third Talk: Healing of humanity through the power of the
               (Fr. Chuck Zmudzinski, C.P.M.)  the Love and Mercy of God  
     11:50          Songs of Praise and Thanksgiving

PM  12:00          LUNCH (available from Cafeteria at minimal cost)
      12:45          Praise Songs 
      -1:00          Fourth Talk: Talk on the Holy Eucharist, source and
              (Fr. Mitch Pacwa, S.J)   summit of Love and Mercy
      -1:50          Meditation Song 
      -2:00          Fifth Talk: Daily Living experience of the Gospel of Love 
               (Dr. Bryan Thatcher)     and Mercy, through the Cenacle
                Practical Living of Love and Mercy
      -2:50           Exposition and Holy Hour: 
      -3:00           Sung Chaplet, Holy Hour (Talk), Benediction and 
                (Fr. Chuck Zmudzinski) Procession of the Blessed 
       -4:00            Confessions (in the Classrooms) and Veneration of 
          St. Faustina’s Relic
       -5:00            Mass for the FIRST SUNDAY OF LENT-2014  
                 Fr. Mitch Pacwa, S.J. (OPEN TO EVERYONE)

         (OPEN TO ALL)

(at the Mesquite Arena, 1818 Rodeo Dr., Mesquite, Tx. 75149)
-2:00 PM-  Divine Mercy Stations of the Cross
and Consecration Prayers
-2:50 PM- Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament (Deacon Bill Jasmin)
-3:00 PM- Sung Chaplet of Divine Mercy
-4:00 PM- Solemn High Mass and Closing Ritual with  [This means a sung NO – I’d love to hear a report of how this Mass was offered.  I won’t be able to attend. Key details would be Ad Orientem, any Latin, male servers, incense, communion rail (heh – unlikely), etc]
Most Rev. Kevin Farrell, D.D. Bishop of
Dallas, Texas (to be confirmed)
After my conversion, I attended a number of Fullness of Truth conferences, and they certainly helped guide me in a better practice of the Faith.  I wouldn’t say they played a role in my embracing the traditional practice of the Faith, and while I might at present take issue with the direction of some of the presentations at these conferences, I would say overall they actually helped guide me towards a more traditional practice of the Faith.  They certainly helped reveal the dearth of catechesis available at most parishes.

Check it out if you have interest/time.


1. RC - March 7, 2014

Bit off topic Tantam so I apologize 🙂

I think I mentioned to you before that I am moving to Orlando soon and literally all of central Florida seems to be a liturgical wasteland. The only TLM within 100 or so miles of Orlando is an SSPX chapel, other than that, there is only 1 Byzantine Rite parish. Is this a good reason to attend an SSPX parish? I don’t wan tto have to suffer through years of bad liturgy. Just wanted to get your opinion on the matter.

KathiBee - March 9, 2014

RC –
I lived most of my growing-up/pre-marriage life in the Orlando diocese & my parents still live there, so I visit. You are correct in that the diocese is a liturgical wasteland; I pray every time I go to my parent’s parish for it please to not be an event that will be a near-occasion of sin for my judging conscience. Reading the diocesan newspaper does not give one who bends traditional much hope that the bishop is overly concerned about them.

There are two legit TLM offerings (Sunday only) in the diocese – one in Ocala at 6 p.m. offered by a FSSP priest who comes out of Sarasota. Ocala is about 75 miles NW of Orlando, between Orlando & Gainesville. The other is in Sanford at 2 p.m.. Sanford is about 30 miles NE of Orlando, between Orlando & Daytona.

I don’t know about the Sanford parish, but the Ocala parish is not one that veers traditional. The priest that married us is retired & assisting there, and I recently saw a pic of a Mass he was offering where all the young children were gathered around the altar during the Liturgy of the Eucharist. Sigh.

I think it’s telling how bad it is, in that the diocese has a “churches in schism” page on its website (URL below, I didn’t include the link since that makes posts go to the spam sometimes) and 5 of the churches listed are ones that offer the TLM (4 Indep., 1 SSPX). That screams to me that people are in real need of reverent liturgy, and there are enough of them out there to support this many churches.


My parents live in Brevard County. When I visit, I’ll go to their OF parish for my Sunday obligation and daily Mass at the Independent chapel that is in Melbourne. The priests there (there are 3 of them that rotate at various Independent chapels in the SE region) are validly ordained and are not sedevacantists. I’ve talked w/several of the parishioners about the situation surrounding their particular chapel (primarily at first to make sure the priests were legit and also not sedevacantists) as well as the deal w/the scant TLM offerings in the diocese and state at large.

Most of Florida has had/still has leadership that is troubling to people that are traditional. Years ago the Florida Bishop’s conference came down with a state-wide “ruling” to apply statewide regarding those pesky homeschoolers who want to catechize their own children and/or believe they as parents are -gasp – able to amply prepare them on their own to receive the sacraments.

You will note that the FSSP has only 4 locations where they offer Mass in Florida. THREE of them are in the diocese of Venice (a large geographical diocese, but probably the least populated area of the state) and the one in Sanford – offered by the priest out of the Venice diocese.

Pray, pray, pray.

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