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Muy Bien – Clases de Espiritualidad in Espanol desde FSSP March 12, 2014

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Hay una serie de videos en Youtube desde los padres de Fraternidad Sacredotal San Pedro en Mexico.  Hay seis clases hasta el momento.  El primero esta aqui abajo:

Se’ que tengo lectores que hablan principalmente el Espanol.  Espero estos videos son de beneficio para usted.

Lo siento para mi Espanol – no es bueno.  Han pasado muchos anos.

Si ustedes saben mas videos de espiritualidad Catolico en Espanol, especialidad el Catolicismo Tradicional , por favor, compartir conmigo.

Deo Gratias!

Minneapolis Archbishop Nienstedt cleared March 12, 2014

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I wrote about Archbishop John Nienstedt stepping down as ordinary of Minneapolis a few months ago. At the time, I felt the accusations against him were weak and trumped up, yet another case of “settlement hunting.”  There have been more than enough of those. I also felt there could even have been a political element to the charges, so quick were the troubled Distorter and other sources so quick to jump on the story, almost gleefully pronouncing the “fall” of a relatively orthodox bishop.  Not so, it seems, he has been exonerated:

Archbishop John Nienstedt will return to full duties in the Catholic Church after the Ramsey County attorney’s office found insufficient evidence to support what it called an “unlikely” allegation that he touched a boy’s buttocks after a confirmation ceremony in 2009.

The office began reviewing reports and evidence provided by police in late December and on Tuesday announced that the investigation didn’t support the filing of criminal charges.

Assistant Ramsey County Attorney Richard Dusterhoft, the office’s criminal division director, said in a memo that the scenario described in the allegation “seems unlikely.” The allegation accused the archbishop of using a public moment after the confirmation to “sexually touch a random boy openly in front of another clergy member, a deacon, and numerous other confirmands while the confirmands’ family members were preparing to document the moment’’ with photos, Dusterhoft wrote.

“This case was reviewed by an assistant county attorney with many years of experience prosecuting child sex abuse cases,” Dusterhoft’s memo said. “It is that attorney’s experienced and considered opinion that based upon the evidence as presented by police this case could not be proven beyond a reasonable doubt and should not be charged.”

It always seemed ludicrous to me, that an abuser would try to cop a quick feel during a photo session.  I always thought it was pretty dumb.

But now and forever after, hostile press can referred to “abuse allegations” whenever Nienstedt’s name is mentioned.  That’s part of the shame the USCCB’s reaction to the whole priest boy rape scandal has engendered; because of years of cover-ups and now the policy of throwing anyone even remotely accused under the bus,  it’s a system ordered towards guilty until proven innocent.  Certainly, there were and probably are still many sodomite pedophile (ok, ephebophile) abusers out there, but there have also, as a result of general paranoia and the insipid Dallas policy, been many dozens railroaded into jail or at least out of the priesthood on spurious charges.  I got caught up in a case like that very early on as a blogger, and I vowed never again to jump on the accusatory bandwagon.

At least in this case, a spurious accusation was recognized for what it was.  If Nienstedt had been a mere priest, he might not have been so fortunate.

The collapse of Western Civilization in a nutshell March 12, 2014

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I found a piece that describes the ongoing collapse of Western Civilization as concisely and as well as I’ve seen.  The source is a Catholic convert and science fiction writer, John C. Wright. I was not familiar with his writings before, perhaps you are.  Even were he not Catholic, I would still endorse his analysis.  While we may have many theological disagreements with Protestants, Orthodox, and certain observant Jews, we can and should work with them to oppose those determined to destroy the remaining elements of Western Civilization. Our common cultural enemy is an anti-religious sexular pagan leftism that is utterly dominant in almost all cultural institutions, including many of our respective churches, at least so far as the leadership goes.  It is the rank and file of these religions who are often left to take up the fight to defend that greatest culture the world has produced, or is capable of producing, Christendom.

A bit from the intro, and conclusion, of a long post:

Perhaps, like me, you have wondered how it is that so many people, otherwise honest, can adopt without demur the Orwellian anti-language of Political Correctness; how it is that so many people, otherwise rational, can adopt without demur the paradoxes, self-contradictions and logical absurdities involved in relativistic morality, materialistic ontology, subjective epistemology, and the other nuggets of vacuous blither forming the foundations of modern thought; how it is that so many people, otherwise possessing good taste, can without demur fund and support and praise the blurry aberrations of modern art, praise ugliness, despite beauty; how it is that so many people, otherwise good and peaceful, can praise and support and excuse the hellish enormities and mass murders of figures like Che and Mao and Stalin and Castro; or can view with cold eye the piles of tiny corpses heaped outside abortion mills, and make such enemies of the human race into heroes; or can rush to the defense of Mohammedan terrorists with freakish shrieks of ‘Islamophobia!’ and ‘Racist!’ even thought to be wary of Jihadists bent on your destruction is rational rather than phobic, and even thought Mohammedanism is a religion, not a race; how otherwise happy, moral, reasonable and decent people can not merely excuse sexual perversion, but will be swept up in a fervor of righteous indignation even if someone points out the biological or Biblical reality of the situation; and likewise excuse lies in their leaders, and adulteries, and abuses of power, and abuses of drugs, and any number of things these otherwise ordinary people would never do themselves.

