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Deacon Sandy the very model of passive-aggressive progressive Catholicism March 11, 2014

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So the notorious Deacon Sandy, pastoral administrator of the priest-less Good Shepherd parish of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee (and a man apparently desperate to continue the disastrous legacy of his intellectually bankrupt and immoral lodestar, Rembert Weakland), is back, this time with an effort to publicly insult Pope Benedict for being a crass materialist.

Pope Benedict may have been many things, but implying he was a wannabe richy rich who just lusted after material gain is not one of them.

My problem, however, is not so much with Deacon Sandy’s stupid use of a projector screen, nor his little attempt to garner favor with his aging and tiny Katholyc audience (for Mass at Good Shepherd is much less a Sacrifice than it is a performance).

No, my problem is that Sandy is a passive-aggressive wimp who constantly tries to hide under pathetically thin excuses and special pleading every time he is caught out.

When he was caught out proclaiming how proud he was to abuse the Liturgy in all manner of ways, he tried to pretend that he was somehow misunderstood and that their parish intends to change their approach.  Well, a month or so on, and no change.

The man claims they don’t have kneelers (but they do have big, plush comfy chairs, much more expensive that a plain bench) because they are a poor parish and don’t have the money.  He didn’t include that his congregation – I am all but sure –  feels it beneath themselves to kneel to their Lord and Savior in the flesh.

Now, he’s trying to claim that wasn’t a photo of Pope Benedict, but just a guy in white cassock and red shoes. It could be JPII, or Paul VI, or even Pius XII, I suppose, but the point is that he’s attacking what he sees as the materialism of the papacy.  He’s wrong, the Pope wears red shoes because he is walking in the footsteps of martyrs, and signals his own willingness to be martyred for the Faith by wearing them.  I have no way of knowing, but I doubt many of Deacon Sandy’s flock have a faith that would stand the test of a bad hangnail.

But the point is, he keeps getting caught, and keeps coming up with these bad, see-through excuses.  This is how progressives have behaved in the Church for decades, undermining doctrine and authority, promoting heresy, abusing the Liturgy, bullying lay people under their authority, but then scurrying like roaches for corners when the light of publicity or a Church investigation is turned on them.  “Oh, we’re faithful!,” “Oh, we’re misunderstood!” they cry.


What kind of person leeches off an institution he secretly despises?  What kind of person constantly tries to weaken, undermine, or overturn that institution from within?

For locals, this Deacon Sandy is so much like disgraced “Father” John Stack it isn’t funny. Same boring, worldly, unchallenging homilies. Same tired old progressive liturgical shtick. Like so many progressive priests before him, Stack left the Church to marry, but still claims to be “Catholic”. He continues to minister to a steadily declining flock of almost entirely elderly Katholycs.  He would have been laicized years ago if the Jesuits didn’t keep dragging their feet.  If the school districts ever cut him off, he’ll be in real trouble.

Odds are, Archbishop Listecki will terminate this little ego trip video apostolate at Good Shepherd.  Or maybe we’ll see Deacon Sandy continue to flame out.


1. St. Benedict's Thistle - March 11, 2014

This is a par-for-the-course type of homily in dioceses around the nation. In fact, I attended a NO Mass in Bonham, TX a few months ago, in which the priest (a married convert, apparently) said (I paraphrase), thank goodness we finally have a good pope. He went on at length about the goodness of Francis versus the previous popes. I won’t go into the liturgical abuses, which were so many that I questioned the validity of the Mass.

This is the norm. Why are we continually upset? This has been going on for decades.

tantamergo - March 11, 2014

Because it’s the norm, it shouldn’t be pointed out and opposed? I think because it’s very frequent, if not the norm, it should be even more strongly opposed.

2. St. Benedict's Thistle - March 12, 2014

Well, pointing it out for decades hasn’t done much good, either. They aren’t being stopped (in most cases), and they haven’t been stopped in the past, either. So what ultimate good is it doing to continue to point them out? Not trying to be a stinker, but looking for actual solutions to this crisis in the Church. Of course, I realize that is asking a lot of a mere blog. 🙂

tantamergo - March 12, 2014

STB, there are always people waking up or just starting to wonder what’s going on. I post many of that sort of thing for them. For you, for many others, it is old hat. But for some, these kinds of things may be what helps lead them to embrace a traditional community.

It played a pretty good role in getting me to do so.

3. TE - March 12, 2014

The best thing about the video is how empty the pews looked. One to three people per pew.

4. Frank - March 12, 2014

Went to a Mass in Mt. Dora, Florida and the beginning of the Mass started with the Kyrie sung by a cantor. No sign of the Cross or proper rubrics before the Kyrie. In the homily, we were told we are all jihadists, since we are fighting a “holy war”. Twisted use of the word jihad which of course, means death to the “unbeliever”. Crazy world. God help us.

5. Hannah - March 12, 2014

What a disgrace. I pray for this poor man.

6. Terri - March 12, 2014

I’m really sick to death of the “progressivism” in our Church. But as Tantamergo stated, it may be what brings some people back…..it did me, years ago. That all said, the younger generation of Priests and Deacons are pretty traditional….”Thank you God!!”

7. David - March 15, 2014

The pastor at my brothers’ parish in Houston “fired” a deacon (I don’t know the right word for how to dismiss a permanent deacon, since this guy was not transferred) primarily over some issues with how he ran the church under the previous pastor. Much of his dismissal from what I heard from my two brothers who are parishioners was over finances. The new pastor was able to figure this deacon out quickly and took action. This newer pastor is going through some difficult times to clean up a mess that his predecessor left behind, but it seems to be working. I like this new pastor too.

That said, I’m wondering why Deacon Sandy has not been “fired” or had his role reduced. It seems this would be easy to do. I know some local Dallas area pastors who put a “watch” on some of their older deacons (knowing some deacons throughout my life during the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s, I’m convinced that some of the earlier deacons from the 70’s and 80’s got a yeah, whatever type formation), and I believe there is a move in many dioceses to have priests give more homilies instead of leaving it to the deacons. One previous pastor I know locally seemed to have put many limits on one particular deacon, and I am glad he did. The current pastor seems to keep that in place too, and I am glad for that.

The church I grew up in during the 70’s and 80’s seemed to let one deacon do much of the preaching, among other things, and many parishioners had the idea that the church was going to change, and that we didn’t need priests anymore. Sadly, many young people noticed this during that time, and where are they now?

8. David - March 15, 2014

I don’t know John Stack personally, but I do remember circa 2003 or 2004 Bishop Grahmann had a short article in the Texas Catholic saying that Stack was no longer allowed to say Mass in the Diocese, and the “so called Masses” that he was doing at a local school in Plano were illicit and invalid.

I also remember the Dallas Morning News running an article about John Stack, which was basically a ‘slam’ on the celibate priesthood. It was printed around the time John Stack got engaged.

I remember a popular priest in Houston who was a Carmelite when I was a kid during the 70’s and 80’s. This priest left the priesthood to marry sometime in the 90’s (he actually married a woman whose sister was the music minister at the parish I grew up in – no joke). Years later, I found out this priest had been affiliated with Call to Action. I was very disappointed when I heard this, because this priest often said Mass at the parish I grew up in. I was an altar boy, and often assisted at Mass with this priest.

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