And, finally, Perhaps, like me, you have wondered why it is that these people who are otherwise civil nonetheless can neither explain their positions nor stop talking, and their talk consists of nothing, nothing, nothing aside from childish personal attacks, slanders, sneers, and accusation, accusation, accusation.   Why are they so angry? Why are they so noisy? Why are they so blissfully unaware of the vice, injustice, ugliness and evil they support?……..[And the dread temptation is that we, exhausted from defending ourselves from the angry, noisy criticism, stoop to their level.  This is an all too easy thing to fall into, and I’m sure I’ve fallen into it myself. It is good to be reminded that we are supposed to be better than that.]

………Despair is the key. It explains nearly everything that is so puzzling about the madness of modern life, the pack of self-contradictory dogmas that make up the default assumptions of the Dark Ages in which we live. [I so agree, we are heading into a period of time, a new technologically-enabled dark ages that will make the original ones seem like halcyon days of yore. Until the technological terror that’s being constructed finally collapses due to mass ignorance and inability to maintain it, rather like the end of the Roman Empire]

They have nothing else. No wonder they are bitter. No wonder they are irrational. No wonder they lie like dogs. No wonder they boast. No wonder they are full of envy and malice. No wonder they kill babies in the womb and fete socialist dictators and mass murderers. No wonder they love death. No wonder they admire, protect and love Islamic terrorists. No wonder they admire, protect, and love sexual perversion.

It is because they have nothing else. They live in a world of darkness, without hope, with nothing but their seven great friends to sustain them: pride, which they call self esteem; envy, which they call social justice; wrath, which they call activism and protest; sloth, which they call enlightenment; gluttony, which they call health food and legalization of recreational drugs; greed, which they call fairness in taxation; lust, which they call sexual liberation. [Just a great, great paragraph.  Mr. Wright can, uh…….write]

The modern age is suffering from spiritual and philosophical starvation in the midst of what should be the greatest feast of mind and spirit imaginable.  Someone has told them offal was food and food was poison, and so they gnaw on foul things which cannot satisfy them, which make their hungers grow. They are dying of thirst, and someone offers them seawater to drink.

———–End Quote———-

“The modern age is suffering from spiritual and philosophical starvation in the midst of what should be the greatest feast of mind and spirit imaginable.”  That is the great, satanic trick of leftism and all its attending philosophies, it has tricked man into selling his birthright as children of God for a bag of porn and dirty needles, but the bag has “Freedom!” scrawled on the outside, so everyone eagerly grabs it.

When Alexander Solzhenitsyn sought explanations for the mind-warping evil he found himself confronted with in the Stalinist Soviet state, the best he could come up with was “Men have forgotten God.”  In Western Civilization, founded upon mass acceptance in the Triune God and His Church, almost all men have forgotten God, and even most of those who keep some dim memory of Him do so in faulty, fruitless ways.  We have never overcome the splintering of Christendom that started in 1517.  When Western Christendom split from a monolithic block of belief into thousands of competing sects, it provided an enormous avenue for secularists to paint Christians as a band of squabbling, hypocritical, deluded fools.  And even those who call themselves Christian often believe and do things that continue to eat away at the fabric of what was once the glorious culture of Christendom.

Men have forgotten God. That is why we see such insanity around us.  And it will only get worse.  But we know the end of this story, at least so long as we remain faithful. So pray, hope, and don’t worry.

Padre Pio’s Stigmata March 12, 2014

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I was showing my non-Catholic (but interested) mom some photos of Padre Pio’s Stigmata over the weekend. I have of course seen a number of such photos before, but this time I found some really good ones that clearly show the original wound in addition to the patches of dried and wet blood, stains, etc.

I know secularists just can’t stand Catholic acceptance of these sorts of miracles.  I have seen all manner of derogatory attempts to explain away this broadly accepted miraculous phenomenon, from saying Pio gave himself regular chemical burns, to self-induced puncture wounds (once every month or so for 50 years (600 wounds!), apparently, without ever damaging the metacarpal bones or tendons which would have rendered his fingers inoperative for life), etc.  They always discount the fact that Padre Pio actually faced an immense amount of hostility and doubt from within the Church, and that he was forced to undergo numerous, invasive medical examinations of his wounds, which never found any natural or human explanation for them. They also ignore the fact that the wounds miraculously healed themselves, leaving no trace of scaring or other natural healing process.

Anyways, you may have seen some of these before, but I stumbled on some photos that were new to me, and here they are (you can click most to make them larger):

Overview, does not show wound

Overview, does not show wound



Photo from early 50s showing wound

Photo from early 50s showing wound

Two closeups from a mid-60s Mass. These views showing dried and caked blood are commonly used to claim the stigmata are "chemical burns"

Two closeups from a mid-60s Mass. These views showing dried and caked blood are commonly used to claim the stigmata are “chemical burns”


Hole clearly visible

The next three really show the stigmata in close detail:







padre_pio (1)

The wounds seem to clearly penetrate the third metacarpal bone. As such, his index and middle fingers should have been inoperative, given the fact that this wound plainly penetrates all the way through the hand, and is of sufficient diameter to damage a great deal of bone, tendon, and muscle.  Anyone who has had a hand injury can attest to the fact that wounds such as these would make working the fingers affected completely impossible. And yet Padre Pio was visibly able – as witnessed by millions – to operate his fingers, clasp the Host and Chalice, etc, with no problem.  This further speaks to the miraculous nature of the stigmata.

Belief in Padre Pio’s stigmata is certainly not dogmatic, but these miracles do give attestation, to this day, of Our Blessed Lord’s identity as True God, able to work enormous miracles in those who have sufficient faith and cooperation with Grace.  The enormous number of miracles associated with the Catholic Christian religion (and the Orthodox) from its inception separate it from all the natural religions out there, including other major world religions.  Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism, in particular, have few if any unexplainable miracles to attest to their veracity/sanctity.  Islam’s founder never performed one public miracle, as opposed to Christ’s constant miracles witnessed by hundreds of thousands.

REMINDER: Lenten Ember Days start TODAY, Wed. March 12 March 12, 2014

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The Ember Days associated with Lent start today.  All three days (Wed, Fri, Sat) are days of partial fast and partial abstinence, with Ember Friday being a day of full abstinence and partial fast.

A partial fast means you can eat one full meal, and two smaller meals that don’t equal the full meal.  A day of partial abstinence means you can eat meat at the main meal, but not at the other meals.

You can play around with the details as you see fit, provided you meet these minimum requirements. If you are strong into mortification, you might make all three days days of total abstinence, or  you might only eat one meal.  It’s whatever you feel you can do without endangering your health.

From Dom Prosper Gueranger’s Liturgical Year, a little more about the Lenten Ember Days:

The fast of today is prescribed by a double law: it is Lent, and it is Ember Wednesday. It is the same with the Friday gregory7-4and Saturday of this week.  There are two principal objects for the Ember days of this period of the year: the first is to offer up to God the season of spring, and, by fasting and prayer, to draw down His blessing upon it; the second is, to ask Him to enrich with His choicest graces the priests and sacred ministers who are to receive their Ordination this Saturday.  Let us, therefore, have a great respect for these three days; and let those who violate, upon them, the laws of fasting or abstinence, know that they commit a twofold sin. [A few things – Dom Gueranger refers to the law in effect at his time, roughly 1860s-70s.  The Ember Day fasts are no longer binding on conscience (but highly recommended).  I’m also not certain whether ordinations still occur on this First Saturday in Lent.]

Up to the eleventh century, the Ember Days of spring were kept in the first week of March; and those of summer, in the second week of June. It was St. Gregory VII who fixed them as we now have them; that is, the Ember Days of spring in the first week of Lent, and those of summer in Whitsunweek…….

[Here begins an exposition on the Lessons from the Mass of Wednesday in Ember Week]….Moses moses-from-mt-sinai-radiant2and Elias fast for forty days and forty nights, because God bids them to come near to Him. Man must purify himself, he must unburden himself, in some measure at least, of the body which weighs with Him who is the Spirit. And yet the vision of God granted to these two holy personages was very imperfect; they felt that God was near them, but they beheld not His Glory.  But when the fullness of time came, God manifested Himself in the flesh: and man saw, and heard, and touched Him. We, indeed, are not of the number of those favored ones who lived with Jesus, the Word of Life: but in the Holy Eucharist He allows us to do more than see Him: HE enters into our breasts, He is our Food. The humblest member of the Church possesses God more fully than either Moses on Sinai, or Elias on Horeb.  We cannot, therefore, be surprised that the Church, in order to fit us for this favor at the Easter solemnity, bids us go through a preparation of forty days, though its severity is not to be compared with the rigid fast which Moses and Elias had to observe as the condition of receiving what God promised them.

sinai peq